Improve Your Liver Function to Improve Your Thyroid Health

Liver is an internal organ that is important for carrying out metabolism in a proper and adequate way. The left and right lobes, gallbladder, intestines and pancreas work together along with the liver to complete the metabolism process. Liver just like other vital organs, is an indispensable organ. Liver and thyroid are interdependent. Diseases and disorders of thyroid are often related to liver abnormalities. The liver health if not looked after diligently, can open the doors to a host of other liver diseases and damages. Of which, a sluggish liver is one such disorder. To safeguard the liver health, undergoing the thyroid test and liver test function is necessary in the long run.

Improve Your Liver Function to Improve Your Thyroid

Symptoms of sluggish liver

Basically, a sluggish liver is when the liver doesn’t function optimally. Sluggish liver is the term given to a dysfunctional liver. There can be a wide variety of factors responsible for this. Alcohol, diabetes, exposure of liver to metallic content from foods, lack of exercises and many more other factors are responsible for causing a sluggish liver.

Following described are the symptoms of a sluggish liver:

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How to Get Vitamin-D and Its Importance in Thyroid Health

Vitamin D belongs to the group of fat soluble vitamins. It is a form of essential nutrient; which means that it is not synthesized in the body and needs to be consumed through diet or other external sources. Vitamin D plays a very important role in maintaining good health. Hence, it is essential to consume vitamin D in optimum quantities to fulfill the body’s daily requirement.

Imporatance of Vitamin-D In Thyroid Health (1) (1)

Sources of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient which is found in very less quantities in any kind of food or drinks. Sunlight is the only known natural source of Vitamin D. To maintain optimum levels of vitamin D, it is essential to get exposed to adequate amount of sunlight for adequate time at regular intervals.

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10 Best Home Remedies On Piles You Will Read This Year

Piles, also called as hemorrhoids, are swelling of blood vessels located in the region of rectum and anus. They can occur internally or externally. Internal piles are formed at few centimeters above the opening of anus. On the basis of their size, they are divided into four grades – grade I to grade IV; grade I being the commencing or the starting stage and grade IV being the final stage. External piles (termed medically as perianal hematoma) are visible and can be afflictive.

There could be several causes of piles; constipation being the major culprit. Pregnancy, exerting undue stress over anal muscles while defecating, history of rectal surgery and lifting of heavy weight could be possible reasons for piles.
Though people from any age group can be affected by piles, it mostly attacks people aged between 45-65. Hence, people falling under this age group should be more careful about their toilet habits. Piles give out early signs of warning in form of symptoms like pain while defecating, formation of hard lumps around the anus, presence of blood in the stools, mucus discharge while passing stools and itchiness around anus. If the symptoms are not treated in germinating stages of piles, they will worsen further and cause more damage.

Piles surgery is the only option implemented to treat piles which has advanced to final stage. Before piles can take control of the body, we should implement measures to curb it.

Here are 10 best home remedies on piles that may stop you from searching piles surgery cost.

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Foods for Lowering Your High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a serious health disorder affecting more and more people these days. It is not a health disorder to lose sleep over. Feeling stressed over having high blood pressure levels and having to stay with it only worsens it. When the doctor has an inkling of symptoms of high blood pressure or hypertension signs in the patient investigative examination comprising of physical examination, blood tests, electrocardiogram, urine analysis, ECG test are ordered. So, if it gets confirmed that you are suffering from high blood pressure,prescription medication, dietary dos and don’ts are also provided by the doctor. Additionally, these are the 8 foods you should incorporate in your diet for controlling your blood pressure levels.

1. Green Tea-

Green Tea

Green tea is a not so tasty cousin of the ubiquitous and much relished milk tea. There are a host of benefits green tea gets with itself. One of them is, that green tea consumption widens the arterial diameter. 2 cups of green tea daily has the capability of increasing diameter of arteries by 40%. This is good for the arteries as the blood flow can happen easily and without any obstruction.

