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Best Neuro Surgeons in Pune

Following is the list of top Neuro Surgeons in Pune city.

Dr. Ranjeet Deshmukh

Neuro Surgeon - 13 Yrs. Exp.
DNB (Neuro Surgery)
Hospital(s): Sahyadri Hospital (Bibwewadi) / Sahyadri Speciality Hospital (Deccan Gymkhana)

Dr. Deshmukh has extensive experience in performing procedures like skull based surgeries, cranial and spinal neurological surgeries besides the usual neurological surgeries.

Dr. Amit Dhakoji

Neuro Surgeon - 10 Yrs. Exp.
MS (General Surgery), F.C.P.S , FICS , M.Ch (Plastic Surgery), Preceptorship in Aesthetic Skin Lasers
Hospital(s): Sahyadri Speciality Hospital (Deccan Gymkhana)

An accomplished neurosurgeon who specializes in treatment of major spinal tumors, degenerative spinal diseases, swelling in arterial walls, epilepsy etc. He has been trained in neurosurgical intensive care to monitor critically ill patients.

Dr. Sanjay Vhora

Neuro Surgeon - 30 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS, M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)
Hospital(s): AIMS Hospital (Aundh) / Ruby Hall Clinic

A renowned surgical specialist, he keeps himself updated with the latest techniques and trends in neurosurgery like stereotactic surgery, neuro-endoscopy and radiosurgery. He has expertise in handling emergencies and head trauma cases.

Dr. Pravin Jain

Neuro Surgeon - 8 Yrs. Exp.
DNB(Gen Surgery), DNB(Neuro Surgery)
Hospital(s): Sahyadri Speciality Hospital (Deccan Gymkhana)

A neurosurgeon specializing in spine surgery, neuromuscular disorder management, endoscopic surgeries etc.

Dr. Josna Sabnis

Neuro Surgeon - 8 Yrs. Exp.
DNB (Neurosurgery)
Hospital(s): Sahyadri Speciality Hospital (Deccan Gymkhana)

Specializes in treatment of cerebral palsy, seizure treatment, bleeding inside brain, headache management etc.

Dr Vivek R Bonde

Neuro Surgeon - 15 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS, M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)
Hospital(s): AIMS Hospital (Aundh) / Noble Hospital (Hadapsar)

His areas of expertise include head trauma, spinal tumors, brain tumors and microvascular decompression. He is well trained in minimally invasive brain surgery.

Dr. Prashant Khandelwal

Neuro Surgeon - 19 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Neurosurgery)
Hospital(s): AIMS Hospital (Aundh)

He is a talented neurosurgeon with expertise in managing head trauma and emergencies. he has keen interest in aneurysm repairs, skull base surgery, spinal surgery, etc. all of which are performed in the least invasive way possible.

Dr. Sachin Gandhi

Neuro Surgeon - 17 Yrs. Exp.
M.B.B.S., M.S. (Neurosurgery), D.N.B. (Neurology)
Hospital(s): Ruby Hall Clinic / Global Hospital and Research Center (Dattawadi)

Has rich expertise in treating brain cancer using minimally invasive surgery. Expertise in treating hydrocephalus, increases intracranial pressure by performing minor brain surgeries. Has successfully performed excision surgery for spinal tumors.

Dr. Deepak Patil

Neuro Surgeon - 9 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS, M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)
Hospital(s): AIMS Hospital (Aundh) / Ruby Hall Clinic

A dedicated surgical specialist, his areas of interest are skull base surgery, aneurysm repair, stroke, epilepsy. He can handle trauma and emergency cases efficiently.

Dr. Charudutt Apte

Neuro Surgeon - 34 Yrs. Exp.
MS (Neuro surgery)
Hospital(s): Sahyadri Speciality Hospital (Deccan Gymkhana) / Sahyadri Speciality Hospital (Nagar Road)

An outstanding gold medalist neurologist, Dr. Apte is one of the key persons behind the Sahyadri Group of Hospitals. He is also responsible for having developed neurosciences as a major specialty across the medical infrastructure in Maharashtra. Discount Offers

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