Best Gastroenterologists in Mumbai

Following is the list of top Gastroenterologists in Mumbai city.
Rank 1

Dr. Viral Patrawala

Gastroenterologist - 25 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD, DM (Gastro)
Hospital(s): Kohinoor Hospital

Dr. Patrawala is a gastroenterologist whose areas of interest and expertise are treatment and management of gastrointestinal diseases along with hepatology, therapeutic upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy. Book an Appointment
Rank 2

Dr. Tariq A. Patel

Gastroenterologist - 23 Yrs. Exp.
MD, DM, DNB (Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): Wockhardt Hospital (Mumbai Central)

Has experience in treatment of liver diseases, gastrointestinal system, eating disorders etc. Book an Appointment
Rank 3

Dr. Nutan Desai

Gastroenterologist - 20 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Kohinoor Hospital

Dr. Nutan is a senior gastroenterologist and professor who has trained many young students of gastroenterology. Her prime areas of interest are treating bowel and liver disorders. Book an Appointment
Rank 4

Dr. Khurshid Vazifdar

Gastroenterologist - 19 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Kohinoor Hospital

Dr. Vazifdar is a successful medical gastroenterologist. He has expertise in endoscopic treatment techniques, liver and gastrointestinal tract disorders etc. Book an Appointment
Rank 5

Dr. Jayshri A Shah

Gastroenterologist - 16 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, DNB (General Medicine), MNAMS, MD (General Medicine), MRCP (UK), CCT (Gastroenterology, Hepatology and General Medicine)
Hospital(s): Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

A well-experienced gastroenterologist with speciality interests including liver transplant, liver diseases, capsule endoscopy, therapeutic endoscopy, etc. She has rich experience of work in the United Kingdom. Book an Appointment
Rank 6

Dr. Anand Mishra

Gastroenterologist - 15 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, DNB (Internal Medicine)
Hospital(s): Fortis Hiranandani Hospital (Navi Mumbai) / Duplicate Fortis Hospital (Mulund)

He specializes in general medicine. His area of interest include diabetes, preventive cardiology, critical care, infectious diseases and lifestyle diseases. Book an Appointment
Rank 7

Dr. Meghraj Ingle

Gastroenterologist - 15 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, DNB (Gastroenterology), MD (General Medicine), DNB (General Medicine)
Hospital(s): Fortis Hiranandani Hospital (Navi Mumbai)

His expertise include advanced endoscopy, hepatitis, digestive diseases, biliary, pancreatic and liver diseases. Book an Appointment
Rank 8

Dr. Lalit Verma

Gastroenterologist - 15 Yrs. Exp.
M.D.(Pediatrics), FAAP (Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics) New York Medical College, USA.
Hospital(s): Wockhardt Hospital (Mumbai Central)

Management of gastrointestinal tract diseases, eating disorders in infants and children, various liver diseases are his interest areas. Book an Appointment
Rank 9

Dr. Jayshri Shah

Gastroenterologist - 13 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital / S. L. Raheja Hospital

Experienced gastroenterologist having expertise in treatment of disorders of gastrointestinal tract, liver biopsy, endoscopic procedures etc. Book an Appointment
Rank 10

Dr. Sachin Wani

Gastroenterologist - 10 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD, DNB (Surgical Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): Currae Specialty Hospitals

Dr. Wani is a surgical gastroenterologist who has been trained in performing keyhole surgeries for liver resections and gastroenterological cancers along with bariatric and liver transplant procedures. Book an Appointment
Rank 11

Dr. Akash Shukla

Gastroenterologist - 9 Yrs. Exp.
MD, DM (Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): Wockhardt Hospital (Mumbai Central)

A 3 time award winning doctor, he is active in medical practice and spreading awareness about gastrointestinal tract disorders amongst masses. Book an Appointment
Rank 12

Dr. Ameet Mandot

Gastroenterologist - 9 Yrs. Exp.
M.B.B.S., M.D., D.N.B. (Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): Duplicate S. L. Raheja Hospital - / Wockhardt Hospital (Mumbai Central)

A gold medalist gastroenterologist, Dr. Mandot specializes in hepatology, endoscopy and liver transplants. Book an Appointment
Rank 13

Dr. Mrudul Dharod

Gastroenterologist - 7 Yrs. Exp.
M.B.B.S., M.D. (Internal Medicine), DNB (Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital Mira Road

He is well-versed in diagnostic testing of gastrointestinal tract, procedures like biopsy, foreign body removal, PEG tube insertion, esophageal stenting, colonoscopy, polyp removal etc. Book an Appointment
Rank 14

Dr. Mehul Choksi

Gastroenterologist - 7 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) DM (Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): S. L. Raheja Hospital

Expertise in treatment and management of gastrointestinal disorders, bowel disorders, liver biopsy etc. Besides, medical practice, he has lot of research experience too. Book an Appointment
Rank 15

Dr. Amit Ajit Gupte

Gastroenterologist - 7 Yrs. Exp.
DM (Gastroenterology), MD (Medicine), MBBS
Hospital(s): Wockhardt Hospital (Mumbai Central)

An expert gastroenterologist, he has considerable research experience besides of medical practice. Book an Appointment
Rank 16

Dr. Amit Gharat

Gastroenterologist - 6 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, DNB (Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): Fortis Hiranandani Hospital (Navi Mumbai)

His expertise include various areas of gastroenterology and hematology. He specializes in advanced endoscopy, hepatology, luminal GI, biliary and pancreatic diseases. Book an Appointment
Rank 17

Dr. Vibhor V Borkar

Gastroenterologist - 6 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), PDCC, DM (Pediatric Gastroenterology)
Hospital(s): Kohinoor Hospital

Has experience in handling pancreatic and liver diseases both minor and major occurring in children. Book an Appointment Discount Offers

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