Kidney Stone Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram

Sree Uthradam Thirunal (SUT) Super Specialty Hospital

One of Kerala's top healthcare organizations, Sree Uthradam Thirunal (SUT) Super Specialty Hospital in Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, has a long history in the medical industry. The hospital was established in 1987 and has been providing great care for the past 35 years as a well regarded tertiary care provider in the city. The hospital may be the only one operating out of a former palace in the entire world (of the Travancore Royal Family). The institution nevertheless takes pride in its "new age therapeutic techniques and old world traditions." SUT is a famous centre for "KeyHole Surgery," and all surgical departments have the capability. The first Multi-Super Speciality hospital in Kerala, SUT is situated in the centre of Thiruvananthapuram and provides over 30 specialized services. The steadfast focus on clinical excellence and unwavering dedication that define SUT are the foundation of its illustrious history. With the backing of a skilled group of doctors and a committed support staff, it continually strives to offer their patients the best services. Today, the hospital provides a wide range of cutting-edge medical and surgical services (both open and minimally invasive), along with suitable nursing care. It may be the only hospital in the world functioning out of a palace, and we are quite proud of our history and USP.

Salient Features

  • 24 x 7 Nephrology services
  • General Nephrology
  • Pediatric Nephrology
  • Transplant Nephrology
  • CAPD clinics
  • Interventional Nephrology
  • Critical Care Nephrology with Level III ICU with facilities for SLED – for critically ill patients

Interventional Procedures

  • Image guided haemodialysis catheter placement for haemodialysis (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Image guided CAPD catheter placement for CAPD/CCPD (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Image guided renal biopsy
  • Haemodialysis/ Hemodiafiltration
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Charcoal hemoperfusion for poisoning
  • SLED/SLED – for critically ill patients
  • Membrane based therapy for septic shock


  • Dr.P Sivaramakrishnan  - Urology
  • Dr.Nandagopal V - Urology
  • Dr.Vishnu R. S - Nephrology
  • Dr.Nishy Mathew - Nephrology

Ananthapuri Hospitals & Research Institute

Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research Institute is located at Kazhakuttam, about 3km from Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station / Thampanoor Bus Stand, 2km from Thiruvananthapuram Airport. It is a 400 bedded Tertiary care hospital with an investment of 100 crores. The first phase of the Hospital with all major Departments, has become functional from 1st July 2005.

This hospital block was formally inaugurated by our Honorable Chief Minister Sri. Oommen Chandy on 14th September 2005 in the presence of Dr.M. K. Munneer, Minister for PWD (Public Works Department), Sri. M. V. Raghavan, Minister for Ports and other distinguished guests.

Ananthapuri Hospitals & Research Institute have some of the notable physicians of the nation who are highly accomplished, skilled, and renowned in their fields of specialization. Your medical requirements are in good hands with them. A group of highly committed employees working in the hospital's numerous departments complements them and helps it run smoothly, carrying out the hospital's purpose to provide care with honesty and care. The hospital aims to become the first choice of super speciality hospital for health and medical services of international repute. The core value of the hospital is to meet patient care objectives through effective team work.

Salient Features

  • Ananthapuri is one of the few healthcare facilities in the nation that is fully prepared for treating unusual and extremely critical ailments since it is outfitted with the most modern and cutting-edge facilities.
  • Transfusion Medicine at AHRI provides 100% blood component preparation capabilities and a 24-hour blood transfusion service with a committed and knowledgeable workforce is available at the hospital. The blood bank uses fourth generation ELISA kits and fully automated equipment to properly screen blood units for a variety of diseases that are spread through blood transfusions (Unique in Kerala).
  • The deluxe rooms offer a soothing and panoramic view of our planted garden together with all modern amenities like TV, Fridge, Telephone, etc. to further the compassionate care. All of these increase the patient's degree of comfort in a calm setting.
  • Ambulance service that is completely equipped to transport patients with cardiac and medical emergencies is also available. The facilities offer cardiac resuscitation, intubation, and ventilation services, as well as paramedical, nursing, and trained doctors. This ambulance supports the hospital's emergency care services and is outfitted with all necessary tools to help trauma victims right away.


