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Top 13 Gynaecology Hospitals in India

List of the best gynac hospitals in India:

Fortis La Femme, Delhi

Fortis La Femme is a venture of the Fortis Healtcare Ltd group; and is dedicated majorly to women's health. It was established in the year 2004 and has since then catered to thousands of pregnant women and have helped many new mothers adjust the changing phase in their lives. This hospital is one of the most sought after gynecology centers in New Delhi.

Fortis La Femme, Delhi NCR

Salient Features

  • 38 bedded inpatient department equipped with latest medical facilities
  • NABH accredited institute
  • Fertility clinic for women who having difficulty in conceiving
  • Breast clinic providing world class care to women suffering from breast cancer, fibroadenoma and other breast conditions
  • Fitness training provided to pregnant women and new mothers to help them gain muscular strength
  • Inter-department coordination with endocrine specialists to help monitoring of hormonal disorders in women
  • Consultation and hormonal replacement therapy offered to women who are suffering from menopausal difficulty
  • Provision of cosmetic surgery for patients who require breast reconstruction after being operated for cancer
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Amita Wadhwa - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Anjila Aneja - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Birbala Rai - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Indu Tandon - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Jasbir Chandana - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Juhi Jain - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Kailash Maan - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Mala Arora - Gynecologist

S - 549, Greater Kailash - II,
New Delhi, Delhi 110048

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Fortis La Femme, Bangalore

Fortis La Femme is a women and child care hospital located in Bangalore. It is a 70 bedded medical center catering to all aspects of women's health in fields of gynecology as well as obstetrics. It is one of the top hospitals in India for gynecology and obstetric care.

Fortis La Femme, Bangalore

Salient Features

  • Mammamia, a special division providing facilities like Lamaze classes, pre-natal counseling etc. to expecting parents
  • Library equipped with books on care during and after pregnancy
  • Fully functional operation theater for performing gynec surgeries
  • Facility for lactation consultation to new mothers
  • Fortis Bloom IVF center to provide infertility treatment to couples who require assisted conception
  • Gynec-oncology department managing all aspects of cancer affecting the female reproductive system
  • Team of highly qualified gynecologists, IVF specialists, obstetricians, counselors, providing best possible healthcare to women
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Anita. B - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sudhir Chopde - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Aruna Muralidhar - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Arwa Mohsin - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Aviva Pinto - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Jaya Bhat - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Nawab Jan - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Prajual Hegde - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sunita D'Souza - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Revati Parthasarthy - Gynecologist

No:62, Richmond Road,
Behind Sacred Heart Church,
Entry from Mother Teresa Road,
Richmond Town, Bengaluru 560025

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Motherhood Hospital, Bangalore

Motherhood chain of hospitals is well known for their efficient and best quality medical services to patients. The hospital has 4 branches in Bangalore, each of which is well equipped with latest medical and surgical technology. All branches of Motherhood hospital employ some of the top most doctors in the country to ensure nothing short of best medical care for every patient.

Motherhood Hospital, Bangalore

Salient Features

  • An experienced panel of gynecologists providing best quality ante-natal care to expectant mothers
  • I.V.F. treatment along with counselling therapy available for couples who are unable to conceive naturally
  • Radiology department equipped with latest diagnostic equipment for performing high resolution ante-natal scans
  • Gynecologists specializing in oncology providing best quality treatment to breast cancer patients
  • Reconstruction surgery performed for patients who require to undergo breast removal as part of cancer treatment
  • Minimal access methods used to perform surgeries to treat PCOD, endometriosis, vaginal cyst, uterine fibroids etc.
  • Medical management of hormonal disturbances, delayed menarche, menopausal complaints available on outpatient basis
  • Treatment of female infertility done using advanced surgical methods and through medical management
  • Fetal medicine specialists utilising advanced techniques to monitor fetal growth and wellbeing
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. S.K. Sharma - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Suhasini Inamdar - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Jayashree Murthy - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Vijayalakshmi - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Madhavi Reddy - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Nupur Sood - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sapna Lulla - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Daksha Bakre - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Anitha Rao - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Pratibha Govindaiah - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sangeeta Gomes - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sunitha Shekokar - Gynecologist

324, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road,
First Stage, Hoysala Nagar,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru - 560038

Sarjapur Road
514/ 1-2-3, Kaikondara Village,
opp. More mall, Sarjapur Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560104

HRBR Layout
914, 5th A Cross Road,
HRBR Layout 1st Block,
Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru - 560043

2266/17 & 18, Service Road,
G Block, Sahakara Nagar,
International Airport Road,
Hebbal, Bengaluru - 560092

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Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi NCR

Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital is a venture of Max Healthcare Institute. It is a 250 bedded multi-specialty hospital with world class amenities and medical facilities. The department of gynecology is one of India's best, with latest medical technology being utilized for diagnosis and treatment of a number of women's health conditions.

Max Superspecialty Hospital, Saket

Salient Features

  • 67 bedded fully equipped ICU
  • Separate department of IVF, providing quality treatment to women having difficulty in conception
  • Provision of pre-conception counseling, genetic counseling and other services
  • Adolescent Health Programs for girls who have just attained menarche
  • Highly advanced medical technology like Wireless CTG to assess fetal heartbeat
  • Minimal access surgery for gynec conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cyst, endometriosis
  • Facility of open surgery for conditions where minimal access surgery is contraindicated
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Anuradha Kapur - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sonia Malik - IVF Specialist
  • Dr. Surveen Ghumman - IVF Specialist
  • Dr. Bela Makhija - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Alka Gujral - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Anita Gupta - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sonia Naik - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Usha Kumar - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sunita Gupta - Gynecologist

Press Enclave Road,
Mandir Marg, Saket West,
New Delhi, Delhi 110017

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Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

Nanavati Hospital is a super-specialty medical center and one of the oldest hospitals of Mumbai. It was established in 1950 and has grown to become a 350 bedded hospital housing 55 medical and surgical specialties. Its gynecology department is one of the most sought after and one of the best in India.

Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

Salient Features

  • Telemetric fetal monitors assessing birthing process continuously
  • Specially designed birth suites equipped with all latest amenities required during and after child-birth
  • Highly advanced technology like MrgFUS used to perform minor surgical procedures on outpatient basis
  • Highly trained team of gynecologists and obstetricians providing round the clock care to each patient
  • Complex gynaec surgeries to treat conditions like double uterus, Asherman's syndrome, vaginal atresia performed with minimal complications
  • Lactation clinic providing training to new mothers on breast-feeding their child
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Amrish Warty - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Maya Lulla - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Preeti Galvankar - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Madhuri Joshi - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Swati Shah - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Jyoti Shetty - Gynecologist
  • Dr. R.M.Saraogi - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sonali Gaur - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Usha Lokhandwala - Gynecologist

Swami Vivekanand Road,
LIC Colony, Suresh Colony,
Vile Parle West, Mumbai 400056

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MaxCure Suyosha Woman and Child Hospital, Hyderabad

MaxCure Suyosha is a tertiary healthcare center catering exclusively to health needs of women and children. It is one of the most sought after medical centers in Bangalore for women's health. Medical facilities of the highest quality with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology are utilized to provide care and comfort to all patients.

MaxCure Hospitals, Hyderabad

Salient Features

  • Breast Care Clinic for early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
  • Procedure of regeneration of endometrium performed here for the first time in India
  • Safe surgical solutions provided for all health complaints of uro-gynecology, like vesico-vaginal fistual, urinary incontinence following child birth, recurrent urinary tract infection due to prolapsed uterus etc.
  • Successful management of complicated pregnancy cases till delivery
  • Diet consultation provided to women having gestational diabetes, hormonal disorders like PCOS, pre-eclampsia etc.
  • Gynecologists specializing in oncology providing 24/7 care to women suffering from cancer of female reproductive tract
  • Menopausal clinic established to provide counseling, diet consultation and hormonal replacement therapy to women who are suffering from difficult menopause
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Prabha Agarwal - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Manjula Angani - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Radhika - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Krishna Kumari - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Shalini - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Geetha Nagashree - Gynaec-oncosurgeon

Behind cyber Towers,
Lane Next to McDonalds,
Backside to Bahar Cafe,
Hitech-city, Madhapur,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Manipal Hospital in one of the oldest hospitals in Bangalore. It is one of India's top most tertiary care hospitals housing all medical specialties. The gynecology department is well equipped to provide complete care to pregnant women, women who have given birth and women presenting with complaints of the reproductive system.

