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Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Knee replacement surgery involves replacement of only the surface of knee joint bones. This is done in order to treat serious disorders related to it that cause extreme pain and restrained mobility. This treatment is also referred to as Knee arthroplasty.

The primary step in this treatment is to remove the effected cartilage surface that lies at the ends of femur and tibia with some parts of the damaged bone joint. This gets replaced with cemented metal fittings that provide support. Later, some portion under the kneecap may be replaced by plastic, depending on the severity of the case. Finally, some spacers, usually made of plastics are placed between the metals to attain flexibility.

Here is a list of Knee Replacement Surgery Costs in various cities of India.
City Average Price Price Range
Ahmedabad Rs. 202112 Rs. 0 - 516500
Bangalore Rs. 266222 Rs. 80000 - 760000
Chandigarh Rs. 190490 Rs. 55000 - 516500
Chennai Rs. 234359 Rs. 100000 - 400000
Gurgaon Rs. 167932 Rs. 56895 - 248000
Hyderabad Rs. 255152 Rs. 160000 - 500000
Kolkata Rs. 235718 Rs. 80000 - 500000
Mumbai Rs. 257273 Rs. 50000 - 600000
New Delhi Rs. 290039 Rs. 56895 - 930000
Pune Rs. 173887 Rs. 65000 - 370000
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The whole procedure involved in this surgery requires only an incision of few inches today; owing to the different advancements taking place in this sector of surgical treatment. Present surgeons are trying to implement procedures that can help them to work in between tissues, thus causing less damage. They are also trying to adopt ways that can restrict the replacement of natural components from body, in all possible areas where it can get implemented.

Individuals suffering from severe arthritis, medically termed as Osteoarthritis are usually advised to go for these treatments in order to ease their day to day activities. Knee injuries resulting from accidents that cause wear and tear of cartilage, profoundly need this treatment to avoid future complexities. Patients suffering from severe pain while performing some physical activities related to this area need to visit doctors as soon as possible. Following recommended steps can prevent ailments that can hinder with their normal activities, sometime later in life. This also helps to cure prolonged deformities in some cases.

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