New Ways to Heal Depression Without Antidepressants

Depression is a huge burden on its victims not only mentally, but also financially. If you think antidepressants could permanently delete the blues in your brain, you’re wrong. Given that depression treatments may last for a life, relying only on antidepressants could shell out every penny from your pocket. Consider these alternative treatments to blow off the depressive clouds.


# Laugh your heart out


Pull out a comedy volume, change to funny TV shows, or attend a live stand-up comedian’s show. Do anything that could throw your depressive thoughts out of the window. The thought that laughter is the best medicine isn’t hearsay – it’s done and tested. Laughter is the number one killer of depression which requires no prescription. It doesn’t matter whether people label you unwise, weirdo, or childish. What really matters is how you feel about yourself. And, if something is making you feel better then how does it matter what people think about you? Ensure that you get yourself the daily dose of joviality no matter what.


# Be mindful of mindfulness


Katie Sparks, an expert psychologist, said – “In the group work that I’ve done with sufferers of anxiety or depression, I’ve found (mindfulness meditation) very beneficial because it calms the mind.” Meditation is the key when dealing with gloomy thoughts. It helps to breakthrough your low-spiritedness and allows you to look at your situation in a bright and positive light. Depressive people often get tangled with fear and helplessness; however, with mindfulness, you could keep your agitated thoughts under control. So, don’t hesitate to pull up a comfy mattress and take the lotus position to meditate.


# Stick to people, don’t isolate


Isolation only puffs up downheartedness. If you think you could get away with depression by staying away from your species, you’re in the wrong state of mind. “In depression, social isolation typically serves to worsen the illness and how we feel,” commented author of The Depression Cure and associate professor of psychology Stephen Ilardi, Ph.D. Depression is a malevolent condition which only knows how to put you down by making you to believe that you’re worthless. Shun away these negative thoughts and lighten your heart with people who matter to you.

# Puncture your depression “bloat” with acupuncture


Obstetrics & Gynecology’s recent study revealed the existence of depression-specific acupuncture technique which was administered on expectant women (150 in number). The researchers found that 63% of the women had their depressive symptoms alleviated quite significantly. Although the study’s promise – acupuncture could help alleviate depression – may need a few more tests to come to a cemented conclusion, you may still benefit even though you’re not pregnant.

# Keep away the toxic fellas


Living with Depression author Deborah Serani, Psy.D, quoted, “Part of living with depression requires you to learn how to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones, so having people in your life that are affirmative, nurturing and accepting of who you are will help ground you in a better healing environment.” Sometimes, being detached from pessimistic people is being wise.

# Be careful with your drugs


In the heat of anxiety to come out of depression, you might (out of mind) resort to high doses of antidepressants like psilocybin and cannabis. Depending on high dosages of antidepressants will not only make you dependent on them for a long time, but also make the case worse for you. Scientifically, you may be predisposed to drug addiction which could lead to mental illness. Besides, it may alter your brain chemicals and increase the possibility of acquiring mental health disorders.


# Move your muscles


The release of endorphins and norepinephrine during exercise has to do with relieving depression. While depressive thoughts could absorb every bit of energy in your body, it is very essential to restore energy – which in a way can be done through exercise. Endorphins ignite a positive feeling and perception towards life by interacting with brain receptors. They also behave as sedatives and analgesics – meaning they weaken the perception of pain. Other added benefits of exercising are improved heartbeat, bone strengthening, reduction of body fat, stress release, improved sleep patterns, toned muscles, boosted self-esteem, healing from anxiety, etc.


# Volunteer for someone


Volunteering is a step of faith you take towards living a lively and joyous life. Wouldn’t it be a great joy to participate in the problems of another’s life and helping him to build up again? Who knows, you just might find someone or a fortunate situation that would boost your self-esteem and diminish your symptoms of depression. Find a cause or missionary you believe in and volunteer your services with the best of your abilities and talents. It is always a better option to find a company of others and create a social circle to interact with.

# Eat anti-depressant foods


First, know the foods that you need to avoid when dealing with depression and anxiety. These are caffeine, hydrogenated oils, sodium-rich foods, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. There are number of health issues associated with these foods besides depression. Some of them could damage brain cells and subvert blood sugar levels while others could weaken and create havoc in your nervous system. On the contrary, foods containing nutrients such as iodine, folate, magnesium, amino acids, selenium, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B complex should be eaten on a daily basis.

# Bring back your hobbies


Just because you have grown old and started working, it does not give an explanation to discard your personal, weird hobbies. Yes, your hobbies could be weird like collecting ugly looking worms or generalized such as collecting stamps; however, as long as they help you to live a happy life, there’s no need to abandon them from your life. A survey recently published reported that gardening has helped a lot of people in blowing away their depressive emotions. But, that shouldn’t make you sad if gardening is not your hobby. Any hobby that releases stress and put you on the high emotion could be adopted.


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