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List of Diagnostic Centres in Ambala

Diagnostic and pathological laboratories are the places that process tissue samples and thus assist in investigation of diseases. Diseases born out of bacteria and other carrier agents can be studied here. Diagnostic and pathological centers are either independent, stand-alone institutions, or are run by hospital authorities in their own premises. They provide detailed reports, so that presence of specific disease or disorder can be ruled out or confirmed by the doctor. Pathological testing is either ordered when the doctor suspects presence of a certain disease or when the treatment for a certain disease is on-going. It helps the doctor in tracking progress of treatment.

Compiled below is a list of pathological labs and diagnostic centers across Ambala. Details of different tests provided by these labs are given along with their prices.

Name & Address
Omega Ultrasound and Diagnostic Center
41, Manauli House, Jail Land Road, Manali House , Ambala - 133006
Jain Medical and Diagnostic Centre
2582/2 Gian Marg Subhash Park Road Near Civil Hospital , Ambala - 133004
Jaspal hospital (Ambala)
69 Model Town , Ambala - 132003
Leelawati Hospital
9, Near Arya Chowk, Police Line Road, Inder Nagar , Ambala - 133006
Inder Nagar , Ambala - 134003
Vardhman Hospital
Sector 1 , Ambala - 133006
Rai Hospital
Baldev Nagar , Ambala - 134007
Patnaik Hospital
596 Inder Nagar, Ambala City , Ambala - 134003
Dhillon hospital
, Ambala - 134003
N P Singh Hospital
Treasury Road , Ambala - 134002
Loomba Hospital
Supply Depot Chowk, Jagadhri Road, Jagadhri Road , Ambala - 133004
Kapoor Hospital
Kapoor Hospital, House Number 135/7, Ambala City, , Ambala - 134003
Mahaveer Clinical Laboratory
Near Polytechnic Chowk, Ambala City, , Ambala -
Madan Ultrasound
Jagadhri Gate, Palika Vihar , Ambala - 133006
Nandra Hospital
Punjabi Mohalla, Sadar Bazar, Ambala Sadar , Ambala - 133001
K D Hospital
jakadri road, Ambala Cantt , Ambala - 133001
Monga Hospital
NH 73A, Jagadhari Road, Ambala Cantonment , Ambala - 134003
Rajiv Ultrasound Centre
Punjabi Mohalla, Near M.C.Office, Ambala Cantt , Ambala - 133001
Metro Pathlabs
Jagadhari Gate Clock Tower, TB Hospital Road , Ambala - 134003
Archana Scan Center (Ambala)
Police line, Opposite Telephone exchange Arya Chowk, Ambala - 134003
Manocha Hospital
Arya Chowk, Police Line Road , Ambala - 134003
P.K.R. Jain Health Care Institute
Village Nasirpur, Adj P. K. R. Jain Vatika School , Ambala - 134003
Sample Collection All Over Ambala Area

Diagnostic and pathological laboratories have high-end equipment like microscopes, microplate equipment, incubators, pipettes to name a few. That is a responsible factor for test prices that are different according to different centers. Tests can be a group of assessments offered in a package or they can be done according to prescription of a doctor. Following given is the classification of diagnostic tests and pathological tests:

Radiological Tests:

  • MRI Scan: MRI scan is a radiological test applicable for studying disorders of brain, spine, abdomen, breast, arms etc. However, it is not advisable for pregnant women, people who have device implants like pacemakers, defibrillators etc. in their body. MRI scan results provide more detailed information; even better than an X-ray does.
  • Ultrasound: Sonogram and ultrasonography are the alternate terms for an ultrasound. It is painless and does not emit any radiation waves as well. They are useful in diagnosing internal organ injuries, blood clots, aneurysms, tumors etc. It is also a useful radiological technique for pregnant women to track the growth of fetus in each trimester.
  • CT Scan: A Computerized Tomography is an imaging modality for deep tissue scanning for greater clarity of the issue to the doctor. These scans are done for detecting injuries and abnormalities in head, spine, abdomen and chest. It can also be used for tracking progress of cancer treatments as part of follow-up. It is also used for tracking location of tumor when cancer is in initial stage.
  • HSG Scan: HSG Scan is an X-ray test for women suffering from infertility issues. This scan enables a gynecologist or infertility expert to examine the fallopian tubes and investigate the cause behind failure in conception. It is a minimally invasive testing method and has helped many women in successful conception.
  • DEXA Scan: DEXA scan or DXA scan involves X-raying of bones; preferably in the hip and spinal areas. It is a diagnostic method for detecting osteoporosis. It is highly effective for people in their 50s and 60s for deducing bone loss and whether osteoporosis could happen to them. This test is extremely useful if you have a family history of fractures. Bone health can be monitored by the operating doctor in event of cancer by way of a DEXA Scan.

As for pathological tests, CBC, Vitamin testing, LFT, KFT, Lipid Profile are few of the minimally invasive ones. All of them require blood testing for sampling and further processing. Few of them also require midnight fasting.