  • Dr.Venu Velayudhanms - (Gen Surgery), FRCS, FCSHK, FHKAM, FCSHK(Urology)
  • Dr.Syam K Ramesh-MS Gen Surgery), M. Ch(Uro)
  • Dr.Gopakumar.N - MS (Gen Surgery), M Ch(Uro), FEBU, FRCS (Glas)
  • Dr.Sunil Jacob - MS (Gen Surgery), M Ch(Uro)
  • Dr.Kasi Visweswaran R- MD(Gen Med), DM(Nephro)
  • Dr.Sangeetha Sajeesh-MD(Gen Med) , DNB(Nephro)
  • Dr.Anjana Gopal-MBBS, MD, DM (Nephro)

Cosmic Hospitals Private Limited

Cosmic Hospitals Private Limited was founded in 1982 as the realisation of a group of distinguished physicians led by the late Dr.M.R.S. Menon, a well-known and respected figure in the nation's medical and social fraternity. They have a burning desire to give those people the best possible medical care, in keeping with their guiding principle of "A kind touch of caring for generations.”

Salient Features

  • 24x7 Accident & Emergency Care
  • 24 Hour Pharmacy
  • 7 ultra modern operation theaters with laminar flow & HEPA filters
  • Cath lab
  • Separate ICUs for Neuro and Cardiac patients
  • Advanced Chest Pain Unit
  • Modern Labour Delivery Suites
  • Stroke Unit
  • Radiology Equipment
  • Blood Bank and Donation Facility
  • Advanced Diagnostic Lab
  • Restaurants, Snack bars & Coffee shops
  • Dedicated and Committed Team
  • 100% Eco-friendly practice
  • Parking Facility


  • Dr.Joy Jyothis. P. S MS, MCh Urologist
  • Dr.Srikumar Ramachandran MS, MCh Urologist
  • Dr.Ashish S Nair MS, MCh Urologist
  • Dr.Raj K MS MCh Thoracic Surgeon
  • Dr.Mahadevan R MS, MCh Thoracic Surgeon
  • Dr.Ashish S Nair, MS (Gen.Surgery), MCh (Uro)
  • Dr.Joy Jyothis. P. S , MS (Gen.Surgery), MCh (Uro)
  • Dr.Srikumar Ramachandran, MS (Gen.Surgery), MCh (Uro)
  • Dr.Ranjani Ravi, MD, DNB(Nephrology)
  • Dr.Sreeja S Nair, MD, DM (Nephrology)
  • Dr.Vimala . A, MD , DM (Nephrology)

Meditrina Hospitals Pvt. Ltd

One of the biggest multi-specialty hospital chains in India, Meditrina Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. offers both primary and tertiary healthcare services. Meditrina Hospitals provides unmatched excellence in patient care, education, and research with the help of a top-notch team of medical professionals. Due to its multi-disciplined approach to health care and reputation for ethical medical procedures, Meditrina is able to provide clinical outcomes that are on par with those of other countries for a fraction of the cost.

Salient Features

  • 24 Hour Emergency
  • Radio Diagnosis 
  • Immunization Clinic
  • Canteen
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Mortuary
  • Ambulance Service
  • Blood Bank
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Pharmacy.


  • Dr.Madhavan R P-Consultant Urology
  • Dr.Manikandan D-Senior Consultant - General Surgery
  • Dr.Rakesh Varma-consultant General Surgery

India Hospital

The India Hospital, a multi-specialty facility in Thiruvananthapuram, receives referral patients from nearly all of the top public and private institutions in the area due to its superior facilities and expertise in nephrology. The hospital is equipped with everything needed for other departments as well. The services of India Hospital are exceptional due to its internationally qualified staff, greatest and most modern equipment, and comfortable environment.

