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Best Hospitals in Vadodara

Following are the top hospitals in Vadodara:

Pristyn Care Pristyn Care

General surgeons at Pristyn Care are the best and well-known medical professionals in India. We follow world-class health care guidelines to treat diseases like Anal Fistulas, Fissures, Piles, Hemorrhoids, Bawaseer, Pilonidal Sinus, Hydrocele, Varicocele, Hernias, Gallstones, Circumcision and Varicose Veins. We use the latest and advanced medical devices along with USFDA approved surgical techniques to provide the utmost care and reduced risk of infection to all the patients. All our general surgeons are experts in providing the safest and risk-free surgeries like Laser Fistula Surgery, Laser Pilonidal Sinus Treatment, Laparoscopic Hydrocelectomy, Laser Piles Treatment, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery, Laser Circumcision, etc

Pristyn Care

Timings: Monday-Saturday (10:00 AM-8:00 PM)

Speciality: General Surgeon

Swasthya Superspeciality Hospital, Ajanta Cooperative Society, CNG Pump Road, Near Trident Complex, Baroda, Gujarat 390023

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Sterling Hospital

A leading health care center spread across seven branches in and within Gujarat. Sterling hospitals have defined patient care in the most unique, effective and affordable manner. Aiming at presenting every surgical and medical treatment under one roof, all sterling hospitals have been designed to facilitate quality health in every medical faculty.

Sterling Hospital, Vadodara

Salient Features

  • First corporate hospital to get NABH accreditation in Gujarat
  • Sterling hospital Vadodara is 220 bedded multispecilality hospital
  • A Government approved Renal unit
  • Performing highest dialysis procedures in region
  • Has one of the most advanced set ups for Bone Marrow Transplants
  • Owns a well equipped diagnostic center that offers almost every lab test required by patients
  • Also offers blood transfusion and blood storage facilities
  • 24/7 Emergency services are provided with utmost accuracy
  • Professionals are not only skilled, but also deliver a patient friendly service
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Amey Patankar (Neuro Surgeon)
  • Dr. Archana Diwedi (Gynecologist)
  • Dr. Bhupesh D. Shah (CVT- Surgeon)
  • Dr. C. Shrinivasan (Pathologist)
  • Dr. D. Nandy (Oncologist)
  • Dr. Gaurav Goel (Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Harendra Chauhan (General Surgeon)
  • Dr. Haresh Thummar (Urologist)
  • Dr. Hemen Vithalani (Radiologist)

Bhailal Amin General Hospital

Bhailal i Amin General Hospital(BAGH), standing high in delivering quality health care for five decades now. The hospital not only caters to medical needs of the inhabitants of Vadodara, but also makes efforts in reaching millions in and around Vadodara and neighboring states. The hospital also boasts of a beautiful ambiance that speeds up the healing process.

Bhailal Amin General Hospital, Vadodara

Salient Features

  • NABH and NABL accredited multispecialty hospital
  • An ISO 9001:2008 certified hospital
  • Accommodating 200 beds across various departments
  • Government recognized, thus making all services 100% tax deductible
  • 5 ambulances and one mobile ICU available 24/7
  • Bringing patients in hospital is free of cost. A nominal fee is charged if ambulance is required to drop patients at home post treatment.
  • Also offer a 24/7 pharmacy equipped with everything a patient may need
  • Talents from all round the country are employed to deliver best services with compassionate care
  • Houses the latest technical apparatus along with a sound technical team
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Atul Jani (Physician)
  • Dr. Ulka Korde (Medical officer)
  • Dr. Sumit Kapadia (Vascular Surgeon)
  • Dr. Nirav Modi (Orthopedic Surgeon)
  • Dr. A. Ganju (Nephrologist)
  • Dr. Kalpesh Jani (Surgeon – Laparoscopic)
  • Dr. A.B.Vaidya (Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon)
  • Dr. S. Sharma (Cosmetic Surgeon)
  • Dr. P.P. Rana (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Vijay Thakore (Vascular Surgeon)
  • Dr. K. Parekh (Nephrologist)
  • Dr. Iyengar (Gynecologist and Obstetrician)

Gorwa Road, Close to Alembic Ltd,
Gorwa, Vadodara, Gujarat – 390003

Contact Number: 0265-395-6222
Emergency Number: 0265-228-6666

Sunshine Global Hospitals - Manjalpur

Sunshine Global Hospitals is a chain of medical centers spread across various branches in Vadodara. Manjalpur Sunshine Global Hospital is the most equipped and popular segment as compared to rest of its centers. The chain has been the biggest health solution for the people of Southern Vadodara as it came up with its multispecialty hospital for the first time in region. The Manjalpur center is regarded as one of the best hospitals in Vadodara for the services it renders.

