Top Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai

Following are the top 8 cancer hospitals in Mumbai:

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Vile Parle

Nanavati hospital is among the finest medical facilities the residents of Mumbai are blessed with. The hospital has world-class facilities for treating every illness and disorder suffered by humans. The tertiary facilities provided for care-takers of patients are also highly sophisticated. The oncology department provides treatment options under medical, radiation, surgical and reconstructive oncology.

Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

Salient Features

  • Global Healthcare Award 2013
  • CISCO Technology Award 2014
  • Arogya Seva Vrati Award
  • Winner of FICCI Healthcare Excellence Award in 2014
  • Hospital has chemotherapy and radiotherapy services
  • 350 IPD beds
Esteemed panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Ashish Joshi - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Avinash Deo - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Bhavna Parikh - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Gopal Ramakrishnan - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Niranjan Rathod - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Suresh Advani - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Amit Gandhi - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Bhagat Singh Rajput - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Dilip Murarka - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Prashant Kerkar - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sudesh Phanse - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sanjay Dudhat - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sudeep Sarkar - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sumeet Shah - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Rohit Malde - Radiation Oncologist

S.V. Road, Vile Parle (West),
Mumbai - 400 056, India.

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Kohinoor Hospital, Kurla

Kohinoor Hospital in Kurla locality of Mumbai is a popular health-care destination for people residing in and adjoining areas of Kurla. The hospital has housed state-of-the-art facilities for treating disorders of various medical specialties. The cancer-care wing hosts everything from screenings, surgical treatment, counseling and palliative care. The unit treats different cancers such as prostate, lung, liver, kidney, thyroid, skin, ovaries etc.

Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai

Salient Features

  • Asia's only LEED Platinum and NABH certified multi-specialty hospital
  • Hospital has 175 patient beds
  • 24*7 diagnostic testing services
  • Cancer-care health check packages
  • Biopsy facility
  • Reconstructive Oncology
  • Palliative cancer care
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Adwaita Gore - Oncologist
  • Dr. Vashishishth Maniar - Oncologist
  • Dr. Hitendra Patil - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Hitendra Patil - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Nikhilesh Borkar - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Nilesh Chordiya - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Rakesh Badhe - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sudesh Phanse - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Suhail Sayed - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Tanveer Majeed - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Vimal Jain - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sanket Mehta- Surgical Oncologist

Kirol Road, Off LBS Road,
Kurla (West), Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400070

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Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

Wockhardt Hospital is a 350 bedded multi-specialty situated in South Mumbai. It has all requisite facilities to treat people suffering from a minor backache to hypertension. The oncology unit is geared with sophisticated technology for treating malignant and benign tumors in people of different age-groups and genders. The oncologists and surgeons are extremely dedicated to their profession.

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai

Salient Features

  • Hospital has NABH certification
  • Super-specialty hospital in Mumbai became one of the first hospitals in South Asia to receive international accreditation from JCI
  • Also has partnership with Partners Medical International, Boston, USA
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Provision for Spine, cervix, lung, oral and thyroid cancer treatments
  • Facilities for bone and soft tissue tumors management
  • Advanced adult oncology unit
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Meghal Sanghavi - Consultant Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Dipen Patel - Consultant Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. G.B. Singh - Consultant (Laparoscopic, Thoracoscopic, Gastrointestinal and Onco Surgery)
  • Dr. Krutarth Thakar - Consultant Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Riya Ballikar - Hemato-oncologist
  • Dr. Uma Bhaskar Dangi - Consultant Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Boman Nariman Dhabhar - Consultant Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Mahendra Shrikant Navare - Surgical Oncologist

1877, Doctor Anandrao Nair Marg,
Near Agripada Police Station,
Mumbai Central East, Mumbai 400011

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Fortis Hospital, Mulund

The 300 bedded branch of Fortis in Mulund is a reputed multi-specialty tertiary care center in Mumbai. They have doctors and experienced consultants at their disposal for treating different seasonal, lifestyle and common health disorders in patients at all times of the day. The oncology unit is also geared with expert oncologists who have extensive experience in successfully treating patients suffering from this deadly disease called cancer.

