Columbia Asia Hospital (Pune)

Columbia Asia Hospital (Pune) (Pune)

46/2, Kharadi Road, Sunita Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014

Phone: 7410037367 Verified on 22nd of December 2014

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A reputed hospital located near the IT park of Kharadi, Columbia Asia hospital is known for its high standards of quality and patient safety. Offering treatments under various medical disciplines, this hospital has a staff where each member is a master of their craft.

This hospital has state of the art infrastructure and diagnostic facilities which makes it easier to deliver prompt care. The premises have their own established communication network which enables easy retrieval of patient details and helps save time. Aerospace medicine is a key specialty this hospital is well known for.

Hospital Facility Rates

Rates for hospital wards at Columbia Asia Hospital (Pune)

Hospital FacilityRates
MRI ScanRs. 7000.00 (Brain Contrast)
General WardRs. 1300.00 (AC)
Semi Private WardRs. 2500.00 (Twin Sharing )
Private WardRs. 4500.00 (AC)
Private WardRs. 6000.00 (Suite Room)
CT ScanRs. 3200.00 (Brain Contrast)
CT ScanRs. 7500.00 (CT Brain with Contrast)
Color DopplerRs. 6000.00 (Both Limbs)
Vitamin D TestRs. 2000.00 (D3)
Vitamin D TestRs. 2400.00
Vitamin B12 TestRs. 850.00
Blood Sugar TestRs. 125.00
Blood Group TestRs. 225.00
Lipid ProfileRs. 780.00
Liver Function Test (LFT)Rs. 1000.00
Kidney / Renal Function TestRs. 1475.00
Thyroid TestRs. 1200.00
Urine RoutineRs. 200.00
Stool RoutineRs. 150.00
Folic Acid TestRs. 700.00
HIV TestRs. 650.00
ANC ProfileRs. 1000.00
ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) TestRs. 1450.00
Anti TPO TestRs. 850.00
ICURs. 3500.00
Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)Rs. 500.00
Gamma GT (GGTP) TestRs. 400.00
APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) TestRs. 500.00
HbA1C TestRs. 750.00
FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) TestRs. 450.00
Bilirubin TestRs. 250.00
Chloride TestRs. 200.00
Prolactin TestRs. 400.00
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) TestRs. 400.00
T3 (Triiodothyronine) TestRs. 400.00
T4 (Thyroxine) TestRs. 400.00
Beta HCG TestRs. 750.00
Potassium TestRs. 225.00
SGOT TestRs. 150.00
SGPT TestRs. 150.00
Sodium TestRs. 200.00
Creatinine TestRs. 200.00
Dengue IgG TestRs. 2200.00 (With IgM)
ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) TestRs. 150.00
Triglycerides TestRs. 210.00
VDRL TestRs. 300.00
CBC / Hemogram TestRs. 350.00
Renal ProfileRs. 1475.00
Platelet CountRs. 150.00
Platelet CountRs. 150.00
Total Protein TestRs. 250.00
Reticulocyte Count TestRs. 250.00
PT (Prothrombin Time) TestRs. 350.00
Uric Acid TestRs. 200.00
Widal TestRs. 400.00
Blood Urea Nitrogen TestRs. 150.00
CPK (Creatine Phosphokinase) TestRs. 400.00
ASO TestRs. 580.00
G6PD TestRs. 500.00
HBsAg TestRs. 650.00
Sputum Routine TestRs. 500.00
Electrolytes TestRs. 675.00
Protein TestRs. 250.00
Hemoglobin (Hb) TestRs. 150.00
PTH (Parathyroid Hormone) TestRs. 1500.00
LH (Luteinizing Hormone) TestRs. 400.00
AEC (Absolute Eosinophil Count) TestRs. 160.00
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Factor TestRs. 500.00
Doctor Visit ChargesRs. 500.00 (Same For All Rooms - ( Per Visit ))
Nursing ChargesRs. 500.00 (Same For All Rooms)
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 40000.00 (ICU)
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 20000.00 (Private Ward)
Delivery ChargesRs. 120000.00 (C- Section - Single)
Delivery ChargesRs. 100000.00 (C- Section - Double)
Delivery ChargesRs. 83000.00 (C- Section - Four Bed)
Delivery ChargesRs. 80000.00 (Normal Delivery - Single)
Delivery ChargesRs. 68000.00 (Normal Delivery - Double)
Delivery ChargesRs. 55200.00 (Normal Delivery - Four Bed)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 650.00 (Orthopaedic Surgeon)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 500.00 (Cardiac Doc. and MD Physician / Surgeon / ENT Specialist / Nephrologist)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 600.00 (Super Specialist / Urologist)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 400.00 (Surgeon - Follow Up / Gastroenterologist)