Manipal Hospital, HAL Road

Salient Features

  • Excellent provisions to provide best quality care to women during pregnancy and after delivery
  • NABH accredited
  • All types of gynecology surgeries performed using key-hole method or open method
  • Manipal Fertility is a specially designed program to help couples who are unable to conceive by natural methods
  • Counseling services offered for women seeking advise on contraceptive methods
  • Consultation available for gynec problems for age group ranging from pubertal girls to menopausal
  • Reconstruction surgery done for women who have had surgical resection of breast, vagina, cervix as part of cancer treatment
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Akhila Dilip - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Amrita Rao - Gynecologist
  • Dr.Gayatri Kartik - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Jaya Bhat - Gynecologist
  • Dr. B.Mallikarjun Keerthi - IVF specialist
  • Dr. Bina Vasan - IVF Specialist
  • Dr. Namita Joshi - IVF Specialist
  • Dr. Shashidhar - IVF Specialist
  • Dr. S.S. Vasan - IVF Specialist

98, HAL Old Airport Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017

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Rainbow Hospital for Women and Children, Hyderabad

Rainbow group of hospitals has an exclusive women and child care center in Banjara Hills area of Hyderabad. Birthright is the wing of this hospital dedicated to women's health in every aspect. This hospital caters to female patients of all age groups right from teenagers to menopausal presenting with gynecological or obstetric health issues.

Rainbow Hospital for Women & Children, Hyderabad

Salient Features

  • 150 bedded hospital covering all aspects of women's health
  • Fetal medicine department equipped with latest technology to perform scans, blood tests and other investigations to monitor fetal health
  • Fertility clinic to help with assisted conception
  • Lamaze classes to help couples prepare for childbirth
  • Team of expert obstetricians managing complicated pregnancy from conception to childbirth
  • Lactation consultation available to train new mothers in breast feeding
  • Management of all types of gynecology disorders like endometriosis, fibroid uterus, pelvic inflammatory disorder etc.
  • Inter-department coordination with endocrine specialists for treatment of hormonal imbalance during PCOS, menopause, ovarian failure etc.
  • Complete ante-natal check up done to ensure good health of mother and fetus
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Pranathi Reddy - Gynecologist
  • Rekha Sundaran - Child-birth Educator
  • Dr Niraj Krishnamurthy Yanamandra - Gynecologist
  • Dr. A.Shanti - Gynecology Surgeon
  • Dr. Gayathri Vemarapu - Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Dr. Deepika Reddy - Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Dr. Tulika Tayal - Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Dr. Durvasula Ratna - Infertility Specialist

22, Road No - 4,
old road no-10, Karvy Lanes,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034

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Fortis Hospital, Kolkata

Fortis Hospital located in Anandapur is a 400 bedded multi-specialty hospital. Equipped with world class facilities, this tertiary care center is one of the most sought after hospitals in Kolkata. The department of gynecology is well equipped to handle all aspects of women's health.

Fortis Hospital Anandapur

Salient Features

  • 70 bedded ICU for patients requiring constant medical supervision
  • NABH accredited
  • 24 hour pharmacy for patients' convenience
  • IVF treatment with high success rate for women who have difficulty in conceiving naturally
  • Facilities like fitness training, lactation consultation, lamaze classes for expecting mothers
  • Option of open surgery as well as minimal access surgery for a wide range of gynecology problems like fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cyst etc.
  • Separate division of oncology for management of cancer of female reproductive tract
  • Fetal medicine department equipped with state of art technology to monitor health of unborn baby
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Bikash Banerjee - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Mahua Bhattacharya - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Dhruba Roy - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sujata Dutta - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Rahul Sen - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Vineeta Kaul - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Ratnabali Chakravarty - Gynecologist
  • Prof. Sana Islam - Fetal Medicine Specialist