Fortis Hospitals - Mulund, Mumbai

Salient Features

  • 300 bedded hospital
  • Joint Commission International (JCI) certified hospital
  • Winner of Asian Hospital Management Awards (2014) Hat trick in Patient Safety & HRD category
  • Diagnostic testing available like biopsy, PAP smear, CA 125 etc.
  • Screenings for diagnosing cancers of lung, prostate, mouth etc.
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Haresh Manglani - Orthopedic Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Prashant Pawar - Head and neck oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Deepak Kumar - Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Rupal Cheda - Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Anil Heroor - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Boman Dhabhar - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh - Medical Oncologist

Mulund Goregaon Link Road,
Mulund West, Mumbai - 40078

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S. L Raheja Hospital, Mahim

S.L. Raheja hospital is an associate of the Fortis group of hospitals. A 140 bedded facility, S.L. Raheja is known for setting benchmarks for its competitors and rivals in the medical sector. The hospital has a dedicated patient base all thanks to the patient-centric approach of the doctors in their treatment methods. The oncology department has superior diagnostic and treatment machinery that allows precise detection of tumors in patient's bodies.

S. L Raheja Hospital (A Fortis Associate), Mumbai

Salient Features

  • 140 bedded hospital
  • Screenings available for oral and lung cancers
  • Cancer treatment surgeries such as lumpectomy, mastectomy, MOHS surgery, colectomy available
  • Head and neck clinic deals with management of cancers of mouth, face, jaws, thyroid glands etc.
  • Testing facilities such as sentinel node biopsy, urine cytology, PAP Smear, BRCA Gene test etc. available
Esteemed panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Prashant S. Nyati - Gynecologic Onco surgeon
  • Dr. Sudesh Phanse - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sandip Bipte - Breast Surgeon
  • Dr. P.Jagannath - HPB
  • Dr. Prashant Mullerpatan - GI surgeon
  • Dr. V.D. Sanghvi - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Satish Rao - Head & Neck Surgeon
  • Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Kamran Khan - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. K S Sethna - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sanjay Sharma - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Mangesh G. Patil - Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Kirti Bushan - Oncologist
  • Dr. Rajay Ramesh Kumar - Oncologist
  • Dr. Suryakant M. Choudhari - Thoracic Oncologist
  • Dr. Ashay Pramod Karpe - Hemato oncologist
  • Dr. S. H. Advani - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Akshay Shah - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Preeti Mehta- Pediatric Oncologist
  • Dr. Sanjeev Karmarkar- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Nilesh Lokeshwar - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Bharat Bhosale- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Rakesh Katna - Head and neck surgeon

Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400016. India

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Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road

This hospital is the product of India's 5th largest pharmaceutical company, Wockhardt. There are 3 branches of its multi-specialty hospitals all over Mumbai. The oncology unit of this hospital handles patients suffering from different cancer-types. It provides all-round care and facilities to patients and their families. The patient-centric and warm environment helps patients suffering from cancer to deal with it and get cured properly.

Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road

Salient Features

  • 350 bedded hospital
  • Hospital has NABH certification
  • Also has partnership with Partners Medical International, Boston, USA
  • Treatments for thyroid, liver spine, colorectal cancer and many more available
  • State-of-the-art adult oncology unit
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. G.B Singh - Laparoscopic, Thoracoscopic, Gastro-intestinal and Onco Surgery Consultant
  • Dr. Boman Dhabhar - Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Krutarth Thakar - Consultant Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Uma Bhaskar Dangi - Consultant Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Meghal Sanghavi - Consultant Oncosurgeon

The Umrao IMSR,
Mira Road East,
Mira Bhayandar 401107

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Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi

Built over a 1,20,000 sq.ft area, Hiranandani Hospital in Vashi is a commendable medical facility at service of residents. They have an extremely efficient workforce and infrastructure at their disposal. The hospital has superior treatment technology for management of cancers of breast, lungs, thyroid, prostate, spinal cord and many others.

Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi

Salient Features

  • Only hospital in Navi Mumbai to be accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH)
  • The only hospital with an SRL-NABL accredited pathology laboratory
  • 149 patient bedded hospital
  • Hormone therapy available for breast and prostate cancers
  • Screening programs available for detection of cancers
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Shishir Shetty - Consultant Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh - Medical Oncologist

Mini Sea Shore Road,
Sector 10, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai 400703

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Fortis Hospital, Kalyan

Fortis hospitals are synonymous to world-class and reliable health-care. The facility at Kalyan is a 70 bedded multi-specialty. It hosts treatment facilities across 55 different medical specialties. The oncology facility operates across sub-specialties like surgical, medical and radiation oncology. Palliative medicinal care is also provided to cancer patients by the hospital.

Fortis Hospital, Kalyan

Salient Features

  • Hospital accredited twice by NABH
  • Palliative medicine facility available
  • Highly advanced and updated diagnostic testing available in cancer department
  • Qualified and highly-experienced oncologists and surgeons are attached to this hospital
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Anil Heroor - Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh - Medical Oncologist

Shill Road, Bail Bazaar,
Kalyan, Mumbai 421301

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