IPD Registration FeeRs. 100.00
Nose SurgeryRs. 65000.00 (Semi Private ward)
Nose SurgeryRs. 75000.00 (Private ward)
Nose SurgeryRs. 90000.00 (Deluxe room)
Nose SurgeryRs. 130000.00 (Super Deluxe room)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 55000.00 (Umbilical Hernia - Open Surgery - Semi Private ward)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 135000.00 (Umbilical Hernia - Laparoscopic Surgery - Semi Private ward )
Knee Replacement SurgeryRs. 180000.00 (Unilateral - Semi Private Ward)
Knee Replacement SurgeryRs. 200000.00 (Unilateral - Private Ward)
Knee Replacement SurgeryRs. 240000.00 (Unilateral - Deluxe Room)
Bariatric SurgeryRs. 180000.00
Lap Band SurgeryRs. 250000.00 (Semi Private ward)
Lap Band SurgeryRs. 350000.00 (Private ward)
Lap Band SurgeryRs. 400000.00 (Deluxe room)
Lap Band SurgeryRs. 450000.00 (Super Deluxe room)
TURP SurgeryRs. 85000.00 (Semi Private ward)
TURP SurgeryRs. 90000.00 (Private Ward)
TURP SurgeryRs. 108000.00 (Deluxe Room)
TURP SurgeryRs. 76000.00 (General ward)
Brain Tumor SurgeryRs. 250000.00 (Super Deluxe AC - Craniotomy - Single Bed)
Brain Tumor SurgeryRs. 100000.00 (General Ward - Craniotomy)
Brain Tumor SurgeryRs. 150000.00 (Semi Private Ward - Craniotomy - 3 Bed Sharing)
Brain Tumor SurgeryRs. 180000.00 (Private Ward - Craniotomy - 2 Bed Sharing)
Brain Tumor SurgeryRs. 220000.00 (Deluxe - Craniotomy - Single Bed)
Hip Replacement SurgeryRs. 213000.00 (Unilateral - Semi Private Ward)
Hip Replacement SurgeryRs. 222000.00 (Unilateral - Private ward)
Hip Replacement SurgeryRs. 231000.00 (Unilateral - Suite Room)
Hip Replacement SurgeryRs. 207000.00 (Unilateral - General ward)
Breast Augmentation / Implant SurgeryRs. 110000.00 (General ward ( For 1 day stay ))
Breast Augmentation / Implant SurgeryRs. 130000.00 (Semi private ward ( For 1 day stay ))
Breast Augmentation / Implant SurgeryRs. 135000.00 (Day care)
Breast Augmentation / Implant SurgeryRs. 150000.00 (Private ward ( For 1 day stay ))
Breast Augmentation / Implant SurgeryRs. 170000.00 (Deluxe Room ( For 1 day stay ))
LiposuctionRs. 50000.00
GastroscopyRs. 7000.00
ColonoscopyRs. 9500.00
AngiographyRs. 18000.00 (General ward)
AngiographyRs. 39000.00 (ICU)
AngiographyRs. 20000.00 (Semi Private ward)
AngiographyRs. 22000.00 (Private Ward)
AngiographyRs. 24000.00 (Deluxe Room)
SigmoidoscopyRs. 4000.00
SigmoidoscopyRs. 5000.00 (With Biopsy)
CircumcisionRs. 25000.00 (General ward)
CircumcisionRs. 30000.00 (Semi Private ward)
CircumcisionRs. 40000.00 (Private Ward)
CircumcisionRs. 50000.00 (Suite Room)
StapedectomyRs. 40000.00 (General ward)
StapedectomyRs. 85000.00 (Private Ward)
Appendix SurgeryRs. 55000.00 (Appendectomy - Open Surgery - General ward)
Appendix SurgeryRs. 60000.00 (Appendectomy - Open Surgery - Semi private ward)
Appendix SurgeryRs. 75000.00 (Appendectomy - Open Surgery - Private ward / Appendectomy - Laparoscopic Surgery )
Appendix SurgeryRs. 100000.00 (Appendectomy - Deluxe Room)
Appendix SurgeryRs. 70000.00 (Appendectomy - Laparoscopic Surgery - General ward)
Appendix SurgeryRs. 90000.00 (Appendectomy - Laparoscopic Surgery - Private ward)
Appendix SurgeryRs. 115000.00 (Appendectomy - Laparoscopic Surgery - Deluxe Room)
BiopsyRs. 4000.00
Cardiolipin Antibodies (ACL)Rs. 750.00 (IgG / IgM)
Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) TestRs. 1890.00
Anti Phospholipid (APL) TestRs. 1150.00 (IgG / IgM)
Carbamazepine (Tegretol) TestRs. 880.00
DialysisRs. 5000.00 (1st Time)
DialysisRs. 2500.00 (Single Use)
DialysisRs. 1800.00 (Regular)
ChemotherapyRs. 20000.00 (Breast Cancer by IV Process - General Ward 5 Bed Sharing (Excluding Medicines))
ChemotherapyRs. 25000.00 (Breast Cancer by IV Process - Semi Private Ward 2 Bed Sharing (Excluding Medicines))
ChemotherapyRs. 30000.00 (Breast Cancer by IV Process - Private Ward one bed, one sofa (Excluding Medicines))
ChemotherapyRs. 40000.00 (Breast Cancer by IV Process - Deluxe one Bed with All Facilities (Excluding Medicines))
ChemotherapyRs. 5000.00 (Breast Cancer by IV Process for 1 Chemo - Day care (Excluding Medicines))
Electromyography (EMG)Rs. 2800.00
Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV)Rs. 4000.00


