C-Peptide Test in Agra

Diagnostic Centers offering 'C-Peptide Test' :
Thyrocare (Online Order)

C-Peptide Test (By Thyrocare Agra)
Rs. 1500.00 1000.00 (Online 30% Discount)
Free home sample pickup (Agra)

100,000+ orders serviced by Thyrocare

Dr. Lal Path Labs (Agra)
Rs. 1050.00 (Fasting)

Agra (Full Address)

Akansha Diagnostic Centre
Rs. 1500.00

Agra (Full Address)

Laxmi Foundation Diagnostic Center
Rs. 950.00

Firozabad, Agra (Full Address)

Axis Imaging Centre
Rs. 1250.00

Agra HO, Agra (Full Address)

Esha Diagnostics
Rs. 1350.00

Civil Line, Agra (Full Address)

Hi Tech Pathology
Rs. 1000.00

Delhi Gate, Agra (Full Address)

Exellent Pathology Laboratory
Rs. 1650.00

Rajpur, Agra (Full Address)

Clinic Pathology Lab
Rs. 1000.00

New Agra, Agra (Full Address)

Dr Roy Pathology Centre
Rs. 1300.00

Bagh Farazana, Agra (Full Address)

Charak Pathology Center
Rs. 1200.00

Arjun Nagar, Agra (Full Address)

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