730, E.M. Bypass Road,
Anandapur, Kolkata 700107

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Apollo Hospital, Greams Road Chennai

Apollo Hospital located on Greams Road is the first venture of the Apollo group into the field of healthcare. It has been catering to patients for the past 3 decades and has attracted patients from India and abroad. The department of gynecology is one of the best in India and provides world class care to all patients.

Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road

Salient Features

  • Well equipped maternity ward to provide post-natal care to new mothers
  • Hormonal Replacement Therapy offered to women undergoing a difficult menopause
  • Fully functional operation theaters equipped with all facilities to perform the most complicated gynec surgeries with minimum risk
  • Oncology department coordinating with gynecologists for effective management of cancers of female reproductive system
  • IVF center providing full support for assisted conception
  • Availability of lactation consultation, genetic counseling, ante-natal care and other such facilities for the benefit of expectant mothers
  • Contraception counseling provided to newly wed couples who wish to prevent conception
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Charumurthi. R - Gyneologist
  • Dr. Sumana Manohar - Infertility Specialist
  • Dr. Kondammal. R - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Swarnakumari. C - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Vinutha Arunachalam - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Vishnu Vandana - Gynecologist

No:21, Greams Lane,
Off Greams Road, Chennai 600006

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Columbia Asia, Kolkata

Columbia Asia is a healthcare group having many hospitals all over India. The hospital in Kolkata was established in Salt Lake City in the year 2008. It has a well equipped gynecology department focused on covering all aspects of women's health.

Columbia Asia Hospital Kolkata

Salient Features

  • 24 hour functioning delivery suite for the convenience of patients
  • Cancer screening facility for diagnosis of cervical cancer, breast cancer etc.
  • Fully functional operation theater equipped for performing the most complicated forms of gynec surgeries
  • International protocols of ante-natal and post-natal care strictly followed
  • Pediatrician present during all deliveries to provide immediate medical attention to the new born baby
  • Counseling services provided to couples seeking advise on contraception and family planning
  • Government approved center for medical termination of pregnancy available
  • Adolescence to Menopause is a clinical program offering solution to gynaec health problems for females of all age groups
  • Breast health program available for spreading awareness on breast cancer
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Abhinibhesh Chatterjee - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Ashish Kumar Ghosh - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Barnali Ghosh - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Barun Chakrabarti - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Basab Mukherjee - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Deepti Gupta - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Debalina Brahma - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Jayeeta Roy - Gynecologist

IB-193, Sector III,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091

Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai

Gleneagles Global Health City is a venture of Parkway Pantai Enterprise. It is one of the most sought after multi-specialty hospitals in India. It is the recipient of several reputed international accreditations. The department of gynecology is furnished with state-of-art technology to diagnose and treat various disorders pertaining to women's health.

Global hospitals and Health City, Chennai

Salient Features

  • 1000 bedded tertiary care hospital covering all medical specialties
  • Wellness programs conducted to outline the importance of maintaining hygiene and prevention of diseases
  • Separate breast oncology clinic dedicated to complete eradication of breast cancer
  • All types of medical and surgical procedures performed to deal with gynecological disorders
  • Fully equipped inpatient department designed to manage complicated pregnancy cases
  • Outpatient consultation available for routine ante-natal and post-natal check ups
  • Team of highly trained gynecologists providing round the clock care to all patients
Esteemed panel of doctors
  • Dr. Sharada. S - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Rajasundaram - Gynec-oncologist
  • Dr. Meenakshi - Gynec-surgeon
  • Dr. Swati Kapadia - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Sura Pushpalatha - Gynecologist
  • Dr. Padmapriya Vivek - Gynecologist
  • Dr. M.S. Gajadeepan - Gynecologist

439, Cheran Nagar,
Perumbakkam, Chennai 600100

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