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List of Diagnostic Centres in Amravati

Diagnostic and pathological tests are helpful mechanisms for doctors to detect certain diseases and disorders. Both help the doctor in coming to a diagnosis and chalking line of treatment ahead. Both of these test types also are prescribed by a doctor when he wants to track progress of his patient's treatment.

It is not necessary that, only a sick person can undergo testing. On the contrary even healthy people should undergo testing from time to time. Tests are provided in packages or they can be carried out as independent testing mechanisms when prescribed by doctor. They are generally carried out in lab facility.

A list of pathological labs and diagnostic centers across Amravati is given below for your reference.

Name & Address
Sawaji Pathology Lab
Kalyan Nagar Road, Rukhmini Nagar, Near Maharashtra Bank , Amravati - 444606
Ekta Pathalogy
Ekta Arcade, Akot Road, Daryapur, Opposite Adarsha School , Amravati - 444803
Deshmukh Path Lab
Walcut Compound , Amravati - 444601
Laddha Pathology Lab
Rajkamal , Amravati - 444601
Sai Pathology Lab
Pandhurna Chowk, Main Road, Warud , Amravati - 444906
Pinak Pathcare
Farshi Stop Dasturnagar Road, Meherdashan Appt. , Amravati - 444606
Thakre Pathology
Dhanvantri Complex, Badnera Road Navathe Chowk , Amravati - 444601
Ashwini Pathology
Badnera Road, Amravati HO , Amravati - 444601
Jeewanjyot Path Lab
Sanglutkar Complex, Main Road, Daryapur , Amravati - 444803
Mangalmurti Clinical Lab
Akot Road, Daryapur , Amravati - 444803
Gotmare Computerised Clinical Laboratory
Sangai Complex, Post Office Road, Anjangaon , Amravati - 444705
Somal Pathalogy Lab
A-1 market, VM V Road, Shivaji Nagar , Amravati - 444603
Prime Pathology Laboratory
Bagga Market, Opposite Vanitha Samaj, Raj Kamal Square , Amravati - 444601
Jane Pathology Lab
, Amravati - 444601
Vanshdip Infertility Center
, Amravati - 444601
Dr Satish Bhagwat Blood Bank
Opposite Bhartiya Mahavidyalaya, Badnera Road, Rajapeth , Amravati - 444605
ZED Pathology Laboratory
Above Moti Auto center, Near Axis Bank, opposite Govt Poly College , Amravati - 444601
Ghundiyal Radiodiagnostic Center
Badnera Road, Near Rajpuriya Medicals Mudholkar Peth , Amravati - 444601
New Ambike Radiodiagnostic Center
Joglekar Plot, Rukhmini Nagar, Near Pawar Driving School , Amravati - 444606
Ganpati Diagnostic Center
Main Road Rukmini Nager, Rukhmini Nagar, In Front Of Shiviji Super Bazar , Amravati - 444606
Matoshri Diagnostics
Rukhmini Nagar, Near Rathore Petrol Pump , Amravati - 444601
Daffodils Hospital
DAFFODILS, Mudhalkar peth, Rajapeth, Opposite Rajapeth police station , Amravati - 444605
Hitech Hospital
Rajapeth, Vivekanand Colony , Amravati - 444605

Pathological tests require culture testing and further investigations for results. Samples taken are from bodily functions such as that of blood, urine, pus, body tissues, saliva, sperm and sputum. Here are few commonly carried out pathological tests:

Complete Blood Count (CBC):

It is a simple blood test to help the doctor get a complete understanding of your overall health. CBC test can diagnose many major and minor diseases. Unexplained fatigue, infection and bleeding also may prompt the doctor to order a CBC for his patient. Also it can be useful for monitoring how the body is reacting to external treatments for any disease. There is midnight fasting required before taking out blood sample for testing.

Lipid Profile:

A lipid profile is a group of tests that measures Triglycerides, a type of fat that causes hardening of the arteries, LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. It is ordered by the doctor for their patients who suffer from high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. It is done through a blood test. Anyone, irrespective of gender should get their cholesterol checked regularly. People suffering from high cholesterol should do so every year to keep it in check.


It is a test designed for detecting kidney and urinary tract infections in people through testing of urine samples. The sample is checked for color, appearance, odor, pH levels and presence of abnormal substances in it. Abnormal acidity levels may point towards urinary tract disorder. Likewise, presence of ketones indicates that the person has been suffering from diabetes. If blood is found in the sample, then that may indicate towards something more serious such as cancer of bladder or stones in kidney and bladder. Other indicators are also possible signs of liver damage.

Liver function tests (LFT):

LFT are a group of tests that show signs of damage occurring in liver that has been reason for affected lifestyle in people. These tests can help the doctor get a peek into the liver health - whether it is damaged or having any dysfunction. They are simple blood tests that measure enzyme and protein levels in the liver for finding its health. Various diseases like cirrhosis, hepatitis and jaundice can be detected through liver function tests.

Iron Studies:

Hemoglobin is an important protein in the blood. It is responsible for supplying blood to other parts of the body. Iron is a crucial component of hemoglobin. If it is in less quantities in the body, that can cause deficiency and anemia. Blood test is done for checking iron levels in the body. This test is done in addition to other tests like HFE gene test and hemoglobin and PCV.