Executive Health Checkup in Lucknow

Executive Health Checkup Packages:

By Advanced Path Lab
Price: Rs. 1500.00

By Divine Heart and Multispecialty Hospital
Price: Rs. 3750.00

above 30 years
Complete Blood Picture – Haemoglobin, PCV, Platelet Count, RBC Count, Total Leukocyte (TLC), Differential Count (DLC), ESR, Blood Group
Blood Sugar – Fasting & Post-Prandial
Lipid Profile – Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, HDLHLDL, S. Triglycerides
Kidney Function – S. Urea, S. Creatinine, BUN, Uric Acid, Urine Analysis
Liver Function Test – Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, A/G Ratio, SGPT, Alkaline Phosphatase, S. Bilirubin (Total & Direct)
Cardiac Assessment – Electrocardiogram (ECG), X-Ray Chest
Consultation – Medicine, Nutrition and Diet Consultation

Unhealthy food, junk food, fast food, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. can be a reason for a poor health condition. The changing weather in our country can also affect health. For example, the unbearable heat of the sun during summers may lead to sweating, fatigue, and even sun stroke. Health care is necessary to avoid such issues.

You must have observed many people catching cold as soon as winter arrives. Cold, sneezing, cough can spread easily, and can also be long lasting. An overall body check may help you to increase your immunity and avoid such situations, or to deal with it if you are suffering from such type of health issues.

Monsoon is another season that may sometimes dull the weather and often result into causing illness in the air. Viral fever, infectious diseases, etc. spread easily in such dull weather from place to place. It is better to take certain precautions during such weather conditions.

Executive health check ups give you details about your health, how good or poor it is. Your doctor will ask you on how to keep maintaining you health in a better way. Eating healthy food can be a way to maintain good health and avoid health hazards.

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