Cataract Surgery

Blurring of vision resulting to degeneration of the lens within the eyeball is termed as cataract. It usually develops after the age of 50, but in rare cases may also be a congenital disorder. Advanced surgical technology has helped in achieving complete cure in almost every case of cataract.
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Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery includes all procedures which involve reconstruction of the eyeball and surrounding tissue. Trauma to the eyeball, facial distortion, retinoblastoma, are some reasons why oculoplastic surgery may be required. Ophthalmic surgeons may team up with plastic surgeons for performing oculoplastic surgery.
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Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma surgery helps in reverting structural and functional abnormalities caused due to glaucoma. These abnormalities include increased pressure within the eyeball, disturbed vision, eye pain, and often distortion in the shape of eyeball. Minimal access methods are used to perform this surgery.
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LASIK Eye Surgery

Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis is a recently developed surgical procedure performed to improve errors of refraction. Hypermetropia, myopia, and presbyopia can be treated using this method. It is a minimally invasive surgery performed by ophthalmic surgeons on an outpatient basis.
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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery includes all ophthalmic surgeries which can be performed using laser beams. This is the most sought after minimally invasive method for performing most eye surgeries. Time for healing and recovery, and chances of post-surgical infection reduce considerably when laser technology is used.
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Squint Eye Surgery

Squint eye surgery helps in restoring the normal position of the external eye. Squint results due to congenital or acquired abnormality in the eye muscles. Pediatric patients are more likely to develop a squint. Minimally invasive methods are used for squint eye surgery.
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Vision correctness

Vision correctness is the most important aspect of ophthalmic treatment in adult and pediatric patients. Timely diagnosis of the cause of visual disturbance helps in treating the condition and restoring perfect vision. Errors of refraction, trauma to the eye, retinal dysfunction, are some of the causes of disturbed vision.
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Hydrocele Surgery

Hydrocele is an edematous swelling occurring due to accumulation of fluid beneath the scrotum. Injury, inflammation or certain infections could lead to this condition which affects males only. Surgical intervention is often required to treat hydrocele. It could lead to male infertility if left untreated.
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Engorgement in veins present in scrotal skin is known as varicocele. The condition tends to cause localized pain and discomfort to patients. Untreated varicocele has a tendency to cause male infertility. Urosurgeons or general surgeons use advanced operative methods to treat this condition.
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Hernia Surgery

Hernia is defined as abnormal protrusion of any organ through the wall of the cavity that contains the organ. Unless specified otherwise, the term hernia is always used to define intestinal protrusion. Surgical intervention is required to treat the condition. Untreated hernia could lead to complications like strangulation and ischemia.
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Engorged and swollen veins of the rectum are defined as hemorrhoids. The condition is often painful and accompanied with bleeding from the anus. Hemorrhoids also tend to protrude from the anal opening in some cases. Surgery, medical treatment and a regulated diet regimen help in treating the condition.
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Robotic Assisted Surgery

