Top 8 Diabetes Hospitals in Bengaluru

List of the best diabetic hospitals in Bangalore is as follows:

Manipal Hospital, HAL Airport Road

Known for its patient centric approach to providing medical care, Manipal Hospital, HAL Airport Road is a respectable tertiary care healthcare facility in Bengaluru. The department of diabetology and endocrinology consists of experts who use the best of their knowledge and experience to treat various growth disturbances, diabetes, thyroid, endocrine cancers among other ailments.

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Salient Features

  • Recognized by NABH
  • Department of diabetology and endocrinology in accordance with ADA, IDF and ACE norms
  • Ambulance well equipped with advanced life support systems
  • 24/7 availability of ICU, pharmacy, laboratory and blood bank services
  • Diagnostic facilities such as CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, radiology, color doppler, bone densitometry, etc. available
  • Lab tests like TSH stimulation, blood sugar (fasting & PP), urinalysis, OGTT, semen analysis, TSH, etc. done
  • Treatments for thyroid problems, adrenal gland disorders, growth imbalances etc.
  • Menstrual complaints and male infertility issues resolved
  • Diabetes and associated future risks treated
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetes associated ulcers
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Mohan Y Badgandi, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist
  • Dr. Arpan Dev Bhattacharya, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist
  • Dr. Karthik Prabhakar, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Manipal Hospital
98, H A L Old Airport Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017

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Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road is a leading tertiary care center which offers world class treatment for different medical problems under one roof. Its adherence to quality, safety and compassionate patient care has shown up in the form of numerous awards and accolades. The department of endocrinology provides comprehensive care to patients suffering from diabetes, metabolic disorders and other imbalances by using a thoroughly researched and approved protocol.

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road

Salient Features

  • Inpatient accommodation of 276 beds
  • NABH certified medical facility
  • Accredited by JCI
  • First hospital to be approved by US-based Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA)
  • Diagnostic facilities include CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, color doppler, bone densitometry,etc.
  • Equipped with state of the art operation theaters
  • All time accessible emergency, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy services
  • Special screening done for possibility of diabetes in future
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat wounds caused by diabetes
  • Regular retinal scans to prevent diabetes associated eye complications
  • Obesity management done through nutritional counseling
  • Insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring devices for patients
  • Different tests carried out to evaluate glucose levels such as urinalysis, glucose tolerance tests, fasting & PP blood sugar, HBA1c test, etc.
  • Medical team expert in dealing with endocrine cancers
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Manjunath Malige, Endocrinologist
  • Dr. Srinivasa P Munigoti, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Fortis Hospital
154/9, Bannerghatta Road,
Opposite IIM-B, Bengaluru 560076

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We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best endocrinologists in Bangalore for your reference.

Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal

Columbia Asia Hospital is referred among the finest destinations for managing diabetes and endocrine disorders across Bangalore city. A 360 degrees spectrum of clinical, surgical and therapeutic services is assured to mange all types of diabetes. The department for diabetology and endocrinology operates to caters best in class preventive and curative endocrine and diabetes care towards its beneficiaries.

Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal

Salient Features

  • Capacity of 90 beds
  • NABH accredited healthcare center
  • Exclusive diabetes clinic specially designed for providing a full range clinical support to diabetic patients
  • Regular test sessions conducted for women having gestational diabetes
  • Counseling programmes arranged for diet and exercise management of diabetes patients
  • Operation theaters well equipped with cutting edge tools and equipment functional for 24/7
  • Lab services for diagnosis and testing for diabetes available round the clock
  • Accident and trauma care services provided on a full time basis with comprehensive care
  • 24 hours of pick and drop ambulance facilities
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Fred Williams – Consultant Diabetologist and Endocrinologist
  • Dr. D. M. Mahesh – Consultant Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Columbia Asia Hospital,
Bellary Road, Hebbal,
Kirloskar Business Park,
Bangalore, Karnataka -560024

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Apollo Hospital, Jayanagar

The medical and allied staff at Apollo Hospital, Jayanagar follow a holistic approach to treating different ailments and ensuring a positive patient experience. The department of endocrinology is adept in dealing with hormonal imbalances, diabetes, endocrine tumors and many such ailments in both adults and children.

Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Jayanagar

Salient Features

  • JCI certified medical facility
  • Inpatient accommodation of 150 beds
  • Capacity of 37 ICUs
  • Round the clock emergency response
  • 24/7 pharmacy and laboratory
  • Diagnostic capabilities include 128 slice CT, MRI, ultrasound, radiography, etc.
  • Operation theaters equipped with C arms and advanced anesthesia systems
  • Diagnostic tests such as bone densitometry, ACTH stimulation, thyroid scan, semen analysis, blood sugar, urinalysis, dexamethasone suppression test performed
  • Menstrual disorders and menopause treated using non-invasive methods and proper counseling
  • Antenatal screening for possibility of diabetes in new borns
  • Diabetes and associated complications affecting eyes, nerves, feet, etc. dealt without delay
  • Recognized for solutions to male infertility and other androgenic problems
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Radhika Kumar, Endocrinologist

Apollo Hospital
# 21/2 (Old No.2),
14th Cross, 3rd Block,
Jayanagar, Bengaluru 560011

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Manipal Hospital, Whitefield

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield is the newest offshoot of the Manipal Group. The Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology in this hospital follows the guidelines laid down by international bodies and offers an evidence based treatment which will ensure a favourable outcome in the long run.

