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Medicine Prices in India

Given below is a list of some of the most commonly prescribed drugs by Indian doctors. Each drug is accompanied by information about its cost, name of the company which manufactures the drug and strength of the drug. Authentic information about the components, side effects and therapeutics has been mentioned for each drug in a language which can be understood easily by patients.

Following are the most searched medicines in India with their prices.

Understanding about medicines which have been prescribed helps patients to deal with all reactions of the medicine more effectively. It also helps in accepting positive and negative reactions which are likely to be produced by the medicine.

A separate section has been mentioned at the end of each drug which answers the most commonly asked questions related to that particular drug. It should be noted that the information mentioned is only a guide and cannot used as a replacement for instructions provided by a physician.

Patients who have been prescribed any of the medicines mentioned in the list, should take them only as per a physician's prescription and instructions.