Robotic Assisted surgery is an innovation in the field of minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon uses a robotically designed arm to operate upon the patient while monitoring the whole procedure from a computer screen. Almost all abdominal and pelvic surgeries can be performed using this method.
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Circumcision involves surgical removal of the foreskin surrounding the penis. Medical circumcision may be required to allow normal passage of urine and to prevent urinary tract infection. The procedure makes it easier to maintain hygiene and prevent penile disorders.
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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive method of performing various operative procedures. Smaller size of surgical incisions, reduced chances of infections, and low probability of a surgical scar, are some of the reasons why this method is preferred now a days. Almost all abdominal and pelvic surgeries can be performed laparoscopically.
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It is a surgical procedure which involves surgical incision of the spermatic cord. It is a type of male sterilization technique, since it obstructs the normal pathway of sperms. Vasectomy is usually performed by a urosurgeon. It is a reversible procedure.
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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive method of performing various operative procedures. Smaller size of surgical incisions, reduced chances of infections, and low probability of a surgical scar, are some of the reasons why this method is preferred now a days. Almost all abdominal and pelvic surgeries can be performed laparoscopically.
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Engorged and swollen veins of the rectum are defined as hemorrhoids. The condition is often painful and accompanied with bleeding from the anus. Hemorrhoids also tend to protrude from the anal opening in some cases. Surgery, medical treatment and a regulated diet regimen help in treating the condition.
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Fissure Surgery

Fissure is a structural tear in the skin or mucosa occurring due to injury or inflammation. Unless specified otherwise, the term fissure always refers to anal fissures. Dietary restrictions coupled with medication or surgery are helpful in treating this condition.
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Appendix Surgery

Surgical removal of the appendix is termed as appendectomy. The surgery is useful in treating inflammation or infection of appendix. The procedure can be performed using open method, robotic technique or laparoscopy.
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Fistula Surgery

Fistula is defined as an abnormal opening between the skin and an internal organ or two internal organs. Unless specified otherwise, the term fistula always refers to an anal fistula. Prompt surgical treatment is required to prevent complications like infection and pus formation.
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Gall Bladder Removal / Cholecystectomy

Cholecystectomy is the surgical removal of gallbladder. It is commonly employed to treat gallstones or infection and inflammation of the gallbladder. Gastrosurgeons employ minimally invasive techniques or open method to perform this surgery. Strict diet restrictions are recommended for complete post-surgical recovery.
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Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis involves conducting tests and scans using highly advanced equipment and medical technology. Histopathology examination, blood tests, scans, nuclear medicine studies, are some of the diagnostic means used to detect cancerous pathology. Prognosis and treatment plan can be formulated only after thorough investigation of the cancer.
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Surgical Oncology

It is a branch of medicine which deals with the treatment of cancer using surgical methods. Cancer surgery can be performed as a means for palliative or curative treatment. Surgical oncology finds widespread scope in removal of cancerous tumors and over-growths.
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Bone Marrow Transplant

It is one of the most trusted and effective methods of treating blood cancer. Bone marrow from a healthy individual is cross matched with the patient and transplanted to their body. The new marrow helps in generating healthy blood cells which eventually help to get rid of cancerous cells.
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Clinical Haematology / Blood cancer

Blood cancer is a malignant disorder leading to synthesis of deformed, dysfunctional and harmful blood cells. Patients are advised to consult a hematologist for further treatment and prognosis. Advanced diagnostic techniques, radiation therapy and chemotherapy often help in timely treatment of the condition.
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Chemotherapy is one of the mainstream treatment methods used for treating cancer. It consists of oral and/or injectable medicines administered to the patient in a cyclical pattern. These medicines are capable of destroying cancer cells and curbing their spread. Chemotherapy may be used individually or along with other treatment methods.
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Medical Oncology

It is a branch of medicine which deals with treatment of cancer using the oral or injectable form of medicines. Chemotherapy, palliative treatment using medicines, are part of medical oncology. It is the most sought after treatment method for almost every type of cancer.
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Female urological procedures

Female urology procedures include all surgical and medical procedures exclusively meant to treat female urology disorders. Recurrent urinary tract infection, uro-gynecology disorders, are part of female urology. Urologists often work in conjunction with gynecologists to treat these problems.
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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to develop and sustain a penile erection which hampers a person’s sexual life as well as fertility. Psychological stress, physical injury, or generalized muscular disorders are often responsible for erectile dysfunction. Medicines, surgery and counseling are helpful in treating the condition.
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Stone Removal

