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List of Diagnostic Centres in Anantapur

Anantapur has many pathological and diagnostic centers that offer varied testing facilities. Undergoing a pathological test is the most logical way to know how your health is at any given point of time. Whereas, diagnostic tests like MRI, CT-scan, CAT scan and many more are ordered for measuring the extent of your internal injuries after an accident or sports mishap. Blood sugar test, blood group test, hemogram, cholesterol, iron deficiency tests, are few of the very commonly done pathological tests.

Compiled below is a list of pathological labs and diagnostic centers across Anantapur. Details of different tests provided by these labs are given along with their prices.

Name & Address
VGS Mahaveer Diagnostic Services
Door No-13/772, Ganga Guari Talkies, Opposite Gemini Colour Lab Khaja Nagar, Anantapur - 515001
Premiere Diagnostic Pharmacy
10-429 Adimurthy Nagar, Anantapur - 515001
Gokul Diagnostic Centre
Door No 11/1/203, 1st Cross, Opposite Judge Bungalow Aravind Nagar, Anantapur - 515001
Amrutha Sai Diagnostic Centre
Door No Q7/B4, Opposite Ganesh Temple Ramachandra Nagar, Anantapur - 515001
Pranavi Diagnostic Centres
Anantapur Ho , Anantapur - 515001
New MediCare Diagnostic Center
Door No-3/142, subash road, Opposite state bank of hyderabad Anantapur Ho, Anantapur - 515001
Dr Venkat Diagnostic Lab
1st Floor, Rambo Apartments, beside indian bank Srivas Nagar, Anantapur - 515001
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre (Sreenivasa Nagar)
13-3-185, Sreenivasa Nagar, RTC Bust Stannd Backside Sreenivasa Nagar, Anantapur - 515001
Sk Clinical Laboratory
, Anantapur - 515001
Satyam Diagnostics
Surya Nagar , Anantapur - 515001
Vignesh Diagnostics
1&2 Ranga Mansion, 4th Cross Sai Nagar , Anantapur - 515001
Bashajhan Diagnostic Centres
, Anantapur - 515001
Anantapur Diagnostic Centre
Govt Hospital Road , Anantapur - 515001
Sri Chethan Diagnostic Center
Shop No 4, Third Road New Town , Anantapur - 515001
HDH Diagnostics Center
Shop no 4, Third road, New Town , Anantapur - 515001
Deepu Diagnostics
Door no:12/2/945, sai nagar 2nd cross , Anantapur - 515001
K B N Diagnostic Center
Syed Plaza, Subash Road , Anantapur - 515001
Sri Sai Clinical Lab
Door No 13/3/185, Srinivas Nagar , Anantapur - 515001
Sri Krishna Diagnostic Centres
, Anantapur - 515001
Sri Rayalaseema Diagnostic Services
13-14, Sainagar , Anantapur - 515001
Uditha Path Lab
Balaji Heights, Vidyut Nagar-anantapur Ho , Anantapur - 515001
Mahaveer Diagnostic Centre
Door no-13/772, khaja nagar , Anantapur - 515001
Ovr Diagnostic (Kamalanagar)
Door No 15/705, Munirathram Travels Bilding, Raju Road Kamalanagar, Anantapur - 515001
Bhuvan Diagnostic Center
, Anantapur - 515001
Sri Akhila Diagnostic Centres
, Anantapur - 515001
KP Dignostics
, Anantapur - 515001
Sree Devi Diagnostic Lab
Door no:10/555, guild of service school road , Anantapur - 515001
Mythri Hospital
15-721, Munirathnam Transport Cross Road, Kamalanagar , Anantapur - 515001
Care diagnostics (Anantapur)
Door No-12 / 2 / 948, Beside baby hospital Sai Nagar 2nd cross, Anantapur - 515001
Sri Sai Balaji Hospital
13/68-1, Municipal Kamalanagar, Market Rd, Kamalanagar , Anantapur - 515001

Pathological tests are those which help you know about your health status and what measures you need to follow in order to increase your well-being. For instance, vitamin deficiency tests indicate the need for you to eat more healthier and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. This article would help you in understanding the tests you need to do in the course of your life for a healthier body.

Lipid Profile: This test is for checking cholesterol levels in one's bloodstream. It assesses levels of good and bad cholesterol. High cholesterol can be an indicator for heart diseases. Therefore, lipid profile should be carried out regularly by obese individuals and also those who are in their 40s and ahead. Further, individuals who have had a family history of cardiac diseases, should get themselves tested for cholesterol too.

Pap Smear: Women who are sexually active should undergo pap smear regularly or according to the frequency suggested by their gynecologist. It is essential for being protected against cervical cancer. Abnormal or cancerous cells are detected in a Pap Smear. And hence, Pap Smear is a diagnostic test one should undergo if sexually active. This procedure can be followed up with a colposcopy, if results are positive.

Eye Tests: Eye tests become a necessary precept during the age group of 40s and 50s. Age-related vision changes and deterioration, far-sightedness can be detected and given timely treatment before they become something serious.

Dental Tests: Studies have shown that gum health is linked to heart diseases. Likewise, in pregnant women, first signs of gestational diabetes can be spotted by a dentist. That is why women of all age group need to undergo dental screenings from time to time. Oral cancers are all detected in the dental examination. Head, neck and face are assessed in it as well.

Mammogram: A mammogram or mammography is the screening test for breast cancer detection. In simple terms it is an X-ray taken of the breast. It is done for finding signs of breast cancer at an early stage. There has been a rise in public awareness about breast cancer in the past few years. Breast cancer is fully treatable when detected at an earlier stage. Women who have history of this cancer among their immediate family members (mother, sister, aunt) need to undergo regular screenings. They should undergo a mammogram annually for monitoring their gynecological health.