10 Best Home Remedies On Piles You Will Read This Year

Piles, also called as hemorrhoids, are swelling of blood vessels located in the region of rectum and anus. They can occur internally or externally. Internal piles are formed at few centimeters above the opening of anus. On the basis of their size, they are divided into four grades – grade I to grade IV; grade I being the commencing or the starting stage and grade IV being the final stage. External piles (termed medically as perianal hematoma) are visible and can be afflictive.

There could be several causes of piles; constipation being the major culprit. Pregnancy, exerting undue stress over anal muscles while defecating, history of rectal surgery and lifting of heavy weight could be possible reasons for piles.

Though people from any age group can be affected by piles, it mostly attacks people aged between 45-65. Hence, people falling under this age group should be more careful about their toilet habits. Piles give out early signs of warning in form of symptoms like pain while defecating, formation of hard lumps around the anus, presence of blood in the stools, mucus discharge while passing stools and itchiness around anus. If the symptoms are not treated in germinating stages of piles, they will worsen further and cause more damage.

Piles surgery is the only option implemented to treat piles which has advanced to final stage. Before piles can take control of the body, we should implement measures to curb it.

Here are 10 best home remedies on piles that may stop you from searching piles surgery cost.

1.​ Loads of fiber should be on your mind and plate!


Fiber is an important part of a balanced diet and plays vital role in eliminating waste products from the body. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins or fats, roughage which is dietary fiber, cannot be broken down by our body into simple molecules. But, still this dietary fiber is an indispensable part of our diet because it helps in smoothing digestion process and aides in passage of waste materials through gut. It prevents waste materials from getting accumulated in the body.

It is recommended that one should consume not less than 25-38 grams (based on gender; lower being for females) of fiber or 14 grams of fiber for every 1000 calories, even if you try to restrict your calorie intake. Some of the best sources of fiber are lentils, legumes, sunflower seeds, leafy greens, whole grains, oatmeal, cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, fruits like bananas, oranges, pear, melons, papaya, etc. It is better to avoid fruit juices since they are depleted of fiber. Instead, have the whole fruit. All these foods keep your gut clean. Eliminate spicy, fried and foods that are difficult to digest. Include variety of soups so as to make sure you don’t leave out on vital nutrients.

2.​ Hydrate!

Yes, hydration is the key to soothe piles. Body hydration and relieving piles symptoms are in direct proportion to each other. Water obviously is the main constituent when you think about hydration. Make it a point that you drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. If you dislike the idea of sipping on plain water throughout the day, then following are some refreshing alternatives. Coconut water not only moisturizes each and every cell in the body but also provides you essential minerals. Sugarcane juice is another scrumptious drink that will increase your energy quotient. Vegetable juices also make another great option to keep yourself hydrated. If it is summer, then it is even more important that you keep yourself hydrated. Avoid aerated drinks, alcohol and soda. Instead, take a clue from your grandmother’s recipe book and sip on instantly rejuvenating drinks like kokum sharbat, jaljeera, buttermilk, solkadhi etc.

3.​ Put pain to rest and stop itching


To reduce itchiness and irritation in the affected area, here are some home remedies that will provide you some relief. Rub ice on the affected area. It brings down swelling. Repeat this procedure for at least thrice in a day. Choose cold water or lukewarm water baths instead of hot water. One can even use over-the-counter creams or wipes to soothe itching and pain. If the pain becomes unbearable, you can take painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Choose soft, loose, cotton underwear to prevent moisture from building up. Refrain from scratching the area or else it will make the situation worse.

4.​ Maintain hygienic washroom habits


Try squatting position as it makes bowel movement easier. Use cotton balls, pre-moistened wipes, alcohol-free baby wipes, if you find it irritating to use toilet paper. Abstain form holding your bowels and do not look for a better time or place to go. Holding back your bowels can lead to straining and more pressure.

5.​ Exercise


Even twenty minutes of brisk walking is enough to restrict piles from getting worse. Any form of exercise for that matter is beneficial to your overall health. Try doing yoga after taking advice from your yoga therapist. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise that brings positive effect to both your physical as well as mental health. Yoga changes your path from dis-ease to ease, from distress to de-stress and from passion to compassion.

6.​ Aloe-vera to the rescue


Aloe-vera is the medicinal gem on Earth. Its wide uses make it immensely popular. Therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe-vera make it an ideal solution to treat hemorrhoids. Cut an aloe-vera leaf and remove the thorny part of it. Then remove the upper layer and collect the gel present inside the lead in a bowl. Gently massage affected part using the gel and leave it on for 10 minutes. To cure internal hemorrhoids, cut aloe-vera leaf into small, thin strips of around 5 cm size. Freeze the strips and place them on hemorrhoids to ease burning and itching sensation.

7.​ Oils


Oils since years have been used as a home remedy to treat piles. Oils help in lubricating and reducing burning sensation. Apply cold-pressed almond oil or olive oil to the affected area and keep it for sometime. You
can dip cotton ball into the oil that you are going to use and place it on hemorrhoids. Later, wipe the area gently using cotton balls or wipes. Almond oil is generally used as a remedy to treat external hemorrhoids because of its deep tissue absorption and emollient properties. Olive oil has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help in increasing elasticity of the hemorrhoid vessels; thereby shrinking its size and providing relief. Olive oil is also commonly used to treat external piles.

8.​ Decoction made of cumin seeds


Roast and grind cumin seeds and add a teaspoon of it to water. Drink this once in a day to enjoy internal body cooling effect. When the heat from your body reduces, the burning sensation that occurs in the piles region also gets reduced.

9.​ Neem Leaves


Neem leaves and neem flowers also posses anti-inflammatory properties and prevent building up of harmful bacteria and toxins in the affected region. Grind neem leaves and neem flowers to a paste and apply it on affected area. Leave it for sometime and then wash the area off with cold water. It is a slow but effective treatment for piles.

10.​ Apply lemon juice on affected area


Yes, you read it right. Your eyes would have widened and there would be an expression of shock playing on your face, after reading lemon juice. Yes, it will be burning. But, relief would soon follow. Lemon juice strengthens capillaries and blood vessels. Thus, it helps in treating piles. Squeeze in quarter part of lemon and apply the juice on the affected part. You can reduce the quantity of juice depending on your tolerance levels.

The above mentioned home remedies on piles will help you to bring some instant or eventual relief. The best way to treat piles is to take precautions to avoid it’s development. Hence, take care that your diet is healthy and daily fiber needs are satiated. Keep your body hydrated. Avoid straining after vising toilet and do not hold back bowels. These simple tips will help
in preventing as well as treating piles. If your piles are getting worse even after trying home remedies, it is time that you consult your doctor.


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