Stone removal includes all surgical and medical procedures performed to expel stones lodged in the urinary tract. Open surgery or lithotripsy are the most commonly used methods to assist stone removal. Very tiny stones are often flushed out via urine by administering regulated doses of diuretics.
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Lithotripsy is an ultrasound procedure used to expel stones from the person’s kidney or urinary tract. Sound blasts are concentrated on the stone which blasts into tiny pieces. These pieces are expelled through the urinary tract by inducing excessive urination. It is a minimally invasive process of stone removal.
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Andrology is a field of medicine dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of disorders exclusive to male reproductive system. Andrologists treat disorders like prostate gland enlargement, erectile dysfunction, testicular disorders, and disorders related to male infertility. Advanced surgical and medical methods are used by andrologists to ensure complete patient recovery.
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Shunt Surgery

Shunt surgery is performed to divert excessive CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) elsewhere from the brain ventricles. Hydrocephalus and increased intracranial pressure can be treated by performing shunt surgery. A most common type of shunt surgery involves diverting the CSF from ventricles to the peritoneum.
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Stroke treatment

Stroke is said to occur when brain cells begin to degenerate owing to a temporary lack of blood supply and oxygen. It is a medical emergency which can have fatal outcome if neglected. Effects of stroke could range from temporary discomfort to permanent muscular paralysis.
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Skull surgery

Skull surgery is performed to modify structural abnormalities of any tissue contained within the skull cavity. Removal of brain tumors, cavernous sinus surgery, cranial decompression, are types of skull surgeries. Only an experienced neurosurgeon is certified to perform these complex and delicate surgical procedures.
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Pituitary Surgery

Pituitary surgery is often employed as a means to treat tumors of the pituitary gland. The commonest access point for this surgery is through the sphenoidal sinuses surrounding the nose. This surgery helps in relieving the pressure caused by pituitary tumors on surrounding brain tissue.
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Cerebral Aneurysm

It is an abnormal bulge due to weakening in the wall of the cerebral artery. Complications like cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral stroke etc. are likely to occur. Hypertension, trauma to blood vessels, chronic smoking are some causes of the cerebral aneurysm. Surgical intervention is needed to treat a cerebral aneurysm.
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Cranio facial resection

It is a highly specialized and complex surgical procedure involving removal of abnormal tissue growths or tumors of facial or cranial tissue. This includes all the facial sinuses and soft tissue contained within the skull and facial bones. Neurosurgeons may team up with maxillofacial surgeons to perform these procedures.
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Alzeimer's Disease

A progressive neurological condition, Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by loss of memory and forgetfulness. The condition is irreversible and its course can only be delayed not stopped. Counseling, behavior therapy, medicines, and in some cases electrotherapy may help in the management of the disease.
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Neuro Modulation

Neuromodulation is a technique which involves stimulating a particular set of nerves using electrical impulses or chemical stimulus to modify the resultant response of the nerves. This technique is being widely used to treat chronic pain, spinal disorders, cancerous tumors, pelvic disorders etc.
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Intervention Neuroradiology

Interventional neurology includes all neurological diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to the vascular supply of the nervous system. Endovascular procedures, fluoroscopy, catheter based procedures, are included in this. It is helpful in the management of cerebral aneurysms, cerebral hematoma etc.
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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass is a type of bariatric surgery that helps in achieving rapid weight loss by altering food intake. The upper portion of small intestine is directly sutured to a small pouch created by surgically altering the stomach anatomy. This procedure is widely used to treat obesity in people.
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Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy

It is a type of Bariatric surgery which involves removing part of the stomach from the digestive tract. More than 50% of the organ is surgically excised leaving behind only a sleeve of the stomach; hence the name. The patient’s food intake reduces considerably following this surgery which allows rapid weight loss.
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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a terminology for all surgical procedures that help obese patients to lose weight in a healthy manner. Gastric banding, gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy are some of the most popular forms of weight loss surgery.
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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an operative procedure intended to assist in weight loss in obese people. This includes various surgical procedures aimed at altering the structure and function of digestive tract without causing any harm to the patient’s health. Only trained bariatric surgeons or gastro surgeons can perform the procedure.
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Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass is a shorter version of the original Gastric Bypass and involves a more time saving procedure. The gastro-intestinal connection which is surgically created is much more simplified in the Mini Gastric Bypass. The procedure has gained acceptance as an assured means of weight loss in obese patients.
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Gastric Banding

