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    Pristyn Care Pristyn Care

    Our clinic is one of the best and safest health care providers in treating patients with Pelvic Pain, Gallstones, Kidney Stones, Circumcision, Erectile Dysfunction, Bleeding Disorders, Ruptured Hymen, Piles, Hemorrhoids, Bawaseer, Fissures, Hernias, Varicocele, Vision Problems [near and farsightedness], Blurry Vision, Female Urinary Tract problems and Cataract Surgery, Vaginal Tightening and Hymenoplasty along with Abortion.
    Doctors at this clinic minimize the risk of infections and complications throughout the surgery by using USFDA approved medical devices and surgical techniques. We follow very strict healthcare guidelines and WHO recommendations to avoid the spread and contamination of OCVID-19.

    Pristyn Care

    Timings: Monday-Saturday (10:00 AM-8:00 PM)

    Speciality: General Surgeon, Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist

    No 142, Choudhary, Chaudhary Balbir Singh Marg, Avtar Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110063
    7, East End Enclave ,Laxmi Nagar,Delhi,Delhi 110092
    No A 24 ,Hauz Khas,Delhi,Delhi 110016

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    Vasan Eye Care Hospitals

    Vasan Eye Care Hospitals are among the largest centers webbing their network across India. Overall this network provides treatments for 38 specialties that are used for patients of different age group. Each specialty is sub divided into invasive, non-invasive or robotic methods to provide specialized treatment for specific eye ailments. It follows world standard protocols to meet every individuals needs.

    Vasan Eye Care Hospitals, India

    Salient Features

    • Each specialty has separate division
    • State-of-art eye operating rooms
    • Around 10 diagnostic labs for each facility
    • Pharmacy services available for 24 hours
    • Special section for post-operative care
    • Utilizes advanced eye care tools for various ophthalmic interventions and treatments
    • Team of efficient doctors and specialists for emergency care
    • Exclusive department for children's eye care
    • 20000 cold phaco sub-centers for advanced micro incision cataract operations
    • Exclusive unit for alcon accurus vitreo retinal surgery
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. V Madhavi - Clinical Retina Specialist
    • Dr. Minati Kumari - Refractive Cornea Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Deepak Prashant - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Sumit Monga - Paediatric Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Ratnamala Mrinalini - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. H S Harish - Retina Surgeon
    • Dr. Rinku Das - Eye Surgeon (Glaucoma, IOL and Microsurgery)
    • Dr. R Ravikrishna - Eye Specialist (Phaco)
    • Dr. Pavan Lohiya - Paediatric Eye Surgeon (Oculoplasty)
    • Dr. Sujata Patil - General Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Dr. Aparna Bhatnagar - Reconstructive & Aesthetic Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Mary Shoba Rani - Retina Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Anirban Das - Glaucoma and Phaco Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Prosenjit Mondal - Retina Surgeon
    • Dr. Phani Raj Kasturi - Refractive Cornea Surgeon
    • Dr. Kolli Divakara Rao - Eye Surgeon
    Presence: India, UAE, Sri Lanka

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    Center for Sight Hospitals

    Center for Sight Hospitals are among top eye care institutes in India to provide world class ophthalmology services. This institute has an eye bank center at its Delhi branch. Different centers are spread across India, equipped with hand picked ophthalmologists and eye surgeons making a team of more than 145 doctors across the nation.

    Center for Sight Hospitals , India

    Salient Features

    • NABH accredited eye care centers
    • Achieved the FICCI Health-care Excellence Award for operational excellence in the private sector in 2012
    • Many branches are registered under Nursing Home Act by the Directorate General of Health Services
    • Upgraded technological base at different centers for diagnostic, clinical and surgical purposes
    • Both direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes used
    • Exclusive green laser unit for eye interventions
    • Ultra-modern digital magnification and LED cold light illumination systems utilized for operational purposes
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. Abha Gahlot - Cataract Surgeon
    • Dr. Anand Kumar Tomar - Ocular Oncosurgeon
    • Dr. Abhishek Sharma - Paediatric Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Charu Khurana - Paediatric Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Dr. Ritesh Narula - Retina Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Ruchi Kabra - Caratact Surgeon & Ocular Oncosurgeon
    • Dr. Thakkar Yesha Dhirajlal - General Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Rupal Samir Shah - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Prateep Vyas - Vitreoretina, Glaucoma and Cataract Surgeon
    • Dr. Shardini Vyas - Cornea & Anterior Segment Surgeon
    • Dr. Aashish Kumar Bansal - Cornea & Refractive Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Santosh G Honavar - Eye Plastic Surgeon & Eye Oncosurgeon

    CORPORATE OFFICE: A-23, 1st Floor,
    Green Park, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.
    REGD. OFFICE: B - 5/24,
    Safdarjung Enclave,
    Opp. Deer Park, New Delhi.

