MRI Neurography in India

What is MRI Neurography?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Neurography is done for getting detailed images of different nerves connecting internal organs to the brain. Abnormalities of these nerves can be detected through MRI Neurography. Spine and nerve pain can be easily investigated through this imaging technique. Inflammation in peripheral nerves can be viewed for finding its causes through neurography.

Centers offering MRI Neurography

A list of centers and hospitals across major Indian cities that offer MR Neurography is given below:

Diagnostic CenterAreaCity
Health Square Hauz Khas Delhi

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MRI Fistulogram in India

What is MRI fistulogram?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a superior imaging modality. MRI fistulogram is done on patients suffering from anal fistula who are to undergo surgery for the same. An MRI fistulogram helps in investigating extent of damage because of fistula to patient’s body. Fistulas occur because of intra-surgical infections or injuries.

Fistulograms mostly are useful in detecting and examining fistulas that form in anal canal, intestine, vagina, rectum and bladder.

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MRI Enteroclysis in India

Similar to MR Enterography, yet slightly different, MR Enteroclysis is an advanced imaging technique which is used to detect the presence of pathologies in the small intestine. The prime difference between an MR enterography and MR enteroclysis lies in the technique of administration of fluid used to distend the bowel for a longer duration.

In MR Enteroclysis, a special tube known as naso-gastric or naso-duodenal tube is used as a means to insert fluid inside the bowels. This fluid distends the bowel and makes it easy for the MRI machine to take pictures of it.

Water is the first choice when it comes to distending the bowel, but since it is easily absorbed by the body and it will be difficult to hold it in for about half an hour to 45 minutes, other choices are available. Methylcellulose, barium, milk or juice are preferably given these days. After this is done, a special dye known as a contrast agent is injected inside the body. This is especially useful in brightening up the images on the MRI scan, making it easy for the radiologist to study them properly.

The magnetic waves possess a unique property of interacting with the water molecules inside the body to create a signal. Special sensors and these waves, together create pictures which can be seen on a computer by the radiologist.

Centers for MR Enteroclysis:

Following are the leading diagnostic centers which offer MR enteroclysis –

Diagnostic CenterAreaCity
Exo Path LabsThane-KharegaonMumbai

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MR Elastography in India

What is MR Elastography?

MR Elastrography (MRE) is a scanning process used to measure the stiffness in soft tissues . It is a non invasive method that utilizes elastic waves called as shear waves along with the magnetic resonance imaging techniques for the scanning process. The shear waves and the working of magnetic resonance helps your radiologist to learn about the mechanical properties of the soft tissues. Doctors can diagnose and study the characteristics of particular disease by using MR Elastography.

Centers for MR Elastography

The following details enlist the available diagnostic centers that offer MR Elastography.

Diagnostic CenterAreaCity
Vista Imaging CentreBanjara HillHyderabad

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MRI Epilepsy Protocol in India

What is MRI Epilepsy Protocol?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a highly advanced imaging modality. Epilepsy Protocol MRI involves obtaining images of brain slices through MRI scanning in epileptic patients. This scanning enables the doctor in obtaining evidences of abnormalities or injuries in brain. Underlying pathologies inside of brain like infections or tumors cannot be seen externally. Such occurrences can be investigated through an MRI Epilepsy Protocol. As a result, MRI becomes the most accurate mode for planning line of treatment.

Centers offering MRI Epilepsy Protocol

A list of radiology centers across major Indian cities that offer MRI Epilepsy Protocol is given below:

Diagnostic CenterAreaCity
Exo Path LabsThane-KharegaonMumbai
Exo Path LabsChembur-Ambedkar-GardenMumbai
Exo Path LabsVashiMumbai
Exo Path LabsKhargharMumbai
Tesla Diagnostic'sSuchitra CircleHyderabad
Insight DiagnosticsKukatpallyHyderabad

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Magnetic Resonance Enterography

Magnetic Resonance Enterography is a kind of MRI scan which involves imaging the intestines (mostly the small intestine) in great detail. Magnetic waves and radio waves together are targeted towards the intestines to create a picture which can be seen on the computer.