Gastric Banding is a surgical procedure which involves reducing the dimension of the stomach. It is performed by a bariatric surgeon using laproscopy, robotic method or open method. The surgery is useful to reduce the patient’s food intake, thereby accelerating weight loss.
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Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a medical condition where patients gain weight in a morbid manner. Many advanced medical and surgical means are utilized to help treat this condition. Along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, doctors in Columbia Asia hospital have successfully treated many obesity cases till date.
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Intervention Cardiology

Interventional cardiology includes all procedures which treat structural heart defects using catheter technology. They are usually performed by a cardiologist in a well equipped cath lab. The femoral artery is often used as point of access for these procedures.
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Pacemaker is a device which alters the patient’s disturbed heart rate and cardiac rhythm. The device is surgically implanted beneath the chest wall close to the patient’s heart. Pacemaker replicates the function of a healthy SA (Sinoatrial) node, thus enabling normal cardiac rate and rhythm.
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Coronary Angioplasty

It is a therapeutic procedure performed to widen the lumen of blocked coronary vessels. A balloon is inserted and inflated at the affected site in the artery to release the block. This interventional procedure is often accompanied by stenting.
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CABG Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft or Bypass surgery is a procedure designed to restore normal blood supply to cardiac muscles. Blood flowing to the heart is rerouted by creating an alternate pathway using the patient’s own veins. This ensures that the blood flow is not hampered by the damaged coronary vessels.
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Heart Diseases

Any physical or physiological alteration in the cardiac tissue which compromises its normal functioning can be classified as a heart disease. It can be treated by medical or surgical intervention. Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology has made it very easy to detect and treat such diseases at an early stage.
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Stent Procedure

Stent procedure is a cardiac therapeutic procedure accompanying angioplasty. A collapsible stent is introduced into the coronary vessel at the site of damage. This stent expands and prevents stenosis of the coronary artery, thereby ensuring normal blood supply to cardiac muscles.
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It is a surgical procedure designed to repair narrowed down openings of heart valves. This X-ray guided procedure involves inflating a balloon at the site of valvular stenosis to widen its opening. The procedure is performed using minimally invasive methods.
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Open Heart Surgery

Heart surgery includes all surgical procedures performed to alter disturbed physical or physiological functions of the heart. Heart surgery can be performed using minimally invasive or open methods. Both adult and pediatric patients may require to undergo open heart surgery.
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AICD Implantation

Automated Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator is a device which rectifies abnormal cardiac rhythm. The device is surgically implanted beneath the chest wall close to the heart. The procedure is helpful in treating various life threatening cardiac arrhythmias. ECG is often performed prior to AICD implantation to determine patient’s heart functions.
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Coronary Angiography

It is a diagnostic procedure aimed at detecting presence of blockages within the coronary vessels. Angiography can be performed in a catheterization laboratory by qualified cardiologists only. X-ray technology is used to monitor the blood supply of heart muscles.
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Heart Valve Surgery

All surgical procedures aimed at repairing valvular deformities are termed as heart valve surgery. Stenosed or rigid heart valves are repaired by performing valve surgery. The surgery can be performed by cardiac surgeons only, by using minimally invasive or open methods.
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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure where the whole or a part of the hip joint is replaced by an artificially designed joint. Hip joint arthritis, trauma to the joint and avascular necrosis of acetabulum are the commonest indications of hip joint replacement.
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Shoulder surgeries

Shoulder surgery includes all surgical procedures aimed at repairing the affected shoulder joint or its surrounding muscles. Shoulder joint arthritis, frozen shoulder, clavicular fracture, are some conditions that can be treated by performing shoulder surgery. Minimal access or open methods are used for this surgery.
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ACL Surgery

ACL surgery is performed to repair or restructure the damaged parts of an anterior cruciate ligament located in the knee joint. The procedure can be performed using arthroscopic methods. Post-surgical physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy are required to strengthen the knee joint.
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Fracture surgery

Surgical intervention required to repair fragments of the fractured bone and resultant damage to the soft tissue is known as fracture surgery. It may involve fixing the damaged bone using nails, screws and plates. Orthopedic surgeons recommend physiotherapy to patients after undergoing fracture surgery.
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Bone Pain

Bone pain is experienced due to direct trauma, infection or inflammation. Cancer is a rare cause of bone pain. Children may experience physiological bone pain during their growing years. Anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers often help to relieve the condition.
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Arthroscopic treatment

