Hospitals in Cuttack

Cuttack is known as the "silver city" of India. It is the perfect match of old traditions blending with the modern world. Cuttack has a public health system of world-class quality. It has both private and public hospitals for its residents. There are private clinics established in few parts of the city for convenience of patients. Few of these clinics are of hospitals, while few running are of independent medical practitioners. Patients get prompt medical intervention at the earliest, when they need it the most. Patients are ensured to get the best of medical care at the hands of highly experienced medical personnel. Compiled ahead is a list of leading hospitals in Cuttack.

Hospital Name & AddressPhone
Shanti Memorial Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
Patnaik Colony, Cuttack, Near Thoria Sahi Cuttack GPO, Cuttack - 753001
0671 241 5250, 241 4550, 9861125859, 9861320638
Star Hospital
Plot. 960, Rehaman Squre, College Squre to Jobra Anikat, Rehaman Chowk Jobra, Cuttack - 753003
Panda Curie Cancer Hospital
National Highway 5, Telengapentha Cuttack Gpo, Cuttack - 753001
0671 336 6999, 180042566626
Sun Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
Kanika Road, Srivihar Colony, Near Kanika Square Tulsipur, Cuttack - 753008
0671 230 1402, 230 7126, 230 7127
Good Luck Hospital
Kathagola Road Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
0671 230 6555, 9178135514
Shakti Hospital
Plot No. 444, Mahanadi Vihar, Nayabazar Chauliaganj, Cuttack - 753004
0671 244 6100, 244 6200, 9658035217, 9437403888
Ashwini Hospital (CDA)
Sector- 1, CDA CDA, Cuttack - 753014
0671 236 3007 / 008 / 009
Nigam Hospital
Samanta Sahi, Canal Road Cuttack Gpo, Cuttack - 753001
Om Suvam Hospital
Ranihat Canal Road , Cuttack - 753003
0671 251 6363, 251 6364, 251 6365
Khadija Nurshing Home
Manorama Metro Complex, Khathagola sahi, Manglabagh, Opposite cure well lab , Cuttack - 753001
Sabarmati General Hospital
Mahanadi Vihar Cuttack GPO, Cuttack - 753001
9437090980, 9437043235, 9437184334
Jeevandhara Nursing Home
Niladri Vihar, Nayabazar Chauliaganj, Cuttack - 753004
0671 654 4770, 9437039478
Sarangi Clinic and Research Centre Pvt Ltd
Arunodaya Market Link Road, Cuttack - 753012
0671 232 1007, 0671 231 4745, 9437033007, 9437051007

The City of Cuttack is well-connected with other major cities by air and road. It has a fair share of national parks, lakes, historic monuments, dams, museums and hill stations. Not to mention, it is also a foodie's paradise! It has the best of culinary treats for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. So you do not have to worry about the eating part as well. Moreover, the healthcare sector is well developed in Cuttack and this has led to the boost to medical tourism too.

Hospitals in Cuttack have world-class cancer-care treatment facilities. The hospitals specialize in providing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, cryotherapy and surgical care for excision of tumors from the body. Palliative care is also provided to cancer patients, it does not work on the cancer directly. But it works to relieve other health concerns caused by way of cancer to the patient. These hospitals also provide supportive care that works to increase effectiveness of existing cancer treatments. Diagnostic treatments like bone marrow aspiration and biopsy are carried out by expert oncologists too.

Majority of hospitals in Cuttack are recognized by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They have dedicated pharmacies and emergency facilities that run on a round-the-clock basis. Since patients receive prompt and high quality medical care, precious lives are saved and fatalities are reduced.

Hospitals in Cuttack provide patients medical services in the general, semi-private and private wards of their medical facilities. There are inpatient and out-patient wards as well. Patients can decide based on their condition and the doctor's advise whether they need to stay in out-patient ward or visit the inpatient ward to get treated. The hospitals have highly hygienic Intensive Care Units and operation theaters for surgical treatments of patients.

Laser therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are the secondary, post-surgical techniques provided by hospitals in Cuttack. Patients are also provided with dietary care and guidance which also aids in their speedy recovery. Diabetic patients in need of dialysis are provided with it according to the health condition of the person.

There are treatment facilities developed for treating male and female infertility, sexual dysfunction, varicose veins and other disorders that do not require surgical intervention. There are clinics or departments for couples to provide them premarital counseling. Women who want to conceive are also provided prenatal counseling for having a smoother road to child-birth in months ahead.