MR Enterography

The intestines (or bowels) are flexible organs surrounded by a layer of muscles which cause them to contract and relax during digestion. Because it is essential for body parts to be at rest during an MRI, special care is taken to relax the bowel using certain medicines and fluid which distend it and make it look brighter on the computer screen. This makes it easier for the radiologist to study the pictures.

Why is MR Enterography Needed?

Like any other part of the body, the intestines are prone to different types of injuries, pathologies, cancers, etc. If your physician wants to rule out certain suspicions, he/she may suggest an MR enterography. Thus, with this test, it will be easier to diagnose:

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Dorsal Spine MRI in India

What is Dorsal Spine MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the dorsal spine is a non invasive process used to scan the dorsal section of your spinal cord. It uses radio waves and high intensity magnetic fields to learn about the internal tissue structures of the dorsal spine. This scanning technique is used for various diagnostic as well as treatment purposes.

Centers for Dorsal Spine MRI scan

Provided below is a list that contains best diagnostic centers that conduct dorsal spine MRI scan in India.

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MRI Arthrogram in India

What is MRI Arthrogram?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a popular imaging modality made use of by doctors to get a detailed idea about their patient’s illness. Test results of MRI scan aide the doctor in diagnosis.

An MRI Arthrogram consists of using both these imaging modalities (MRI & Arthrogram) as a whole for diagnosing underlying issues within a joint. It is prescribed by the doctor when a plain MRI of the joint fails to provide any conclusive results for diagnosis.

Centers offering MRI Arthrogram

A list of centers and hospitals offering MRI Arthrogram in major Indian cities is provided below:

Diagnostic CenterAreaCity
Insight Diagnostics KukatpallyHyderabad
Health Square Hauz Khas Delhi

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MRI Angiogram in India

What is MRI Angiogram?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Angiogram is a type of diagnostic investigation which involves studying the blood vessels in a patient’s body in great detail. The investigation is also known as Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA).

A basic MRI scan focuses on all tissues in the body which are exposed to the magnetic field. MRA is a specialized form of MRI in which focus is only on the blood vessels and no other organs. Though other organs are outlined in an MRA as well, the magnetic field is concentrated more on blood vessels to observe for any unfavorable changes that may have occurred within.

Centers for MRI Angiogram in India

A list of diagnostic centers all over India where MRI Angiogram can be performed is mentioned below:

MRI Angiogram in Delhi

Diagnostic CenterAreaCity
BR Diagnostics Greater KailashDelhi
Dr. Madhu MRI GTB NagarDelhi
City X-Ray Tilak NagarDelhi
Dr. Madhu MRI GTB NagarDelhi
BR Diagnostics Greater KailashDelhi
AS Health Square Hauz KhasDelhi
Health Square Hauz KhasDelhi

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MRI Cervical Spine in Kolkata

What is MRI Cervical Spine?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a type of diagnostic test in which a combination of magnetic and radio waves is used to generate clear images of a patient’s internal organs.

MRI of cervical spine is used to study the top most portion of vertebral column lying in the patient’s neck. Magnetic waves penetrate the skin and other tissues to reach the vertebral column. Here they interact with the patient’s body particles. This interaction leads to emission of radio waves form patient’s body. A combination of radio and magnetic waves helps in obtaining a clear view of the patient’s cervical spine.

MRI Cervical Spine Centers in Kolkata

Given below is a list of MRI diagnostic centers in Kolkata where MRI cervical spine can be done:

Diagnostic CenterAreaCity
Medi PointSarat Bose RoadKolkata
Exo Labs Shibpur, Howrah Kolkata
Suburban Clinic Shahapur Kolkata
Exo Labs AJC Rd., Maula AliKolkata

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