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Sri Balaji Hospital

Sri Balaji Hospital (Chennai)

1, Lawyer Jaganathan Street, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600032

Phone: 044 2234 2403/ 2441/ 5282 Verified on 17th of December 2014

Rates for hospital wards at Sri Balaji Hospital

Hospital FacilityRates
General WardRs. 750.00
Private WardRs. 2500.00
Private WardRs. 3500.00 (Deluxe)
CT ScanRs. 5200.00 (Brain)
Sonography (Ultrasound / USG)Rs. 1300.00 (Pelvis)
Sonography (Ultrasound / USG)Rs. 1950.00 (Abdomen or Scrotum or Neck or Thyroid or Chest or KUB)
Color DopplerRs. 1950.00 (Arterial/Venous-One limb or Carotid)
Color DopplerRs. 7800.00 (Arterial & Venous Both Limbs)
Color DopplerRs. 3900.00 (Arterial & Venous Single Limb)
Blood Sugar TestRs. 90.00
Lipid ProfileRs. 680.00
Liver Function Test (LFT)Rs. 880.00
Thyroid TestRs. 910.00
Urine RoutineRs. 195.00
Stool RoutineRs. 225.00
HIV TestRs. 680.00
HIV TestRs. 715.00 (Elisa)
Iron TestRs. 325.00
ICURs. 20000.00 (Including Ventilator and Monitor Charges, For a Day)
ICURs. 6000.00
Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)Rs. 585.00
Gamma GT (GGTP) TestRs. 290.00
Amylase TestRs. 624.00
HbA1C TestRs. 585.00
Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) TestRs. 234.00
Bicarbonate TestRs. 165.00
Bilirubin TestRs. 220.00 (Direct)
Bilirubin TestRs. 210.00 (Total)
Blood Culture TestRs. 1144.00
Calcium TestRs. 235.00
Chloride TestRs. 290.00
Coombs TestRs. 720.00
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) TestRs. 780.00
T3 (Triiodothyronine) TestRs. 390.00
T4 (Thyroxine) TestRs. 470.00
HDL CholesterolRs. 230.00
Magnesium TestRs. 455.00
Phosphorus TestRs. 230.00
Semen Analysis TestRs. 585.00
SGOT TestRs. 235.00
SGPT TestRs. 235.00
Sodium TestRs. 235.00
Cholesterol TestRs. 180.00
Creatinine TestRs. 160.00
CRP (C-Reactive Protein) TestRs. 585.00
LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) TestRs. 390.00
Lipase TestRs. 650.00
Dengue IgG TestRs. 455.00
Dengue IgM TestRs. 585.00
ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) TestRs. 120.00
VDRL TestRs. 230.00
CBC / Hemogram TestRs. 320.00
Renal ProfileRs. 845.00
Platelet CountRs. 235.00
Bleeding / Clotting Time TestRs. 130.00
Total Protein TestRs. 235.00
Reticulocyte Count TestRs. 520.00
PT (Prothrombin Time) TestRs. 425.00
Uric Acid TestRs. 235.00
HCV Antibody TestRs. 1190.00
Widal TestRs. 325.00
Blood Urea Nitrogen TestRs. 235.00
ASO TestRs. 700.00
CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen) TestRs. 755.00
HBsAg TestRs. 585.00
HBsAg TestRs. 715.00 (Elisa)
Troponin-I TestRs. 1950.00
Urea TestRs. 235.00
Pregnancy TestRs. 260.00
Electrolytes TestRs. 585.00
Albumin TestRs. 234.00
Hemoglobin (Hb) TestRs. 130.00
AEC (Absolute Eosinophil Count) TestRs. 205.00
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Factor TestRs. 715.00
Doctor Visit ChargesRs. 400.00 (General Ward / Private Ward)
Oxygen ChargesRs. 100.00 (Per Hour)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 400.00 (Cardiac Doc.)
IPD Registration FeeRs. 100.00
FNAC TestRs. 1170.00
Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)Rs. 624.00
Peripheral Blood Smear TestRs. 365.00
Gram Stain TestRs. 325.00
Stool CultureRs. 550.00
Mantoux TestRs. 230.00
Urine CultureRs. 550.00
Sputum CultureRs. 550.00

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