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Best Psychiatrists in Chandigarh

Following is the list of top Psychiatrists in Chandigarh city.

Dr. Parmanand Kulhara

Psychiatrist - 48 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), FRC Psych (London), FAMS (India)
Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)

Dr. Kulhara is an eminent psychiatrist with decades of rich experience. His areas of expertise include diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, & stress related disorders. Has nearly 200 research publications in renowned journals.
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Dr. Bhupinderjit Waraich

Psychiatrist - 22 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)
Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)

Expertise in childhood behavioral problems, existential pscyhotherapy, and CBT. Works with elderly having dementia and runs a support and care group for them. Active writer in newspapers to raise awareness about psychiatric disorders.
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Dr. Hardeep Singh

Psychiatrist - 20 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)
Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)

Expertise in diagnosis & treatment of mental health disorders in patients of all age groups. Experience in treating patients with individual therapy, CBT, medication, psychotherapy, etc. Special interest in psycho-sexual problems, de-addiction, etc.
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Dr. Kiran Bala

Psychiatrist - 12 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)
Hospital(s): Kamboj Multispeciality Hospital

Her areas of interest include treating disorders like schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, anger issues, depression among many others. She has expertise in treating addiction problems in individuals.
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Dr. Savita Malhotra

Psychiatrist - 42 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), PhD (Psychiatry)
Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)

She is nationally and internationally renowned for excellence in psychiatry and child adolescent psychiatry. She is a leader on national and international platform for mental health and child mental health issues and is also involved in academics.
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