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    Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospitals

    Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospitals are prominent eye care medical centers situated in different parts of our country. The group utilizes best-in-class bio-medical technologies across all its specializations to ensure cutting edge treatments. Neuro ophthalmology sub-specialty department uses antibiotics & corticosteroids to decrease immune ailments and avoid future nerve damage that affects your eyes.

    Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospitals, India

    Salient Features

    • Achieved Golden Apple, Kelman, Barraquer awards in the year 2013
    • Honored with 4 awards in ASCRS 2013
    • Centers at Chennai, Vellore and Madhya Pradesh are accredited under NABH standards
    • Nutritional optic neuropathy available for patients with neuro ophthalmology disorders
    • Oil based medical injections, laser interventions, freezing mechanisms etc. utilized to treat many retinal deformities
    • First to introduce 'Glued IOL' technique - a procedure that involves sticking a biological glue to intra-ocular lens for keeping it intact after surgery.
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. Sumanth Reddy - Eye Specialist (Neuro, Retina & Cataract)
    • Dr. J S Reddy - General Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Jaya Mahesh K - Cataract Surgeon
    • Dr. James Subrat Kumar Adams - Vitreo Retina Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Rajesh B T J - Cornea & Refractive Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Deepika John - General Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Shreepathi - Paediatric Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Amod Nayak - Cataract & Retina Surgeon
    • Dr. Aggarwal Pratik Prem - Retina Surgeon
    • Dr. Dr. Rudrappa A - Eye Physician
    • Dr. Soham Sarkar - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Swati Bhattacharya - Retina & Glaucoma Surgeon
    • Dr. Harshai Shah - Phaco Surgeon
    • Dr. Sireesha - Retina Surgeon
    Presence: Spread across 12 countries and different cities in India

    Max Hospitals

    Over the years, Max Hospitals serve best in class ophthalmology facilities across different parts of the country. These hospitals consist of exclusively designed out patient departments for patients suffering from aliments of the eye. Expert eye specialists and hi-tech infrastructure facilities across every center are stand out points for Max hospitals and make them a preferred choice for patients.

    Max Hospitals, India

    Salient Features

    • Centers accredited under NABH standards
    • ISO certified hospitals
    • Labs and diagnostic centers accredited under NABL standards
    • Blood banks accredited under NABH standards
    • 24 hours of ambulance services
    • Max Community honored with Express Healthcare Awards in 2008
    • Achieved D L Shah National Award for 'Economic of Quality by the Quality Council India in 2009
    • Small incision cataract surgery (SICS) and Bi-manual micro-incision phaco-emulsification surgery methods available for patients suffering from cataract eye disorder
    • Many types of laser surgical procedures available to fix eye disorders
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. Sanjay Dhawan - Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeon
    • Dr. Sonika Gupta - Cornea, LASIK and Cataract Surgeon
    • Dr. Parul Sharma - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Neera Agarwal - Cornea, LASIK and Cataract Surgeon
    • Dr. Jayant Shekhar Guha - Retina Surgeon
    • Dr. Aparna Gupta - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Meeta Joshi - Refractive Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Sheeba Khan - Phaco Surgeon
    • Dr. Nikhil Pal - General Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Ranjit Verma - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Arun Baweja - LASIK, Squint, Galucoma and Cataract Surgeon
    • Dr. Amanjyot Singh - Squint Surgeon
    Presence: A network of 14 super speciality hospitals across Delhi/NCR

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    Manipal Hospitals

    Manipal hospitals are one of the profound health-care networks that has been building newer innovations over the years in different medical areas to offer quality care to individuals who are in need. It has set up a pioneer framework in the ophthalmic field to prevent and treat eye ailments efficiently. This network of hospitals has all together performed more than 3 lakh eye surgeries since its inception.

