Child Health Checkup in Ahmedabad

Child Health Checkup Packages:

By Exo Lab (Ahmedabad)
Price: Rs. 2650.00

Children Nutrition and Toxicity Profile

By CIMS Hospital
Price: Rs. 2400.00

Preliminary Test - CBC+ESR, Blood Group, Urine Random
Diabetic Profile - Random Blood Sugar, Fasting Blood Sugar
Infection Screening - CRP
Radiological Investigation - Chest X-Ray
Consultations - Ophthalmologist, Dentistry, ENT, Paediatrician, Diet and Wellness

By ColumbiaAsiaHospitalHealthCareProvider
Price: Rs. 1500.00

General Test - Hemogram, Blood Group & RH Factor, Serum Calcium Iron TIPC, Urine Routine
Radiology Test - X-Ray Chest
Consultation - Pediatric, Ophthalmologist

By Zydus Hospitals
Price: Rs. 1500.00

12 – 18 Years (Boy)
Preliminary Tests - CBC
Diabetes Test - Blood Grouping & Rh, RBS
General Test - Urine (Routine & Micro)
Radiology Imaging - Chest X-Ray, USG Abdomen (Female)
Liver Function Tests - SGPT
Cardiac Profile - Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides
Consultation - Physician, Gynaecologist (Female), Dentist

By Zydus Hospitals
Price: Rs. 1000.00

5 to 12 Years
Preliminary Tests - CBC
Diabetes Test - Blood Grouping & Rh, Diabetic Profile, RBS
Gereral Test - Urine (Routine & Micro)
Liver Function Tests - SGPT
Cardiac Profile - Total Cholesterol
Consultation - Paediatrician, Dentist

By HCG Hospitals
Price: Rs. 695.00

Child Health Check-up (Ahmedabad)

By SunflowerWomensHospitalHealthCareProvider
Price: Rs. 1000.00

Child Health Check-up (Ahmedabad)

By Sun Pathology Laboratory
Price: Rs. 600.00

(Below 18 Year)
Sugar Test - RBS
Kidney Function Test - S. Creatinine, Urine Complete
Liver Function Test - SGPT
General Test - Blood Group, CBC

By KD Hospital
Price: Rs. 900.00

Preliminary Test - CBC, Blood Group & RH, Urine (Routine & Micro)
Kidney Function Test - SGPT
Consultation - Ophthal, Paediatrician, Dentist
Diabetic Profile - RBS
Cardiac Profile - Cholesterol

By VIP Diagnostic Lab
Price: Rs. 5000.00

2 to 12 Years
Urine Analysis 13 - Colour, Specific Gravity, Bile Salts, Bile Pigments, Glucose, Albumin, Leukocytes (pus cells), Red Blood Cells (RBCs), Epithelial Cells, Casts, Fungus
Iron Profile 4 - Serum Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), Transferrin Saturation, Serum Ferritin Level, Serum Iron Level
Complete Blood Count (CBC) 14 - Hemoglobin, Total RBC count, Hematocrit PCV, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, Total WBC or White Blood Cell Count, DC or Differential WBC Count, PCT, Peripheral Smear Study
Diabetes Test - Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), Fasting Urine Sugar
Thyroid Function Test - TSH, T3, T4
Other Test - Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 1
Kidney Function Test - Serum Creatinine
Liver Function Test - SGPT
Vitamin Test - Vitamin B12 1, Vitamin D 1

By KD Hospital
Price: Rs. 1500.00

Teen's Wellness
Preliminary Test - CBC, Blood Group & RH, Urine (Routine & Micro)
Radiology Test - Chest X Ray, USG Abdomen (female)
Consultations - Physician, Gynaecologist (Female), Ophthalmologist, Dentist
Diabetes Test - Random Blood Sugar
Heart Checkup - Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride
Liver Function Test - SGPT

By SurePath Pathology Laboratory
Price: Rs. 600.00

Other Test - CBC with ESR, Blood Group with RH Type
Sugar Test - Random Blood Sugar, Stool Examination
Kidney Function Test - Serum Creatinine, Serum Calcium, Serum PhosphorusUrine Examination

By Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Liver Clinic
Price: Rs. 2200.00

General Test - CBC, Blood Group, Urine Routine, Stool Routine
Diabetes Test - FBS
Lipid Profile - Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides
Kidney Function Test - S.Creatinine
Liver Function Test - SGPT
Imaging - Chest X-Ray
Cardiac Test - ECG
Consultation - Paediatric, Dental

You must have seen that there are many medical centers that provide child health care packages. You can even consult with your doctor once you are updated with reports. Doctor consultation will give you precise idea about your child's health and fitness. Some of the above packages may also include doctor consultation.

If the above mentioned child health care packages fail to fall under the bracket of your requirements, we are there to solve your problem. We can arrange for customized packages specific to your budget and requirement of tests.

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