AB Hospital

AB Hospital (New Delhi)

Plot No. 7 SP, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 43, Gurgaon, New Delhi, Haryana - 122001

Phone: 9170170170 Verified on 30th of July 2018

Located in the busy and bustling city Gurgaon, AB Hospital is the place which values patient care and comfort giving transparent pricing over different surgical procedures. The name of surgery itself may scare many people, but with the wonderful team of surgeons here at AB hospital, it becomes a safe and comfortable journey. Most of the procedures are carried here in the most minimally invasive way possible according to patients convenience.

Women's health issues too are dealt with in a protocol based approach and quality patient care which ensures that no step is missed in providing the best treatment. Equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic aids, the experience surgeons make healing from any major ailment a gentle process.

Hospital Facility Rates

Rates for hospital wards at AB Hospital

Hospital FacilityRates
Sonomamography / SonomamogramRs. 1200.00
Oxygen ChargesRs. 200.00 (Per Hour)
ICU Monitor ChargesRs. 450.00 (Per Day)
Nebulization feesRs. 250.00
NICURs. 3000.00
Laparoscopic SurgeryRs. 30600.00 (Cholecystetomy - Sharing Room)
Laparoscopic SurgeryRs. 36700.00 (Cholecystetomy - Twin Sharing Room)
Laparoscopic SurgeryRs. 44000.00 (Cholecystetomy - Private Room)
Laparoscopic SurgeryRs. 53000.00 (Cholecystetomy - Deluxe Room)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 36600.00 (Epigastric - Sharing Room / Umbilical Hernia - Sharing Room)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 48000.00 (Ventral / Incisional - Sharing Room)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 22800.00 (Inguinal Hernia - Herniorraphy - Sharing Room)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 30000.00 (Femoral Hernia - Sharing Room)
Hydrocele SurgeryRs. 8000.00 (Unilateral Under LA - Sharing Room)
Hydrocele SurgeryRs. 13700.00 (Bilateral Under LA - Sharing Room)
Hydrocele SurgeryRs. 19800.00 (Unilateral Under SA - Sharing Room)
Hydrocele SurgeryRs. 25800.00 (Bilateral Under SA - Sharing Room)
Fissure SurgeryRs. 25200.00 (In Ano With Internal Sphinctrectomy With Fissurectomy - Sharing Room)
Fistula SurgeryRs. 27600.00 (Fistula In Ano - Sharing Room)
CircumcisionRs. 4200.00 (Under LA - Sharing Room)
CircumcisionRs. 19800.00 (Under SA - Sharing Room)
Stress Echo TestRs. 2500.00
Gall Bladder Removal / CholecystectomyRs. 21800.00
Hysterectomy / Uterus RemovalRs. 104100.00 (For General Ward)
Hysterectomy / Uterus RemovalRs. 107600.00 (For Private Ward - AC)


Gall Bladder Removal / Cholecystectomy

A surgical procedure where an incision is made in the abdomen through which the gallbladder is removed completely. A useful solution when the gallbladder is affected by the presence of stones, biliary colic, inflammation or gallbladder cancer. Can be performed via open or laparoscopic technique.
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Piles surgery is a procedure used to treat the swelling of veins inside the anal canal. Depending on the location and severity of problem, piles can be stapled, removed completely or have their nearby blood supply tied in order to stop the discomfort.
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Hernia Surgery

With surgery being the only option, a hernia surgery is performed to repair the weakened wall of the body cavity and relocate the displaced organ to its original position. A hernia repair surgery can be executed by laparoscopic or open techniques.
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Hysterectomy / Uterus Removal

Hysterectomy or complete removal of uterus can be done either with the help of laparoscopic or open surgical technique. It is carried out if there is evidence of abnormal uterine bleeding, painful menstrual cycles, presence of fibroids or uterine cancer. A safe procedure with good outcomes.
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Hospital Services & Facilities

50 Beds




Waiting Room


International Patient Services

  • Infection control measures adopted
  • CCTV cameras
  • Modular Operation Theater
  • Equipped Post-operative ward

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