Arthroscopic treatment is a minimally invasive method of performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of joints. Chances of post-surgical complications reduce considerably when arthroscopic surgery is performed. Arthroscopy is also used to aspirate synovial fluid in case of tenosynovitis.
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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure for partial or total replacement of the diseased knee joint with an artificially designed joint. Arthritis or traumatic impact to the joint are the most common indications of knee replacement surgery.
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Degeneration and inflammation of cartilage present within any joint is known as arthritis. It can occur due to trauma, constant wear and tear, infection, or auto-immune disorders. Medical treatment or surgical intervention along with a regular exercise regimen help to treat arthritis.
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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a branch of orthopedics dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of injuries of muscles, joints and bones that result from strenuous physical activity. Preventive methods to avoid such injuries and maintain a healthy and fit physique are also taught by sports medicine specialists.
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Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection affecting the lungs. Caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, this debilitating condition is highly contagious. It also tends to affect the spine, bones and spleen if left untreated. A regulated dose of antibiotics taken over a period of few months is required to treat the condition.
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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection involves directly injecting a healthy sperm in the cytoplasm of a viable ovum. This method ensures almost 100% fertilization of the ovum. The method requires great skill and precision and should be performed in a medically controlled environment only.
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IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization is the most commonly employed type of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to help conception in couples who are unable to conceive naturally. Fertilization of female ovum is performed artificially in a medically controlled environment, which is then transferred to the uterus for growth and development.
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Male Infertility

A condition which occurs due to a man’s inability to result in a pregnancy despite the female being fertile. The causes of male infertility are many, ranging from functional to structural disorders. Medical treatment, surgical means, or counseling, or all three may be used to treat male infertility.
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Intra Uterine Insemination is a technique used to help conception in couples who are unable to conceive naturally. Seminal fluid is medically introduced into the female uterus in order to fertilize the ovum. The aim of I.U.I is to provide a greater number of sperms to enhance the chances of fertilization.
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Female Infertility

Female infertility is said to occur when a woman is unable to conceive despite unprotected sexual intercourse for more than a year. Functional disturbances, structural deformities, or psychological causes could lead to this condition. Gynecological treatment is often required to treat female infertility.
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Hysterectomy / Uterus Removal

Surgical removal of part or whole of the uterus is termed as hysterectomy. Uterine fibroids, cancer of the uterus, prolapsed uterus, uterine adhesions, are some indications of undergoing this surgery. Removal of ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina, may or may not be done during the procedure.
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Ovarian Disease

The ovarian disease includes a wide spectrum of disorders resulting from structural or functional deformities of ovarian tissue. PCOD, premature ovarian failure, ovarian adhesions, cancer of ovaries are some of the common ovarian diseases. Surgical or medical intervention is required for treating these conditions.
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Neonatology is a branch of pediatrics dedicated to diagnosis and treatment, and routine medical monitoring of new born babies. Primary life support required by infants, caring for prematurely born babies, treating disorders common to newborn babies, are some of the fields in which neonatologists specialize.
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Tubectomy involves cutting both fallopian tubes and tying up their ends so as to obstruct the path for ovum to reach uterine cavity. This is the most commonly employed method of female sterilization. The surgery can be performed laparoscopically or by open method.
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Maternity and Pregnancy

Obstetrics is a field of medicine dedicated to management of pregnancy and maternal health. Regular monitoring of maternal health and fetal growth are the most important aspects of pregnancy. Maternity care includes diagnosis and treatment of all health disorders experienced by pregnant women and diagnosed in the fetus.
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Cystectomy is a surgical procedure to remove abnormal cysts within any organs. Unless specified otherwise, cystectomy always refers to the removal of ovarian cysts. The procedure may be performed laparoscopically or by open method. It is one of the surgical methods to treat female infertility.
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Menstrual Disorders

Any physical or physiological abnormality leading to irregular menstruation is termed as a menstrual disorder. These disorders can be treated by medical or surgical method. Hormone Replacement Therapy has been used successfully to treat menstrual disorders.
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Fetal Medicine

It is a branch of gynecology dedicated to monitoring growth and development of the fetus through the entire period of pregnancy. This includes scans, physical examination and counseling sessions for expecting mothers. Genetic and development disorders of fetus are diagnosed and necessary steps taken for their management.
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General Pediatrics