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Colonoscopy – Procedure, Preparation and Risks Involved

The colon in colloquial terms is our large intestine. The large intestine gets rid of the left over food after nutrients from it are absorbed. Waste products are then passed into the rectum. A healthy colon is as important as consuming healthy food. The colon is largely responsible for elimination of toxins and wastes from our body. Various treatments and tests come into the picture, when this organ is under-performing or is in a bad condition. what-is-colonoscopyColonoscopy is one such test for protecting your large intestine from tumors, polyps and cancerous growths. Read on to find out more about this important test.

What is a colonoscopy?
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Is High Cholesterol Ruining Your Health and Happiness?

Cholesterol is the current buzzword ready to stir tension among people! There are many conceptions and misconceptions amongst people regarding cholesterol. But, how many people actually know that there is good and bad cholesterol and that the good one is needed to even out effects of bad one?

It is also wrongly believed that, kids cannot develop cholesterol problems. Wrong! They can develop cholesterol problems at as less an age as 8. For adults, the silver lining is that 1 in 3 adults having high cholesterol are able to keep it under check. high-cholesterol-and-health-problems

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Are You Protecting Your Digestive Health or Wrecking It?

A long weekend of binge eating and letting go of your neatly chalked out diet plan is certainly what should not be done frequently. Such binge eating which is done once in a blue moon doesn’t cause any visible harm; however, anything done in excess obviously is harmful. Just as junk food is harmful for your weight, it is even more harmful for your digestive system. Read on to find out whether are you really taking good care of your digestive system and if no, then what steps should be taken to safeguard it.

What is your digestive system?
The digestive system which is made up of liver, pancreas and gall bladder, helps the body to digest food properly. digestive-system The digestive system breaks down the food you consume into molecules and provides benefits of them through nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and the like.  Continue reading “Are You Protecting Your Digestive Health or Wrecking It?”

Heavy Metal Poisoning – 6 Most Toxic Elements to Human Health

Metals that have high atomic weight, with a density five times greater than that of water, are grouped together as heavy metals. Heavy metal poisoning or toxicity relates to all harmful effects that can be brought about by these metals, posing huge danger to human health and the environment as a whole.

Not all heavy metals are menacing. It is only the inappropriate presence of these metals in body that prove detrimental to our health. Heavy metal poisoning greatly relates to metals such as; cadmium, arsenic, mercury and lead. However, there are a number of other heavy metals and metalloids that prove equally hostile to our physical or mental well being.  A few of them have been listed in later sections.

Elemental Toxicity

Heavy metals can find their way into our body via ingestion, inhalation and absorption through skin. Thereafter, they inhibit normal functioning of body’s metabolism, leading to variety of disorders and diseases.  Continue reading “Heavy Metal Poisoning – 6 Most Toxic Elements to Human Health”

Malnourished India – Know it to Fight it

Hunger and malnutrition are often used interchangeably. However, starvation is simply one side of the story. Malnutrition is a condition where the body is unable to derive accurate quantity of nutrients from the food intake. And this inaccuracy necessarily does not mean lower than required levels alone; it can also suggest higher than acceptable range.

Malnutrition has been classified under two segments, namely – Under nutrition and Over nutrition.

  • Under nutrition: A condition where the body does not receive sufficient amount of nutrients from food. 
  • Over nutrition: A condition where the body receives excess nutrients from the food intake.

Out of the two, under nutrition is more talked about and prevalent in India and other developing countries. Affluent countries on the other hand, have a large population suffering from over nutrition too.


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Treating Hair Fall – What Options Do I Have?

Waking up every morning only to find your pillow covered with broken strands of hair is absolutely distressing. A brush full of hair strands can give you several sleepless nights, Isn’t it? And again these sleepless nights simply accelerate the rate at which you are losing your precious hair. hair-fall-treatment-india

An average healthy adult has around 1,50,000 hair strands and losing 100 or less strands is simply not alarming and rather normal. However, losing more than a 100 strands each day suggests that your hair needs some kind of medical attention.

Medical science today provides a number of hair fall treatment options. Now, the question is, out of the many different procedures available, how can you choose the one that can work miracles for you? Which treatment procedure can restore your lost hair?  Continue reading “Treating Hair Fall – What Options Do I Have?”