The India Hospital upholds the highest levels of international health care standards despite having been founded as an NRI company by a team from the USA. The 100-bed hospital is equipped with a/c and non-a/c rooms and cutting-edge ICU help to keep treatment costs within reason. It offers financially disadvantaged patients subsidized care and periodically hosts free medical camps.

Salient Features

  • State of the Art 7 station HaemoDialysis dialysis unit 24 hours service
  • B Braun Dialog plus machines offering Bicarb Dialysis with RO Treatment plant
  • 7-bedded ICU in Nephrology department;    
  • Vascular Access-Temporary and permanent
  • Renal Ultrasound and Doppler
  • Renal Biopsy
  • CAPD
  • Acute Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Hemoperfusion/ for drug overdose
  • CRRT- Continues Renal Replace Therapy
  • Dr.Saroja Nair, AB (Int. Med.), AB ( Nephrology)
  • Dr.Suresh Prabhakar, F.R.C.S., Dip (Urology)

Jubilee Memorial Hospital

Located in the centre of Trivandrum City, Kerala's capital, Jubilee Memorial Hospital, Palayam, Trivandrum is a multispecialty hospital. The mission of Jubilee Memorial Hospital is to deliver compassionate, efficient, and high-quality healthcare. A deliberate effort is being made to increase service effectiveness, simplify procedures, and improve patient experience at the hospital. Jubilee Memorial Hospital is steadily expanding with well-equipped machinery and instruments and staffed by well-trained and committed employees, and nearly all departments are operational.

Salient Features

  • Various modern treatment rooms
  • Specially designed trauma rooms with built-in X-ray machines
  • Computerized medication system
  • 24 Hours Service
  • Centralized, efficient nursing station
  • Dedicated X-ray rooms and Special orthopaedic room
  • The state-of-the-art heart monitoring system
  • Psychiatric treatment room
  • Private family room
  • Casualty OT
  • Experienced Staff
  • Well-equipped ambulance and staff for quick evacuation of patients


  • Dr.Joy Jothis-MS (GEN SURG), MCH (URO)
  • Dr.Chacko Varghese-MD (MED, DM(NEPHRO-PGI), FRCP (GLASK-UK), FRCP (EDIN - UK)
  • Dr.M. M Jacob-MS, MCH, DIP NB
  • Dr.Sebastian T. D-MBBS, MS
  • Dr.Anu Antony Varghese-MBBS, MS

GG Hospital

GG Hospital is the flagship hospital of Sri Gokulam Group of Companies. The journey of GG Hospital started on 27th January 2016 among the common people in Trivandrum. The healthcare services offered by the GG Hospital in the life of the common man over the last 5 years is remarkable. It has been achieved through a combination of carefully chosen technology acquisitions and undoubtedly the result of hard work and consistent delivery of excellent services by our staff members. In the medical arena, our success is ultimately based on the medically indicated quality diagnostic practices that have remained true to the ethical principles of the medical profession.

GG Hospital is one of the fastest-growing multi-super speciality hospitals in South Kerala. The patient-friendly facilities at GG Hospital will ensure to deliver the exceptional quality of patient care. The facilities are designed and equipped to meet the requirements of both national and international patients.  

Salient Features

  • Outpatient Dialysis unit
  • Inpatient dialysis Facilities
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Kidney transplant
  • Critical care nephrology
  • Patient education programs and preventive nephrology
  • Interventional nephrology
  • CAPD (home Dialysis)


  • Dr. Balachandran C-Urology
  • Dr.Gini A K-Urology
  • Dr. Arun B-Urology
  • Dr. Aravind S Ganapath-Urology
  • Dr. Chacko Varghese-Nephrology
  • Dr. Jigy Joseph-Nephrology
  • Dr. Raji R P-Nephrology