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Dr. Shashank Saurabh
Dr. Shashank Saurabh

Dr. Shashank Saurabh

MBBS, DNB- ENT 8 Years Experience
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About Doctor

Dr. Shashank Saurabh is an expert and experienced ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist with an experience of 8 years, and specialize in ENT and Aesthetics. He graduated and obtained his MBBS degree from Aryabhatta knowledge University, Patna in... Read More Delhi in 2019. Currently, he is practicing at Pristyn Care Clinic in Delhi. He is fluent in English and Hindi and provides compassionate care for all his patients to ensure complete recovery. He has been commended by his patients for his caring nature, hard working attitude, and willingness to be there for them - any time of day and night. He provides treatment for the following - Sebaceous Cyst, Ent, Ear Wax Removal, Acute Otitis Media, Chronic Otitis Media, Otosclerosis, Acute Rhinosinusitis, Chronic Rhinosinusitis, Nasal Polyps, Dns, Allergic Rhintis, Acute Tonsillitis, Chronic Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Adenoiditis, Vocal Nodule, Lpr, Thyroid, Parotid, Submandibular Gland, Lymphadenitis, Neck Abcess, Sinus, Ear Lobule, Ear Drums, Hearing Aid, Otomycosis, Otitis Externa, Tinnitus, Giddiness, tongue tie, and other ENT conditions. He is registered in the Indian Medical Registry with the license number 73491. He strives to provide advanced medical care in a comfortable and holistic environment for all patients coming to him for treatment.

Dr. Shashank Saurabh is Best known for

  • Best experience in the field
  • Treatment Satisfaction
  • Low wait time


  • MBBS- Aryabhatta knowledge University, Patna - 2014
  • DNB - ENT- National Board of Examinations, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 2019

Top Treatments By Dr. Shashank Saurabh

  • Acute Otitis Media
  • Acute Rhinosinusitis
  • Acute Tonsillitis
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Adenoiditis
  • Adenoids
  • Adenotonsillectomy
  • Allergic Rhintis
  • Chronic Otitis Media
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Chronic Tonsillitis
  • DNS
  • Deviated Nasal Septum
  • ENT-Others
  • Ear Hole
  • Ear Infection
  • Ear Lobule
  • Ear Packing
  • Ear Surgery
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Ear drums
  • Eardrum Surgery
  • Endoscopy Test
  • FESS
  • Fess Surgery
  • Giddiness
  • Hearing Aid
  • Hearing Problem
  • Infection
  • LPR
  • Lymphadenitis
  • Mastoidectomy
  • Mastoiditis
  • Microlaryngeal
  • Middle Ear Perforation
  • Myringotomy
  • Nasal Packing
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Nasal polypectomy
  • Neck Abcess
  • Nose Surgery
  • Otitis Externa
  • Otitis Media
  • Otomycosis
  • Otosclerosis
  • Parotid
  • Parotidectomy
  • Pharyngitis
  • Recurrent Sinusitis
  • Septoplasty
  • Sinus
  • Sinus Surgery
  • Sinusitis
  • Sinusitis 02:10
  • Stapedectomy
  • Subacute Sinusitis
  • Submandibular gland
  • Throat Infection
  • Thyroid
  • Thyroid Infection
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Tinnitus
  • Tongue Base Reduction
  • Tongue Tie Removal
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Tonsillitis
  • Tonsils Removal
  • Turbinate Reduction
  • Turbinoplasty
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Tympanoplasty (Ear)
  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
  • Vocal Cord Polyps
  • Vocal Nodule

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Dr. Shashank Saurabh has Expertise In

  • ENT
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