Deposit Required (For Admission) in Jalandhar

Satnam Singh Memorial Hospital

Location: Jalandhar City, Adda Khambra

(In Percentage '%' of total Charge) Rs. 10.00

(General Ward) Rs. 3000.00
(Private Ward, Non AC) Rs. 3000.00
(Private Ward, AC) Rs. 5000.00

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Navjivan Maternity And General Hospital

Location: Model House Road, Near Guru Ravidas Chowk

(In Delivery Case) Rs. 5000.00

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Aashirwad Hospital ( Hoshiarpur Road)

Location: Rama Mandi, Near Nangel Shama Chowk

(NICU) Rs. 3000.00

(For Delivery Patient) Rs. 10000.00

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Metro Hospital

Location: Hoshiarpur Road, Jalandhar City, Near Georges Industries

(General Ward / Private Ward) Rs. 2000.00

(ICU) Rs. 5000.00

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Doaba Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Location: 320, Near Nakodar Chowk

(Private Ward / ICU / For Delivery Patient) Rs. 5000.00

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Ankur Kids Hospital

Location: 663, Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar, Near Guru Ravidas Chowk

(Private Ward) Rs. 5000.00

(ICU) Rs. 10000.00

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Healing Touch Hospital

Location: 1 B, Golden Avenue, Urban Estate Phase 1, Near Chopra Dry Cleaner

(For Delivery Patient) Rs. 5000.00

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Dr. Shangara Singh Hospital

Location: 29-30 Link Road, Nakodar Road, Near Guru Ravidass Bhawan

(Private Ward / ICU) Rs. 4000.00

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KGM Bone Hospital

Location: 25, Gurjepal Nagar, Cool Road

(ICU or Private Ward) Rs. 5000.00

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Kapil Hospital

Location: Opposite Commissioners Office, Near New Courts, Rajinder Nagar

(ICU) Rs. 10000.00

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Modern Hospital

Location: 39, Behind Gurudwara

(ICU) Rs. 6000.00

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Vasal Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Location: 37, Kapurthala Chowk

(Private Ward) Rs. 10000.00

(ICU) Rs. 25000.00

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Joshi Hospital and Trauma Centre

Location: Kapurthala Road

(Semi Private Ward / Private Ward / ICU) Rs. 5000.00

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Ghai Hospital

Location: 661, A and B, Near Ravi Dass Chowk

(ICU) Rs. 10000.00

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Capital Hospital

Location: Pathankot Road, NH- 44

(Private Ward) Rs. 10000.00

(ICU) Rs. 15000.00

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SGL Charitable Hospital

Location: Garha Road

(Private Ward) Rs. 1000.00

(ICU) Rs. 3500.00

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Tagore Hospital and Heart Care Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Bahadur Nagar, Mahavir Marg

(Private Ward / ICU) Rs. 10000.00

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Satyam Hospital and Trauma Centre

Location: 392, Near Kapurthala Chowk

(General Ward) Rs. 3000.00

(Private Ward / ICU) Rs. 8000.00

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Patel Hospital

Location: Near Friends Cinema

(Private Ward) Rs. 15000.00

(ICU) Rs. 20000.00
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