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List of Diagnostic Centres in Bikaner

Diagnostic centers have equipment and manpower for processing body tissue samples. There are many diagnostic centers across the town of Bikaner established for patients and residents of neighboring parts of Rajasthan. These diagnostic centers are replete with screening facilities and equipment necessary for all tests. These centers also provide diagnostic packages for individuals according to the status of their health condition. The person who is purchasing any package, can either decide from the options or follow his doctor's prescription.

A list of pathological labs and diagnostic centers across Bikaner is given below for your reference. You can select a center of your convenience from it.

Name & Address
S S Lab and Diagnostic Center
MP Nager Road MP Nager Road, Bikaner - 334002
Roopila Diagnostic Center
Medical College Road Bikaner Ho, Bikaner - 334001
Manglam Diagnostic Lab
23 sadul colony, Bikaner - 334002
Prakash Lab and Diagnostic Center
78, Sadul Colony, Metor Wali Gali Bikaner Ho, Bikaner - 334001
Ambay Diagnostic
Sadul Colony Bikaner Ho, Bikaner - 334001
Nidaan Lab
Main Market Pawanpuri, Bikaner - 334003
Shri Manak Laboratory
Opposite P B M Hospital P B M Hospital, Bikaner - 334002
Durga Laboratory
Opposite Pareek Radio Gujro Ka Mohalla, Bikaner - 334002
National Lab
693, near sales tax office sadul colony, Bikaner - 334002
Bhati Lab
BASTI GALI NO 1 Rampura, Bikaner - 334002
Bhargava Diagnostic Centre
X- Ray Gali, Opposite PBM Hospital, Sadul Colony Bikaner Ho, Bikaner - 334001
Kiran Labs
Main Complex, Near NCC Office bhuto ka chorha, Bikaner - 334002
Sareen Laboratory and X-RAY
Sadul Colony Bikaner HO, Bikaner - 334001
Dr V K Gandhi Diagnostic Center
Transport Gali G S Road, Bikaner - 334002
Dr Bothras Diagnostic and Imaging Center
B 3-4, Reliance Frresh Pawan Puri, Bikaner - 334001
Rajasthan Laboratory
Near Sursagar lake Dohbhi Dhora Road, Bikaner - 334002
Arya Hospital (Pawanpuri)
B-4/10-11, Sudarshana Nagar, Opposite South Extn Powerhouse Pawanpuri, Bikaner - 334003
Swami Pathology Lab
2, Sadul Colony, Near Tulsi Mandir Modern Market, Bikaner - 334001
Bikaner Imaging and Diagnostic Center
16 Sadul Colony, Near Marwar Hospital , Bikaner - 334001
Dr. Tanveer Malawat Hospital and Research Centre
Modern Market, Near D.R.M Office , Bikaner - 334002
Maharaja MRI and CT Scan Center
Old Cardiology Department, PBM Hospital , Bikaner - 334001

Diagnostic laboratories and centers are either aligned to a hospital chain or they are privately-owned entities. These laboratories are life-saving facilities, as in they help the doctor in diagnosis of exact disease in person. They are able to establish cause-effect relationship by which they can prescribe medication or surgery. For that to be done, the doctor refers the patients to any diagnostic laboratory (either the one aligned to the hospital or any of the patient's choice). Few of the tests offered by diagnostic centers are mentioned ahead:

  • AFP (Alpha Feto Protein) Test - This test is an assessment measure for finding the Alpha Feto Protein levels in pregnant women. However, it is also advisable for adults as it can find tumorous structures and also for tracking progress of on-going treatments of cancer patients.
  • Blood Culture Test - Sepsis or other blood infections require a blood culture test for diagnosis. A blood culture test detects presence of yeast, bacteria or any other foreign substances in one's bloodstream. If sepsis is left untreated, it can lead to a series of other health complications for the patient.
  • Blood Group Test - Blood group testing is done for classification of blood group type. This can be ordered during criminal investigations, blood donation drives and even for accident victims who need blood transfusion and are in no state to tell the doctor about their blood group.
  • Creatinine Test - This test is ordered by the doctor if he/she suspects kidney dysfunction. High levels of creatinine in blood indicate that kidneys are not functioning in the way they should. A blood test is carried out to measure creatinine levels in the body. Both high and low levels spell trouble for the body, hence optimum levels of creatinine are commended.
  • Electrolytes Test - Salts and minerals that are present in the bloodstream are known as electrolytes. If there is imbalance of these electrolytes, that can cause fatigue, lethargy, irregularly fast or slow heartbeats, abdominal cramps, headaches, confusion, disorientation etc.
  • Dengue Testing - IgG, IgM and NS1 are the 3 dengue testing types. IgG and IgM are the antibodies produced by the body in defence against dengue infection. NS1 is a protein found in high levels in blood of a person suffering from dengue. IgM and IgG tests are done in conjunction with each other and can help the doctor in establishing dengue in a person's body. Likewise, NS1 is a test developed for detecting dengue in recent times.