Insulin Test (PP) from Thyrocare

Insulin Test (PP) from Thyrocare for 800.00/- 700.00/- only) [Limited Time Offer]

Insulin Test (PP)
Price: Rs. 800.00/- 700.00/- Only (10% Online Discount)

Available in 400+ cities (including Gorakhpur).
Sample is collected from your home (free of cost) & report is delivered in your email in next 24 to 48 hrs.

The major function of insulin is to regulate blood sugar level in our body. This test is done to check to elevated or reduced level of insulin in our body.

Insulin Test from Thyrocare

Insulin Test (PP) at a Discount!

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Free Sample Pickup from Home/Office

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You will receive a call from Thyrocare/Medifee to confirm the blood sample pickup time.

You just need to pay Rs. 800.00/- 700.00/- per person to the person who will come to collect the blood sample.

Service provided by ThyroCare, the best diagnostic center in India, exclusively for the visitors of MediFee.

This service is available for more than 400 cities in India (including Gorakhpur).

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