NICU in Kanpur

Hospitals offering 'NICU':

Family Hospital and Research Center

Location: A-9 Vikas Hanpuram, Hameerpur Road, Naubasta Bamba, Nh -86

Rs. 1800.00

North Star Hospital and Joint Replacement center

Location: 25/11, Canal Road

(Approx. Daily Expense) Rs. 6000.00

Kabeer Hospital Pvt Ltd.

Location: Bajrang Chourah

(Daily Expense (Variable up to 6000) ) Rs. 3500.00

Priya Hospital

Location: D-25-30, H I G, Barra Vishwabank Bye Pass Road

(Daily Expense (Variable up to 7000)) Rs. 3000.00

Prakhar Hospital Pvt Ltd

Location: 8/219, Near Arya Nagar Dhramshala

Rs. 2000.00

Tulsi Hospitals Ltd.

Location: 14/116-A, Civil Lines

Rs. 3500.00

Nova Specialty Hospitals

Location: 14/138, Mall Road

(Day 2 Approx. Expense) Rs. 2900.00

(Day 1 Approx. Expense ) Rs. 3400.00

Excel Hospital

Location: 14/138

Rs. 4000.00

Krishna Super Specialty Hospital

Location: 363, Near Tatmil Chauraha

Rs. 1200.00

Kulwanti Hospitals and Research Centre

Location: 117/N/8

Rs. 1100.00

Regency Hospital Ltd.

Location: A-2, Near RTO Office

Rs. 2000.00

Dwivedi Hospital

Location: 117/H-2/168-A

Rs. 1400.00 Discount Offers

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