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Asian Heart Institute

Asian Heart Institute (Mumbai)

G / N Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400051

Phone: 022 6698 6666 Verified on 12th of April 2016

Asian Heart Institute in Bandra is a tertiary care center catering to health needs of thousands of patients annually. The 250 bedded hospital offers several medical and surgical specialities under one roof. The hospital management pays great heed to overall functioning of the institute so as to ensure quality services to one and all. International standards of hygiene are maintained while administering treatment to patients.

Major focus is one provision of cardiac healthcare for which the most advanced medical and surgical techniques are offered here.

Rates for hospital wards at Asian Heart Institute

Hospital FacilityRates
Sonography (Ultrasound / USG)Rs. 3000.00
Vitamin D TestRs. 1990.00
Vitamin B12 TestRs. 1190.00
Blood Sugar TestRs. 260.00
Blood Group TestRs. 240.00
Kidney / Renal Function TestRs. 1790.00
HIV TestRs. 830.00
ICURs. 8600.00 (Semi Private)
ICURs. 11300.00 (Deluxe )
ICURs. 17900.00 (Suite )
HbA1C TestRs. 720.00
FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) TestRs. 380.00
Bilirubin TestRs. 260.00
Prolactin TestRs. 380.00
Beta HCG TestRs. 540.00
Insulin TestRs. 760.00
SGOT TestRs. 200.00
SGPT TestRs. 200.00
CRP (C-Reactive Protein) TestRs. 320.00
VDRL TestRs. 250.00
Reticulocyte Count TestRs. 250.00
HCV Antibody TestRs. 1170.00
HBsAg TestRs. 590.00
LH (Luteinizing Hormone) TestRs. 380.00
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Factor TestRs. 340.00
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 50000.00 (ICU)
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 25000.00 (Semi Private)
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 25000.00 (Private ward- Deluxe ,Suite room)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 1000.00 (MD physician-Follow up within 6 months / Surgeon-Follow up within 6 months)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 150.00 (Registration Fee)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 1500.00 (MD physician-Follow up after 6 months / Surgeon-Follow up after 6 months / Gynecologist-Follow up after 6 months)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 850.00 (Nephrologist - Follow Up)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 1600.00 (Urologist / Cardiologist / Nephrologist)
OPD Consultation FeeRs. 1650.00 (Surgeon / MD physician / Gynecologist-Follow up within 6 months / Gynecologist)
TURP SurgeryRs. 70000.00 (Semi Private ward - Twin sharing)
TURP SurgeryRs. 120000.00 (Private Ward)
TURP SurgeryRs. 170000.00 (Suite Room)
Gastric Bypass SurgeryRs. 500000.00 (General ward)
Gastric Bypass SurgeryRs. 600000.00 (Semi Private ward)
Gastric Bypass SurgeryRs. 800000.00 (Deluxe )
AngiographyRs. 32000.00 (Semi Private ward)
AngiographyRs. 50000.00 (Deluxe Room)
AngiographyRs. 65000.00 (Suite Room)
AngiographyRs. 27000.00 (General ward)
SigmoidoscopyRs. 3500.00
AngioplastyRs. 150000.00 (Semi private ward ( Excluding Stent ))
AngioplastyRs. 215000.00 (Deluxe Room ( Excluding Stent ))
AngioplastyRs. 310000.00 (Suite Room ( Excluding Stent ))
DialysisRs. 4000.00 (1st Time)
DialysisRs. 1790.00 (Regular)
Kidney Stone OperationRs. 110000.00 (Private ward-(URS DJ Stainting))
Kidney Stone OperationRs. 200000.00 (Deluxe-(URS DJ Stainting))
Kidney Stone OperationRs. 75000.00 (General ward (6 bed sharing non a/c)-(URS DJ Stainting))
Kidney Stone OperationRs. 85000.00 (General ward(6 bed sharing a/c) -(URS DJ Stainting))

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