General pediatrics includes complete monitoring of growth and development of babies and young children. Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in providing medical care to children. Diagnosis and treatment of allergies, infections, inflammatory disorders, auto-immune disorders etc, in children are included in general Pediatrics.
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Pediatric Surgery

Surgical procedures commonly performed to treat disorders affecting pediatric patients are termed as pediatric surgery. Congenital deformities of heart, intestines, limbs, are the most common indications of pediatric surgery. Only those surgeons who have received training in exclusive management of pediatric disorders can perform pediatric surgery.
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COPD and Asthma

COPD and asthma are disorders of the lungs which lead to breathing difficulties and resultant discomfort. Allergies, inflammation, infections, are some of the causes of COPD. Asthma is almost always allergic in origin. Medication along with respiratory exercises are advisable for the treatment of these conditions.
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Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders can be any health condition which prevents a patient from getting refreshed sleep. Pulmonary disorders like sleep apnea, snoring, are responsible for disturbed sleep in many patients. Routine medication and respiratory exercises help to treat these conditions.
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Allergy is an abnormal reaction of the human body to any foreign agent that comes in contact with any of the body tissues. Respiratory allergies manifest in the form of sneezing, watering of the nose, breathlessness, etc. They range from allergic rhinitis to more severe pulmonary bronchitis or allergic origin.
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Bronchoscopic procedure

Bronchoscopy can be used as a means of diagnosing as well as treating various lung disorders. It is also used to perform a biopsy of the upper respiratory tract. The pulmonologist will pass a thin tube through your mouth till they can visualize the internal lung tissue and air passages.
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Stenting is a process of inserting an expandable spring-based metal device within the blood vessel. This device is collapsible and helps in retaining the normal lumen of the vessel. Stenting is commonly performed to treat coronary artery blockages.
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Arterial Surgery

Arterial surgery may be performed to repair abnormal A-V fistula, aneurysm, arterial blockages, etc. Only an experienced vascular surgeon is certified to perform arterial surgeries. Hemorrhage is a probable complication of arterial surgery.
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Peripheral Angioplasty

Peripheral angioplasty is a therapeutic procedure to treat narrowed lumen or blockages of arteries in the legs. It helps in restoring normal blood supply through arteries present in legs. Peripheral angioplasty is performed on an outpatient basis using image-guided assistance.
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Peripheral Angiography

Peripheral angiography is a diagnostic method to study for abnormalities in the arteries of limbs. A dye is injected into the blood vessels which are then observed under X-ray imaging. Arterial blockages, narrowing, aneurysms, can be diagnosed using this diagnostic method.
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Varicose Veins Surgery

Engorgement and abnormal dilatation of veins due to loss of elasticity is termed as varicose veins. Though veins in any area of the body can get affected by this condition, it affects leg veins most commonly. Lifestyle modification is essential to treat varicose veins. The condition is usually benign.
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Diabetes is an endocrine disorder resulting due to faulty metabolism of carbohydrates. Dysfunction of pancreas is responsible for the development of diabetes. Diabetes results due to fluctuation of insulin levels in the patient’s blood. Diet, exercise and medical treatment help in curbing symptoms of diabetes.
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Endocrine Diseases

These are disorders related to structural or functional abnormality in endocrine glands of the body. They are associated with hormonal disturbances. Dysfunction of thyroid gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, pituitary gland, can be classified as endocrine diseases. Medical treatment combined with a strict workout regimen helps in controlling these disorders.
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Dialysis is a medical procedure to purify patient’s blood through artificial means; a function which is normally performed by the kidneys. Blood from the patient’s body is passed through a machine where it is filtered through a membrane before returning to the patient’s body again.
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Renal / Kidney Failure

Renal failure is partial or complete inability of kidneys to perform their physiological functions. It may be an acute or a chronic condition. Patients suffering from renal failure may require regular dialysis. Kidney stone, polycystic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome, uncontrolled diabetes, are some causes of renal failure.
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Kidney Stone Operation

Stone formation in the renal calyces due to physiological disturbances is termed as kidney stone. The condition is often associated with back pain, blood stained urine and recurrent urinary tract infection. Some patients may be completely asymptomatic. Medicines, surgical intervention, and dietary restrictions help in treating kidney stones.
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Nephritis is a condition involving inflammation of the kidneys, which could impair their regular functioning. Infection, injury, auto-immune disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, are some of the causes of nephritis. Medication and dietary restrictions help in curing this condition.
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