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield

Salient Features

  • Inpatient capacity of 280 beds
  • Compliant with ADA, IDF and ACE guidelines
  • Diagnostic facilities include MRI, CT scan, radiology, ultrasound, bone densitometry, color doppler, etc.
  • Round the clock emergency services ready to handle diabetic emergencies
  • Screening packages for diabetes and metabolic disorders
  • Pharmacy and laboratory services available at all times
  • Tests like GTT, fasting & PP sugar, urinalysis, HbA1c, TSH, ACTH stimulation, dexamethasone suppression, etc. carried out for accurate aid to diagnosis
  • Dietary modifications and counseling to help manage weight related issues
  • Treatment solutions of male infertility, androgenic problems, menstrual complaints etc.
  • Comprehensive management of endocrine tumors
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Vijaya Sarathi H A, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Manipal Hospital
#143, 212-2015,
EPIP Industrial Area,
Off Hoodi Village, KR Puram Hobli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

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Fortis Hospital, Cunnigham Road

Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road is a reputed tertiary level hospital and a preferred destination for patients seeking good medical care. The endocrinology department is well equipped with the latest diagnostics, and a multidisciplinary approach is used to treat adult and pediatric endocrine disorders.

Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road, Bangalore

Salient Features

  • Capacity of 150 beds
  • NABH Safe-I certification
  • Round the clock emergency and trauma service
  • Emergency management for diabetes related complications like shock
  • Operation theaters equipped with latest technology
  • Imaging facilities include CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, bone densitometry, retinal scans, fundoscopy, etc.
  • Diabetes associated wounds treated using hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Diagnostic tests like glucose tolerance test, HbA1c, fasting and PP glucose, urinalysis, semen count, ACTH stimulation, TSH, etc.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump for diabetic patients
  • Nutritional counseling for proper weight management
  • Treatment of menstrual problems in women and infertility related issues in men
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Somashekar Reddy K S, Diabetologist

Fortis Hospital
14, Cunningham Rd,
Vasanth Nagar,
Bengaluru 560052

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Dr. Malathi Manipal, Jayanagar

The winner of several recognitions and accreditations, Dr. Malathi Hospital is a proof of its steadfast dedication to patient centric care. The hospital is compliant with national and international norms. The medical team here understands the amount of trouble caused due to diabetes and other endocrine disorders. It is ensured that the best possible approach is used to alleviate patients' discomfort.

Malathi Manipal Hospital, Jayanagar

Salient Features

  • Diabetology and Endocrinology department fully compatible with ADA, ACE and IDF norms
  • Certified by NABH
  • Accredited by NABL
  • NABH (Blood Bank) recognized
  • Holder of ISO 9000:2000 certificate
  • AAHRPP (Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs) accredited
  • Equipped with state of the art operation theaters and infrastructure
  • Screening tests for diabetes offered
  • Treatment for diabetes associated complications on eyes, feet, nerves, etc.
  • Weight management and nutritional counseling
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetes associated wounds
  • Management of other endocrine disorders affecting the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal or pituitary glands
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Mohan Badagandi, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Dr. Malathi Manipal Hospital
45/1, 45th Cross,
9th Block, Jayanagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069

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Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield

Located in the IT hub of Bengaluru, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield has marked its presence with its commitment to compassionate patient care. Using latest technology and holistic approach to treatment, this hospital has become one of the most preferred medical facilities offering solutions to different diseases under one roof. Endocrine disorders are treated in an all-encompassing way so as to manage the root cause first and give long term benefits to patients.

Columbia Asia, Whitefield

Salient Features

  • Special clinic to treat diabetes mellitus
  • Diagnostic facilities include 128 slice CT, MRI, radiology, ultrasound, color doppler, etc.
  • Weight loss clinic to deal with weight imbalances due to hormonal disorders
  • 24/7 pharmacy and laboratory services available
  • Emergency department active round the clock
  • Lab tests like T3, T4, TSH, semen analysis, ACTH stimulation, bone densitometry, blood sugar, urinalysis carried out to determine exact cause of endocrine diseases
  • Equipped with ICU, NICU, PICU, CCU and isolation care
  • Treatment solutions for diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, obesity, endocrine tumors and other related disorders
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Fred Williams, Endocrinologist

Columbia Asia Hospital
Survey No. 10P & 12P,
Ramagondanahal, Varthur Kodi,
Whitefield, Bangalore East – 560066

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