Sunshine Global Hospital, Vadodara

Salient Features

  • Multispecialty hospital accommodating 130 beds
  • NABH accredited hospital
  • Operating theaters, ICUs and HDUs well designed and equipped with cutting edge technology
  • 24 hours Radiological and diagnostic facilities
  • Offers quickest ambulance services housed with every life saving apparatus
  • 24/7 Emergency and Trauma care with complete availability of doctors, supporting staff and apparatus
  • Doctors in Sunshine are committed to their patients and their improvement. ICU doctors offer life saving tips over a call prior to ambulance arrival.
  • Engulfs every medical specialty involving both medical and surgical treatments
  • Caters to all pharmaceutical needs through a well designed and maintained pharmacy
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Apurva Vaidya (Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)
  • Dr. A. Sharma (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Ramchandani (Ophthalmologist)
  • Dr. Bhikubhai Patel (General Surgeon)
  • Dr. Chirag Gurjar (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Khatri Deepak (Cosmetologist and Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Harshad Joshi (Orthopedic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Hiral Soni (Radiologist)
  • Dr. H. Parikh (Pulmonologist)
  • Dr. Jigar Patel (Oncologist)
  • Dr. Nilesh Sondarva (Gen. Surgeon)

Nalini House, Close to Shreyas Vidhyalaya,
Manjalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat 3900011

Contact Number: 0265-3300400/2632044/2638044
Emergency Number: 937-7412-777

Metro Hospital and Research Institute

Metro Hospital and Research Institute Vadodara, is one of the humble initiatives taken by the Metro Hospital Group that owns 13 hospitals nationwide. In a very short span of time, the hospital has become a trusted health care center in Vadodara. It is also regarded as one of the few hospitals that provide effective and quite affordable services with regards to its unmatched standards.

Metro Hospital and Research Institute, Vadodara

Salient Features

  • Bed capacity that can be expanded to around 500 beds according to needs
  • Operation theaters with hi-tech amenities
  • Mobile ICU and ambulance facilities available for 24 hours
  • Offers diagnostic facilities for 24 hours
  • Cath lab and radiological services are also available for the entire day and night
  • Focuses on maintenance and up gradation of pharmaceutical services
  • Provides advanced radiological services
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Jayesh Patel (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Rahul Vasava (Physician)
  • Dr. Rakesh Koya (Internal Medicine)
  • Dr. H.N Sheth (Gastroenterologist)
  • Dr. Sanchaita Chowdhury (Dentist)
  • Dr. Nillam Desai (Gynecologist and Obstetrician)
  • Dr. J. Mukherjee (Obstetrician and Gynecologist)
  • Dr. Vikky Ajwani (Urologist)
  • Dr. N.K. Trivedi (Ophthalmologist)
  • Dr. Samir Mahajan (ENT Specialist)
  • Dr. G.M. Vinod (Dermatologist)
  • Dr. T. Kakkad (Pulmonologist)

Harni Salvi Road,
Near Kendriya Vidhyalaya,
Vadodara, Gujarat 390022

Contact Number: 91-96012-77020
Ambulance: 085111-84511
Emergency Number: 0960-1111-212

Balaji Hospital

A premiere institute for patient care in Vadodara. The hospital is committed at leaving no stone unturned in catering to every medical need of their patients with a compassionate outlook. The hospital aims at being one of the best hospitals in Vadodara that offers affordable services. With a dedicated staff and skilled practitioners, Balaji Hospital is quickly marching ahead to be one of the most efficient health care assistance in Vadodara.

Balaji Hospital, Vadodara

Salient Features

  • ISO certified multispecialty hospital
  • The entire infrastructure has a cutting edge technical support and meets international standards
  • A strong functional pathological laboratory
  • Offers well equipped ambulance facilities 24/7
  • Employs trained professionals who can deliver friendly and compassionate care
  • Well equipped operating theaters
  • Maintains a pharmacy and sterilization units
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. S.R. Iyengar (Cardiologist and Sr. Physician)
  • Dr. Sachin Wani (Oncologist)
  • Dr. Vibhav Pargi (Endocrinologist)
  • Dr. Saini (ENT Specialist)
  • Dr. Padma Iyengar (Gynecologist and Obstetrician)
  • Dr. Hiten Kareliya (Disease Specialist – Infection)
  • Dr. Khandelwal (Laparoscopic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Buch (Neurophysician)
  • Dr. Nimesh Patel (Neurosurgeon)

Opposite to Vidya Vikas School,
Ellora Park, Shubhanpura,
Varodara, Gujarat – 390023

Contact Number: 0265-228-2111