Cancer Checkup in Secunderabad

Cancer Checkup Packages:

By KIMS Hospital - Secunderabad
Price: Rs. 2900.00

Cancer Screening [Male] (Hyderabad)

By KIMS Hospital - Secunderabad
Price: Rs. 4600.00

Cancer Screening [Female] (Hyderabad)

Cancer is a threat to mankind. There can be many reasons that can lead to causing cancerous cells in your system. These cells grow and spread rapidly. However, it is important to know about these health changes with timely check ups. Detecting cancer at early stages can help you get better treatment in time. This helps to improve the quality of your life. Late detection of cancer can be very harmful for you. Latter stages of cancer cannot be controlled and can even cause death. Therefore, one should go for check up even if you have slight amount of doubt that you have acquired a cancer condition.

Packages of each cancer check up mentioned above, differ according to the type of cancer being detected. There is also a group of packages for males and females. Every section of cancer test consists of various types of screening tests. For example, to detect breast cancer, mammogram is conducted as a part of the test. Blood tests, urine tests and many other imaging tests are combined together to form a complete package for your health benefit. Therefore, every package varies in its costs according to the above mentioned tests.

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