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List of Diagnostic Centres in Bardhaman

You can find many private pathology labs and diagnostic centers in Bardhaman city to investigate about your health conditions. These centers practice safet medical procedures that help you to understand minute details about your physical and mental health.

Enlisted below are some of the diagnostic lab facilities that carry out processes to learn and analyze a huge array of diseases known to us. These centers are adept at providing quality medical procedures. They are well maintained with sterilized equipment and tools useful for blood, urine and other diagnostic tests.

Name & Address
Tirupoti Diagnostics Center
A, R.B. Khoshbagan, Burdwan, Shop No 2,, 56, R.B.Ghosh Road, Khosbagan , Bardhaman - 713101
Health Care Diagnostics Center
102, R.B.Ghosh Road, Khoshbagan, Beside Harishava Girls High School , Bardhaman - 713101
Sefa Diagnostics Center
82, Raj Dispensere, Mahajantuli Road, Burdwan Hospital Road , Bardhaman - 713101
BMB Diagnostic Center
R.B. Khoshbagan, Burdwan, Shop No 1, 67, R.B.Ghosh Road, Khosbagan , Bardhaman - 713101
Medicare Diagnostics
R.B. Khoshbagan, Burdwan Shop No 1, 24, R.B. Ghosh Road , Bardhaman - 713101
Life Care Diagnostic Centre
63, R. B. Ghosh Road, Khoshbagan , Bardhaman - 713101
Prayas Advanced Diagnostics
MT Road, Subhas Pally , Bardhaman - 713101
Medilab Diagnostic Centre
New Market, Memari, Memari Station Road, Memari , Bardhaman - 713146
Raksha Kabach Diagnostics
R.B. Khoshbagan, Burdwan, 76, R.B.Ghosh Rd, Khosbagan , Bardhaman - 713101
Bio Modern
63, R B Ghosh Road, Burdwan HO , Bardhaman - 713101
Konar Diagonestic Center
Panagar Station Road, Panagar Bazar , Bardhaman - 713148
Archana Collection Centre
Jaugram Station Bazar, Station Road, Jaugram , Bardhaman - 713166
Burdwan Scan Center
R.B. Ghosh Road, Khoshbagna , Bardhaman - 713101
Hindustan Diagnostic
Beguniya More, Barakar, G T Road, Kulti, Asansol , Bardhaman - 713343
Modern Diagnostic Centre
At Amala Nursing Home, Asansol-Chittaranjan Road, Rupnarayanpur Bazar, Near Amala Nursing Home , Bardhaman - 713386
Block-II, Stall-11, City Center, Durgapur , Bardhaman - 713216

With seasonal changes in the weather, many diseases like cold, flu, malaria, dengue, typhoid, etc. are on the run. Children, men, women and even older people are exposed to the germs of such diseases that are present in the unpleasant air of changing weather. It is during such times, people must be extremely careful about their health and food habits.

Both prevention and cure is equally important during the changing weather conditions that affect health easily. For medical procedures that include prevention or cure, diagnosis is a mandatory process. Health analysis includes categories of evaluation techniques that study and conclude about one or more than one part of your body.

If you are confused on how to select the right health package for you and your family, take a look at the above table. You can easily differentiate among the vivid list of blood tests and urine tests. In some parts of the table, the name of the diagnostic test is listed for you to understand its aim.

To know which diagnostic center offers what kinds of tests, click on the link provided with their addresses. Different centers across Bardhaman offer different types of pathological tests. The type of services at these corresponding centers varies as well. Therefore, you will see some slight difference in the rates of the same type of test offered at different pathological labs.

To select the suitable diagnostic center for examining your health issue, go through the table given above. Check which are the closest units near your location. You can choose one or more than one from the table. If you want to go for more than one tests, calculate the total from the rates given in the right column. Choose the one that fits your budget.

Once you are done with the selection criteria, you can make a call to the diagnostic center that you have chosen. Telephonic bookings saves a lot of time for those who work on weekdays. You can also inquire if you can get any other add-on services from the path lab facility. Many pathological facilities have now begun with 'sample collection at your door step' facilities. In that case, diagnostic tests for elderly patients, children and working individuals become much easier with such facilities.

While making an inquiry, you can opt for 'sample collection at your door step' facility without having to take a round at the center itself; if that is available. You can rest at home and make your job easier by going through the online and telephonic process for diagnostic test selection.