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The average cost of an anal fissure surgery in India ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. It is to be noted however, that the final cost of an anal fissure surgery will be different based on multiple factors such as the city you are based in, severity of the fissure and the method of surgery you are recommended by your proctologist.

Here is a list of Fissure Surgery Costs in various cities of India.

City Price Range (Min-Max) FREE Estimate Cost
Agra ₹33700 - ₹85390 Get Cost
Ahmedabad ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Bangalore ₹27132 - ₹141500 Get Cost
Bhiwadi ₹30000 - ₹36000 Get Cost
Bhopal ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Bhubaneswar ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Chandigarh ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Chennai ₹27132 - ₹167820 Get Cost
Coimbatore ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Dehradun ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Delhi ₹28784 - ₹260000 Get Cost
Faridabad ₹28784 - ₹200000 Get Cost
Ghaziabad ₹28784 - ₹200000 Get Cost
Gurgaon ₹26819 - ₹200000 Get Cost
Guwahati ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Gwalior ₹30000 - ₹175413 Get Cost
Hyderabad ₹27860 - ₹187410 Get Cost
Indore ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Jaipur ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Jammu ₹30000 - ₹119307 Get Cost
Kanpur ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Kochi ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Kolkata ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Kozhikode ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Lucknow ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Ludhiana ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Madurai ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Meerut ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Mumbai ₹27917 - ₹315160 Get Cost
Mysore ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Nagpur ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Nashik ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
New Delhi ₹26819 - ₹64579 Get Cost
Noida ₹28784 - ₹200000 Get Cost
Patna ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Pune ₹27900 - ₹144280 Get Cost
Raipur ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Ranchi ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Siliguri ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Surat ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Thiruvananthapuram ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Vadodara ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Vijayawada ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
Visakhapatnam ₹36000 - ₹60000 Get Cost
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Anal Fissure is a tear or cut in the thin lining of the anus that causes the area around your anus called the anal sphincter to be exposed. Anal fissures can be quite painful as the damage in the skin can often pull apart and even worsen the situation. Bowel conditions like chronic diarrhea or constipation can make an anal fissure worse.

Types of Anal Fissure:

The final cost of anal fissure surgery will depend on the type and severity of your fissure. There are primarily 2 types of Fissures - Acute Anal Fissure and Chronic Anal Fissure. Whereas an acute anal fissure looks fresher and almost like a paper cut, a chronic anal fissure looks more old and may have internal fleshy growths. A fissure is also considered to be chronic if it persists for more than 8 weeks. A proctologist can easily tell the difference between the two after a thorough diagnosis and recommend a suitable surgery for you.

Different Methods of Anal Fissure Surgery and their Costs:

There are primarily 2 different methods of surgeries to treat anal fissure. While they follow the same principle, they vary in cost slightly.

  • Open Surgery: Open fissure surgery is a conventional procedure of treating an anal fissure and is performed on an outpatient basis meaning the patient can return home on the same day of the surgery. While open fissure surgery is both a highly effective and commonly used method to treat chronic and acute fissures it has its own potential complications. In an open surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in the anal sphincter to relax the anal muscles. Once these anal muscles are allowed to relax, the fissure can heal on its own. The average cost of an open surgery in India can start around Rs. 60,000 and can go as high as Rs. 90,000 but it is to be kept in mind that the final cost will depend on a multitude of factors like the city you are in or the hospital that you choose.
  • Laser Surgery: Laser sphincterotomy or Laser treatment follows the same principle as an open surgery. The surgeon uses a laser probe to emit infrared radiation at the sight of fissure and makes a small incision similar to the one in an open surgery. Once the incision is made, it allows the anal muscles to relax and let the fissure heal on its own. The high energy laser beams increase the blood flow to the affected area and promote faster healing of the fissure. Laser surgery is minimally invasive as compared to an open surgery and has no risk of scar formation. The chances of a fissure recurrence are significantly low as well. The average cost of a Laser surgery falls in the range of Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 1,10,000 but the final cost will be different based on a multitude of factors like the city you are in or the hospital you choose. Naturally, a private hospital will charge you more than a government hospital.

Factors that Affect Cost of Anal Fissure Surgery in India:

While the average cost of an anal fissure surgery is much more predictable, the final cost depends on a multitude of factors. Some of the factors that affect cost of anal fissure surgeries in India are:

  • City: The city where you undergo treatment is one of the most significant factors when it comes to determining the final cost of anal fissure surgery. Treatments in metropolitan cities are more expensive than smaller cities and towns.
  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure and amenities provided by the hospital of your choice plays a major role in determining the cost of an anal fissure surgery. A private hospital with modern facilities, equipment and amenities will cost you more than a government hospital with slightly inferior technology and equipment.
  • Severity of the fissure: The more you delay your fissure surgery, the more likely it is likely to worsen. Severity of your fissure will present some difference in the final cost for the surgery.
  • Method of Surgery: While both open and Laser surgery follow the same principle, they differ slightly in cost. Most patients prefer to go through a Laser surgery than an open surgery because it is a less invasive method and promotes faster healing of the fissure.

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