Gurunanak Care Hospital (Musheerabad)

Gurunanak Care Hospital (Musheerabad) (Hyderabad)

Address 1- 4- 908 / 7/ 1, Huda Complex, Land Mark: Near Raja Deluxe Cinema Hall, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500020

Phone: 040 3021 9000, 3259 9000 Verified on 14th of May 2015

Rates for hospital wards at Gurunanak Care Hospital (Musheerabad)

Hospital FacilityRates
General WardRs. 1500.00
Semi Private WardRs. 2600.00 (Twin Sharing )
Private WardRs. 3600.00 (Non AC)
Private WardRs. 4100.00 (AC)
Iron TestRs. 690.00 (Profile)
Iron TestRs. 420.00
ICURs. 4600.00 (Bed Charges)
ICURs. 30000.00 (Approximate One Day Charges)
ICURs. 40000.00 (Approx. Daily Expense, For a Ventilator Patient)
HbA1C TestRs. 830.00
Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) TestRs. 290.00
Blood Culture TestRs. 1160.00
Chloride TestRs. 200.00
Coombs TestRs. 250.00
Beta HCG TestRs. 1010.00
Sodium TestRs. 200.00
Hemoglobin (Hb) TestRs. 150.00
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Factor TestRs. 380.00
Ventilator ChargesRs. 5000.00 (Per Day (Variable up to 10K))
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 30000.00 (ICU)
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 10000.00 (General Ward / Semi Private Ward (Variable up to 15K))
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 15000.00 (Private Ward (Variable up to 20K))
Delivery ChargesRs. 30000.00 (Normal Delivery, General Ward, Package Rate)
Delivery ChargesRs. 40000.00 (Normal Delivery, Private Ward Non AC, Package Rate / Operation Delivery, General Ward, Package Rate)
Delivery ChargesRs. 50000.00 (Operation Delivery, Private Ward Non AC, Package Rate)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 300.00 (Gynecologist Doc.)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 400.00 (Cardiac Doc. / Physician Doc.)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 600.00 (Cardiologist)
Nose SurgeryRs. 60000.00 (General ward)
Nose SurgeryRs. 70000.00 (Semi-private ward)
Nose SurgeryRs. 85000.00 (Private ward)
AngiographyRs. 14000.00 (Day care)
AngiographyRs. 14500.00 (General ward)
AngiographyRs. 16500.00 (Semi Private ward)
AngiographyRs. 18000.00 (Private Ward)
AngiographyRs. 22000.00 (Deluxe Room)

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