From ‘Gloomy’ to ‘Glowing’ and ‘Weakly’ to ‘Healthy’ Skin

Skin conditions cannot be controlled by just depending on creams and serums. Your diet decides your complexion. Did you know that? Jessica Wu, MD, says, “There’s a growing body of research showing that diet really does affect your complexion.” You need a power diet to help boost your skin and wash off those sticky skin conditions. Here are 8 food boosters for your skin:

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Top 10 Natural Solutions on Spots Hiding Your Beauty Spots

Spots! How do I get rid of them? You may be asking this question since ages, but never got a reliable answer. You tried all of those medications and over-the-counter creams, but none of them could deliver your skin from those spots. Liver spots, brown spots, sun spots, age spots, and dark spots are common skin conditions experienced by people of all ages. Why don’t you try these natural remedies to heal your skin from those spots?

Here are 10 most effective natural solutions to ensure spotless skin.

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Advantages of 6 Healing Herbs for healthy Living

Herbs not just work as flavoring agents but also stand as “healing foods” serving up some extraordinary health advantages for man. Steven Chasens, an acupuncture physician and herbalist, says – “Herbal medicine has been used as kitchen medicine for thousands of years, and while our body’s response to these natural treatments has not changed, we now have more global choices than ever.”

Let’s peep into these 6 healing herbs to ensure good health.

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Why You Should Conduct Homocysteine Test for Cardiac Problems?

Homocysteine, made via altering adenosine chemically, is one of the 20 amino acids produced in our body.

What is homocysteine test?

Because of the unhealthy lifestyle of today’s time, it has become essential to rule out any kind of cardiac risks a person may suffer from. These risks could be ruled out with the help of homocysteine test.

Homocysteine is basically an amino acid present in our body.

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What is Your Complete Blood Count Test (CBC)?

CBC or hemogram test is performed to keep a check on the general health status of an individual. It could be ordered along with other related tests such as reticulocyte count, hematocrit, blood smear, etc.

Dr. Pratibha Karande takes us deep into the importance of this test. Let’s have a look:

What is CBC/hemogram test?

Hemogram or complete blood count (CBC) test is a general investigation that a doctor could prescribe for a patient suffering from any illness or even for a healthy individual.

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