Lifepoint Multispeciality Hospital

Lifepoint Multispeciality Hospital (Pune)

Sr.No.145/1, Mumbai-Banglore Highway, Near Hotel Sayaji, Bhumkar Chowk, Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra - 411057

Phone: 020 6643 4300 Verified on 1st of January 1970

Lifepoint Hospital provides state of the art infrastructure combined with international quality of care. Lifepoint Hospital boasts of world class trauma care unit where in highly qualified emergency team is always on alert to provide optimum care for patients during critical hours of their lives. Lifepoint Hospital has round the clock availability of Physicians along with other speciality and Super-Speciality consultations. Facilities like Ambulance, Pharmacy, X-Ray, Laboratory, CT scan, USG are available 24x7. We also provide unique services like Mobile Clinic, where in Hospital will arrange for Primary Care for patients on request at their home under guidance of qualified doctor.

Rates for hospital wards at Lifepoint Multispeciality Hospital

Hospital FacilityRates
X-RayRs. 400.00 (450-850)
2D EchoRs. 2070.00 (2000-4000)
ANC ProfileRs. 1200.00 (1500-2000)
ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) TestRs. 900.00 (1200-2000)
Amylase TestRs. 450.00 (500-750)
Bilirubin TestRs. 280.00 (320-450)
Blood Culture TestRs. 1500.00 (2000-3500)
CBC / Hemogram TestRs. 250.00 (200-320)
Bleeding / Clotting Time TestRs. 350.00 (400-550)
Albumin TestRs. 200.00 (250-4500)
Ammonia TestRs. 980.00 (1200-2000)
Ambulance ServiceRs. 1250.00 (1500-4500)
AFB (Acid Fast Bacilli) Culture TestRs. 2300.00 (2500-3500)
Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) TestRs. 3000.00 (3500-4500)