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Best Physiotherapists in Bangalore

Following is the list of top Physiotherapists in Bangalore city.

Dr. Rajalakshmi

Physiotherapist - 11 Yrs. Exp.
BPT, MPT, Diploma in Sports Therapy
Hospital(s): Rainbow Childrens Hospital and BirthRight by Rainbow (Bannerghatta Road)

She is an awarded, skilled, and experienced physiotherapist specializing in her field. Her areas of interest and expertise includes treatment of sports injury, knee pain, back pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions and disorders.

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Dr. Naveen K S

Physiotherapist - 21 Yrs. Exp.
BPT, MPT, DPT, Sports Medicine (ABPMR)
Hospital(s): Manipal Northside Hospital

His special interest lies in treatment of neuro-muscular skeletal disorders related to joints and bones, and cardio-respiratory cases. Specializes in treatment of back and joint pain, musculoskeletal disorders etc. by using best exercises & therapy.

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Dr. Prachi Tikka

Physiotherapist - 5 Yrs. Exp.
BPT, Certificate in Manual Therapy
Hospital(s): Fortis La Femme (Richmond Town)

She is a certified manual therapist with a rich clinical experience in management of musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy and other gynecological conditions. Her areas of interest include gynecological rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, etc.

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Dr. Karthik Ashok

Physiotherapist - 8 Yrs. Exp.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, M.Sc (Manual Therapy)
Hospital(s): Aster CMI Hospital (Sahakara Nagar)

Specializes in treatment of injury, disease and disorders by means of exercise, movement and manual therapy.

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Dr. Sourav Dutta

Physiotherapist - 12 Yrs. Exp.
BPT, MPT (Cardio Respiratory Rehabilitation)
Hospital(s): Aster CMI Hospital (Sahakara Nagar)

Specializes in treatment of chronic pain, spondylitis, arthritis management, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

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Dr. Sandeep Dhar

Physiotherapist - 11 Yrs. Exp.
BPT, Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy
Hospital(s): Columbia Asia Hospital (Whitefield)

Specializes in rehabilitation of patients with arthritis, spondylitis, musculoskeletal disorders, post operative physiotherapy, orthopedic physiotherapy, neuro-physiotherapy treatment, etc.

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Dr. Williams Gabriel A.

Physiotherapist - 11 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Apollo Speciality Hospital (Jayanagar)

He has a wide experience and knowledge in the field of physiotherapy and muscuoloskeletal disorders. His areas of interest includes orthopedic rehabilitation, treating arthroplasty patients, and helping patients cope with their long term conditions.

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Dr. Kennith Hebick

Physiotherapist - 17 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Manipal Northside Hospital

Specializes in physiotherapy treatment for orthopedic disorders like arthritis, cervical spondylitis, muscular disorders etc. Provides training in muscle stretching exercises, range of motion exercises to patients recovering from mobility disorders.

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Mr. Immanuel Paul Vinod

Physiotherapist - 16 Yrs. Exp.
BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy), MPT (Masters in Physiotherapy), PGDF (Postgraduate Diploma in Fitness) PGDHHM
Hospital(s): Columbia Asia Referral Hospital (Malleshwaram)

He is an experienced physiotherapist with keen interest in handling cases of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, spinal cord injury recovery and ergonomics. He has designed programmes which address both treatment & preventive aspects of any injury.

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Dr. Padmanaban Sekaran

Physiotherapist - 12 Yrs. Exp.
M.Sc (Physiotherapy)
Hospital(s): Sparsh Hospital (Bommasandra) / Sparsh hospital (Infantry Road) / Sparsh Super Speciality Hospital

Chief of physiotherapy and rehabilitative services. Involved in research in the field of physiotherapy. Is an accredited Kinetic Control Tutor and movement therapist.

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Dr. Jitha Joseph

Physiotherapist - 17 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Bannerghatta Road)

Physiotherapy is one of the most important aspect of recovery after a patient has undergone any bone surgery. Dr. Jitha Joseph ensures that all her patients recover well through physiotherapy sessions.

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