Paras Spring Meadows Hospital

Paras Spring Meadows Hospital (New Delhi)

F - 44, Near Kailash Colony Metro Station, East of Kailash, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi - 110065

Phone: 09650505512

Paras Bliss is a mother and child care unit with special emphasis on Mother Care, High Risk Pregnancy, Neonatology and Pediatric Care. With Paras Bliss we aim at providing specialized personalized care to the expecting mothers supported with state of the art infrastructure, medical expertise of reputed doctors and compassionate nursing care. Paras Bliss is a unique chain of specialized Mother and Child Care centers that aim at providing holistic medical expertise. It provides a combination of clinical guidance and specialized care programs aiding the expecting mothers in embracing motherhood and making the new born feel more welcome and comfortable in the new environment. Paras Bliss through its numerous unique initiatives is dedicated to provide care beyond birth by providing post natal weight reduction programs, post natal new born care, pediatric assessment, vaccinations and adolescent hygiene programs.

Rates for various tests/diagnostics at Paras Spring Meadows Hospital

Diagnostic Test NameView Price
ACTH (Adreno Corticotropic Hormone) Test Rs. 3500.00
AEC (Absolute Eosinophil Count) Test Rs. 150.00
AFP (Alpha Feto Protein) Test Rs. 1150.00
Albumin Test Rs. 180.00
Deposit Required (For Admission) Rs. 10000.00 (Semi Private ward)
Deposit Required (For Admission) Rs. 15000.00 (Private Ward)
Hernia Surgery Rs. 48000.00 (Umbilical Hernia - Open Surgery - Semi Private ward )
Hernia Surgery Rs. 90000.00 (Umbilical Hernia - Laparoscopic Surgery - Semi Private ward )
OPD Consultation Fee Rs. 600.00 (Surgeon)
Private Ward Rs. 6000.00
Private Ward Rs. 7000.00 (Deluxe Room)
Protein/Creatinine Ratio Rs. 500.00
Semi Private Ward Rs. 3500.00

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