X-Ray Skeletal Survey Cost

X-ray skeletal scan is an imaging test for detecting bone diseases and extent of bone damage. It also helps the doctor in investigating damage to bones by way of fracture, cancer, bone inflammation, degeneration etc. Damage caused to bones due to accidental trauma can also be predicted via a skeletal scan. This test involves scanning the spine, skull, wrists, elbows, shoulder, ribcage, armsand legs. It is also known as skeletal X-ray and skeletal survey. Your doctor may suggest you to undergo a skeletal scan if he happens to find signs that show you may be having osteoporosis, dental conditions or arthritis etc.

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X-ray skeletal scan is performed in a normal clinic or hospital setting. You may be asked to wear loose and comfortable clothing. It is a painless procedure. You may be asked to lie down on a table near the X-ray machine. A large camera is moved over the bone region to be scanned. Images are generated on a computer as the camera moves over the body. It is advisable to remain absolutely still when X-ray imaging is taking place. This ensures clarity in image generation preventing repetition of the test. X-rays are safest and effective ways of imaging as they require lowest level of exposure to radiation.

Results of the skeletal X-ray scan are derived the same day. The results are reviewed by the radiologist conducting the scan and your physician who prescribed it. Abnormal test results if any, indicate bone tumors, degeneration of bone, metabolic bone disease, multiple myeloma and even fractures. Further testing is prescribed by the doctor if he suspects something serious that could not be investigated through the skeletal scan. For instance, MRI or PET scans provide detailed information about the bone injury that a skeletal scan may not be able to provide.

X-Ray Skeletal Survey FAQs
Q: How long does it take to perform X-ray skeletal survey?
A: The time taken depends on the pathology of the bone, number of body parts to be scanned and general health condition of the person.
Q: What are the contraindications of X-ray skeletal survey?
A: An X-ray skeletal survey is not advised if you are pregnant because the radiations may prove harmful for the baby inside.
Q: Which medical conditions necessitate undergoing X-ray skeletal survey?
A: An X-ray skeletal survey is prescribed by the orthopedist in event of fractures, sports injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis and bone cancer.
Q: Is X-ray skeletal survey advisable for kids?
A: X-ray skeletal survey is not advisable for kids because of the radiations that are a part of the scan.
Q: Which advanced investigations are done in conjunction with X-ray skeletal survey?
A: X-ray skeletal survey is performed in conjunction with MRI or CT-scan.
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