Best Pulmonologists in Chennai

Following is the list of top Pulmonologists in Chennai city.
Rank 1

Dr. Prasanna Kumar Thomas

Pulmonologist - 28 Yrs. Exp.
MD (Tuberculosis and chest diseases), DTCD
Hospital(s): Fortis Malar Hospital

His expertise include fields such as handling wide areas of diseases related to your respiration system like sleap apnea syndromes, asthma, branchogenic carcinoma, tuberculosis and COPD. Book an Appointment
Rank 2

Dr. Vijaysekaran D

Pulmonologist - 26 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Apollo Childrens Hospital

Dr. Vijaysekaran has extensive treatment as well as academic teaching experience in pediatric respiratory medicine. Book an Appointment
Rank 3

Dr. V. Surya Narayana

Pulmonologist - 26 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD(Pulmonary medicine)
Hospital(s): Apollo Speciality Hospitals (Vanagaram)

Has elaborate experience in management of pulmonology diseases like asthma, lung abnormalities, chronic lung diseases and many other serious lung disorders that affect health of people. Book an Appointment
Rank 4

Dr. K. Vijayasaratha

Pulmonologist - 18 Yrs. Exp.
MD, DNB, MRCP, CCT, PG (Medicine)
Hospital(s): Fortis Malar Hospital

Her areas of expertise include management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, sleep related breathing disorders, asthma, interstitial lung diseases, bronchiectasis and cystic fibroids. Book an Appointment
Rank 5

Dr. Rajkumar M

Pulmonologist - 16 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Apollo Speciality Hospitals (Vanagaram)

Specializes in surgeries for varicose veins,carotid surgery, stem cell therapy, Diabetic foot revascularization etc. Book an Appointment
Rank 6

Dr. Ghanshyam Verma

Pulmonologist - 15 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), DM (Pulmonary Medicine), IDCCM (Critical Care)
Hospital(s): Apollo Speciality Hospitals (Vanagaram)

Lung cancer, asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases in people of every age group are routinely handled by Dr. Verma. Book an Appointment
Rank 7

Dr. Deepa Selvi

Pulmonologist - 12 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, DA, MD- Pulmonary Medicine
Hospital(s): Prashanth Super Specialty Hospital

She has been working as a pulmonologist since more than a decade and is a well-known name when it comes to treatment of pulmonological disorders. Book an Appointment
Rank 8

Dr. Vinod Kumar

Pulmonologist - 12 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Pulmonary Medicine), DNB (Pulmonary Medicine)
Hospital(s): Prashanth Super Specialty Hospital

He is a renowned and expert pulmonologist whose services are highly valued and appreciated because of consistent delivery of positive outcomes in pulmonological cases. Book an Appointment
Rank 9

Dr. Ragulan

Pulmonologist - 10 Yrs. Exp.
M.B.B.S., M.D. (Pulmonary Medicine)
Hospital(s): Prashanth Super Specialty Hospital

Has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of lung infections like T.B., pneumonia etc. Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep disorders. Expertise in performing pulmonary function test. Book an Appointment
Rank 10

Dr. S. Jayaraman

Pulmonologist - 10 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Prashanth Super Specialty Hospital

He provides good treatment for respiratory disorders and lung ailments. Book an Appointment
Rank 11

Dr. Raja Amarnath

Pulmonologist - 9 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS; MD(Pulmonary medicine); DM(Critical care); FCCP; EDIC(UK)
Hospital(s): Apollo Speciality Hospitals (Vanagaram)

He has authored publications on pulmonological disorders. Specializes in management of allergies, pulmonary critical care etc. Book an Appointment
Rank 12

Dr. Lakshmi Varadarajulu

Pulmonologist - 9 Yrs. Exp.
AB (Internal Medicine), AB (Pulmonology), AB (Critical Care)
Hospital(s): Apollo Hospitals (Greams Road) / Apollo Specialty Hospital (Teynampet)

She is an expert in handling many areas related to internal medicine, critical care and pulmonology and is certified by the American Board (AB) in these respective fields. Book an Appointment
Rank 13

Dr. Ayesha Shahnaz

Pulmonologist - 8 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Apollo Childrens Hospital

Dr. Shahnaz is a pediatrician specializing in lung diseases in children. She has expertise in managing allergies, airway diseases and asthma in children. Book an Appointment
Rank 14

Dr. K. Rajkumar

Pulmonologist - 5 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Fortis Malar Hospital

His areas of specialization include management of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), interventional pulmonary medicine, sleep related breathing ailments, diagnostic and therapeutic care. Book an Appointment Discount Offers

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