Heart Checkup in Secunderabad

Heart Checkup Packages:

By KIMS Hospital - Secunderabad
Price: Rs. 1900.00

Cardiac Profile I (Hyderabad)

By KIMS Hospital - Secunderabad
Price: Rs. 2600.00

Cardiac Profile II (Hyderabad)

By KIMS Hospital - Secunderabad
Price: Rs. 2800.00

Master Cardiac Check (Hyderabad)

By KIMS Hospital - Secunderabad
Price: Rs. 3400.00

Master Cardiac Check - II (Hyderabad)

Being over-weight or being obese is generally the major cause of cardiac diseases. Deposition of fats or plaque on the walls of artery obstruct blood flow. If blood flow is obstructed, heart is depleted of blood supply which results in poor functioning of the organ. If heart is depleted of oxygen supply for a long time, it could lead to fatal conditions.

To keep heart healthy, one needs to adhere to basic rules - eat right and do moderate exercise everyday; even half an hour of brisk walking six days a week is more than sufficient to keep your heart happy. Eliminate refined sugar and refined foods from your diet. These foods wreck havoc on our body system and result in tires around the waistline. Eat more of fresh and organic foods to reap maximum benefit for the body.

Heart packages are one of the most powerful tool that helps in assessing your cardiac health. Generally, symptoms of any underlying heart diseases are ignored by many. Hence, it is better to get the symptoms diagnosed so that line of treatment could be decided. Thus, the role of heart packages comes into light.

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