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List of Diagnostic Centres in Allahabad

Pathological evaluations and diagnostic tests provide minute as well as major details of your body cells that are helpful for your doctor to study about your health. After learning about all the factors of your health via diagnosis and pathology tests, doctors select a specific course of treatment that is suitable for you.

The aim of pathology and diagnostic tests is to identify what has caused a disease in your body, how it was caused, how is it progressing and so on. Therefore, if you are looking for a lab or diagnostic center across Allahabad city to help you learn about your medical problems, the list provided below will be helpful.

Name & Address
Aarogya Patient Care Centre
135/90A/4, M G Marg, Near SRN Medical HOSPITAL North Malaka, Allahabad - 211001
Avtar Diagnostic Centre
Allahabad Ho, 12 Rani Mandi, Infront Of Dackghar Behind Chowk Kotwali, Allahabad - 211001
Prity Hospital And Pathology
panna lal road, near company garden George Town, Allahabad - 211002
Vimta Labs Ltd (Katra)
3, Muir Road, Opposite Bans Mandi, Manmohan Park Katra, Allahabad - 211002
Rajarshi Pathology Centre
Lok Nath Chauraha, Bharti Bhawan Road, Opposite Bharti Bhawan Library Johnstonganj, Allahabad - 211003
Seva Patient Care Centre
16, Allahabad Ho Himmat Ganj, Allahabad - 211001
Meenu Pathology Centre
Sangam Road Naini, Allahabad - 211008
Ankit Pathology
Laxman Market, Shiv Charan LAL Road, Allahabad Ho Mansarowar, Allahabad - 211001
Shiv Dental Clinic and Pathology
163/147 vivekanand marg Sundaram Tower, Allahabad City, Hanuman Mandir Crossing Rambagh, Allahabad - 211003
Pathology At Home
71e/3g, Stainly Road, Behind Post Office Kamla Nagar, Allahabad - 211002
Toshi Pathology
No-19/A, A N Jha Marg, Near KP College George Town, Allahabad - 211002
Indra Diagnostic Centre
55/23/1, Kamla Nehru Road, Old Katra, Nalini Photo State Manmohan Park, Allahabad - 211002
Aarav Pathology and Aarav Neuro Clinic
58, Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, Near Colonel Ganj Inter College Tagore Town, Allahabad - 211002
Yes Patient Care Centre
650/545, Allahabad Ho, Near Jain Hostel Colonel Ganj, Allahabad - 211001
Vandana Pathology and Research Center
72/3A, C.Y. Chintamani Road, Opposite Preeti Nursing Home George Town, Allahabad - 211002
Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital
1, Hashimpur Road Allahabad HO, Allahabad - 211001
Jeevan Jyoti Hospital
162, Bai Ka Bagh, Lowther Road Allahabad City, Allahabad - 211003
Chandan Health Care Ltd
55/23/1, Kamala Nehru Road, Near Manmohan Park Old Katra, Allahabad - 211002
Satya Pathology Centre
Sukhrawati Complex, LIC Colony Road, LIC BUILDING Tagore Town, Allahabad - 211002
Harsh Pathology
Arial Churaha, Mirzapur Road, Infront of Police Chowki Naini, Allahabad - 211008
Tandon Pathology
N.H.2, Near petrol pump Sohabatiya Bagh, Allahabad - 211006
Palak Pathology
Colonelganj Road, Near Prity Hospital Colonelganj, Allahabad - 211002
Pranadhar Pathology
104A/45A, Muir Road, Prasad Market, SBI Bank Rajapur, Allahabad - 211002
Dwarka Hospital
5/4, K P Kakkar Road, Near Chandralok Cinema Allahabad City, Allahabad - 211003
Usha Hospital
111/161/316, Allahabad City, Near Kundan Guest House Tagore Town, Allahabad - 211003
Metrocare Labs
FF-7/ Vinayak Central Plaza, Cooper Road, Behind Big Bazar Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211001
Health Line Pathology and Metro Biology
2/73/1, Awas Vikas Colony, GT Road, Near Vasudev Hospital Jhunsi, Allahabad - 211019
Yash Pathology Centre
katra Road, Near Netram Sweets Katra, Allahabad - 211002
Priti Nursing And Maternity Home
39, Cy Chintamani Road George Town, Allahabad - 211002
Wellnes Health Care
Ghurpur Road, Near Ghurpur Karma, Allahabad - 212107
Arvind Imaging Center
G-1, Ashirwad Bhawan, GT Road, Opposite Nyay Nagar Gate Jhunsi, Allahabad - 211019
Healthy First (Allahabad)
Free Home Sample Collection All Over Allahabad City , Allahabad -
SRL Diagnostics Center
Lowther Road, Darbhanga Colony, Near Sarawati Heart care Hospital and Dr SPS Chauhan (Neuro), George Town , Allahabad - 211002
Indu Scans
147-A, Tagore Town, Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, Near Balson Chauraha,, Tagore Town , Allahabad - 211002
Kriti Scanning Centre
59/18E, Lowther Road, in front of Medical College , Allahabad - 211002
Panchsheel Diagnostic Center
45A/1-A/5, Near Dhobi Ghat Petrol Pump, Thornhill Rd, Civil Lines , Allahabad - 211001
Rani Basant Diagnostic Centre
236-A-Lukerganj, Barah Banglia , Allahabad - 211001
Priya Scanning Centre
3/1, Near Lokal Seva Ayog, Tejbahadur Saproo Marg , Allahabad - 211001
Vandana Womens Speciality Hospital
50/26 C, Strachey Road, Civil Lines, Near Heera Halwai , Allahabad - 211001
Srijan Vatsalya Hospital
8/1/6 Civil Lines Elgin road, Lal Bahadur Shashtri Marg, Civil Lines, Near Hanuman Mandir Civil Lines , Allahabad - 211001
Sample Collection All Over Allahabad Area
Pathkind Labs
Near Dr. Pandey Chowraha, Daria bad , Allahabad - 211003

Diagnostic centers and pathology labs offer a series of evaluation techniques that provide you details about your medical issue. These techniques are used to regularly monitor your health as well. Some medical examinations are also suggested to re-evaluate your health to look for previously diagnosed diseases.

The tests conducted in diagnostic and pathology centers show how severe or complex your health conditions are. It also determines if your disease is in its acute stage or chronic stage. They can also show how your health will be affected if you do not opt for proper treatment procedures.

If you have been suggested to go for a health checkup or other medical tests, glance through the diagnostic centers and path labs provided above. Each of this centers offers varied services like blood tests, urinalysis, physical and mental assessments, X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, audiometry and a wide range of other examinations used to diagnose medical conditions.

Every lab or diagnostic facility page consists of a list of services practiced under a healthcare institution or on a private basis. A list of all the tests offered at each individual center can be learned by clicking on the link provided for each of them. When you click on the link, you will be directed to a new page whereon you will find a table of tests available at that center with their prices.

Most of the lab facilities today have become convenient and easy. You can make a call on the contact numbers provided alongside the center names. Discuss about all your queries as well as benefits offered by them. Some lab units come with sample collection facilities. It is easy to go with such options for children and old aged people. On a similar note, if you are unable to visit the locality for collecting test results, you can look for options that offer test reports at your door step.