    Manipal Hospitals, India

    Salient Features

    • NABH accredited medical society
    • ISO 9001:2000 certified centers
    • Laboratories accredited under NABL standards
    • Accreditations achieved by AAHRPP
    • Blood Banks accredited under NABH standards
    • 24/7 eye care emergency services available
    • Committed teams of eye specialists are available round the clock to render all types of ocular trauma and treatments
    • Allied branches are available under the same roof to treat complicated cases
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. Anil R Wani - Cataract & Refractive Surgeon
    • Dr. Ajanta Chakravarty - Cataract & Refractive Surgeon
    • Dr. Geetha S - Consultant Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Suzanne John - Anterior Segment Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Nitin S Shetty - Vitreo Retina Specialist
    • Dr. Candace Mary D Souza - Vitreo Retina Surgeon
    • Dr. Lakshmi Mahesh - Orbit Oculoplasty Specialist
    • Dr. Mustali M Vagh - Cornea Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Sujatha B - Consultant Eye Specialist
    Presence: Network of 15 hospitals spread across India

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    Medilaser, Pune

    Medilaser is a full service laser eye care center backed with cutting edge eqipment and latest technological innovations to treat eye ailments. It has introduced new generation laser techniques for spectacle number correction process. It utilizes green laser photocoagulator for treatment of patients with diabetic retinopathy.

    Medilaser, Pune

    Salient Features

    • Offers reflex Smile procedure for reducing eye power
    • Painless laser eye surgery process available for corrective eye surgeries
    • Non invasive laser procedures for corrective eye care
    • World-class latest equipment and tools for offering best possible eye care assistance
    • YAG posterior capsulotomy to correct complex cataract disorder
    • Diagnostic tests like corneal tomography mapping to learn about keratoconus
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. Sanjay Sawarkar - Laser Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Madhuri Chandorkar - Laser Eye Surgeon

    1,2 Bhosale Complex,
    Fergusson College Road,
    Opposite Deen Dayal Hospital,
    Pune - 411004

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    Fortis Hospitals

    Fortis Medical Center is a chain of world class super-multi-speciality hospitals in India. The ophthalmology department at different centers of Fortis has a renowned position across the country. This department is full-fledged with highly qualified eye care specialists and eye surgeons who render finest eye treatments to its beneficiaries.

    Fortis Hospitals, India

    Salient Features

    • Around 10,000 hospital beds
    • 314 diagnostic centers
    • Full equipped ophthalmology diagnostic & therapeutic sections with ultra-modern instruments and tools
    • Team of professional eye consultants and eye surgeons available at different ophthalmology sub-centers
    • LASIK eye surgery techniques offered to treat patients with refractive eye
    • Eye diagnostic centers consist of eye examination composed of a series of tests to check for eye disorders in patients of different age group
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. Jaivir Singh - Anterior Segment Surgeon
    • Dr. A R Banerjee - Paediatric Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Aditi Krishna Agarwal - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Angshuman Das - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. G K Trivedi - General Eye Specialist
    • Dr. M M Bansal - Phaco Surgeon
    • Dr. Mohan R Mithare - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Mukesh Vats - Diabetic Retinopathy Specialist
    • Dr. Nandini Roy - Cataract & Phaco Surgeon
    Presence: 45 hospitals spread across India, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Dubai.

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    Columbia Asia Hospitals

    Columbia Asia Hospitals is a group of finest health-care centers recognized globally. The ophthalmology centers of Columbia Asia provide inpatient, outpatient and ocular emergency services by a panel of highly skilled doctors to treat a wide spectrum of eye diseases. Exclusive sub-sections are available for neuro-ophthalmology interventions and treatments.

    Columbia Asia Hospitals, India

    Salient Features

    • NABH accredited hospitals
    • Labs and diagnostic centers accredited under NABL standards
    • Technologically streamlined systems used in all aspects of operational procedures
    • Ophthalmic trauma and emergency services rendered round the clock
    • Supportive neurophysiology laboratory available at some centers to determine visual functionalities using visual evoked modalities
    • Tele-medicine facilities available for patients situated at remote locations
    • Tele-radiology services exclusive for patients at distant locations
    Esteemed panel of doctors
    • Dr. Anant Vir Jain - Anterior Segment Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Subhasish Das - Phaco Surgeon
    • Dr. Mridula Pentapati - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Jayanti V Iyengar - General Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Kinshuk Biswas - Minimal Invasive Eye Surgeon
    • Dr. Lopamudra Das - General Eye Specialist
    • Dr. Nidhi Chopra - Retinal Laser Surgeon
    • Dr. Vitthal Gulab Satav - Cataract Surgeon
    • Dr. R J Vevai - General Eye Surgeon
    Presence: 11 hospitals spread across India

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