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List of Diagnostic Centres in Cuttack

The diagnostic facilities in the City of Cuttack offers safe pathological and radiology procedures. Using a combination of ultra-modern machines, tools and technologies, these facilities cater diagnostic tests that fit the needs of every individual seeking medical health. Test prices fall under a specific range based on their type, method and machine used.

Provided below is a list of options to choose from. You can read the entire details of that center, if you click on its name. Addresses and contact info is mentioned for you to locate the path lab near you.

Name & Address
B P Laboratories
C/O , Dr LAL Pathlabs, Manglabag Medical Road, Near Scv Medical College Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Kisore Diagnostic
Medical Road Ranihat, Cuttack - 753007
Lab Care Diagnostic
Medical College Ranihat, Cuttack - 753007
Agarwal Clinic and Hospital
Medical College, Opposite Orissa Nursing Home Ranihat, Cuttack - 753007
SNS Health Care
Medical College Ranihat, Cuttack - 753007
Cure Well Laboratory
Kathagola Road, Near S C B Medical College And Hospital Cuttack Gpo, Cuttack - 753001
Auro Diagnostic
Kathagola Chaak Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
B N Lab
Lokanath Nurshing Home Ranihat, Cuttack - 753001
AIMS Health Care
Kathagola Road Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Kusum Patho Lab
Jail Road, Opposite Big Bazar Dargha Bazar, Cuttack - 753001
Multi Diagnostic
Medical Road Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Clinic Shakti
Medical Road Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Sampark Diagnostics
Bajrakabati Road Tarini Lane, Cuttack - 753001
Human Care
Fandi Road, Near Under Ahalya Lodge Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Shroc Lab Institute
College Square Station Road, Cuttack - 753003
Kalyani Diagnostics
Mangalabag Mangalabag, Cuttack - 753001
Health Diagnostic Centre
Tala Telenga Bazar, Near Brundabati Chowk Telenga Bazar, Cuttack - 753009
Deepak X-Rays
Madhupatana Road Madhupatana, Cuttack - 753007
Health Lab
Ranihat Medical Road, Near Orissa Nursing Home Buxi Bazar, Cuttack - 753001
Geeta Diagnostic Centre (Odisha)
Near Medical Road Medical College, Cuttack - 753007
UNI-Lab UNI-Scan
Medical Road Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Lab Point
High Court Road Chandinchowk, Cuttack - 753002
Gem Diagnostic
Manglabag Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Soum Diagnostics
Kathagola Road Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Panda Diagnostic Centre
Medical College, Medical Road Ranihat, Cuttack - 753007
SAI Dignostic
Kathagola Chhak Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Sagar Diagnostics
Medical College, Near B S C Nursing College Ranihat, Cuttack - 753007
Curall Diagnostics
Medical College, Medicalroad Ranihat, Cuttack - 753007
Dr Sudhas Lab
C/O Dr LAL Pathlabs, Plot No- 651, Mahanadi Vihar Nayabazar, Cuttack - 753004
Care Lab (Chandni Chowk)
Chandni Chowk Road Chandni Chowk, Cuttack - 753002
Apex Diagnostic Centre (College Square)
Jobra Rd, College Square College Square, Cuttack - 753003
Moon Patho Lab
Brahma Building, Kathagola Road, Near Good Luck Hospital Manglabag, Cuttack - 753001
Panda Medical Center
NH 5 Telenga Pentha, Cuttack - 753051
Automatic Diagnostic Centre
Ranihat, Medical College Medical Road, Cuttack - 753007
Durga Diagnostic
Mangalabag , cuttack , Cuttack - 753001
Clinic At Home (Book test from any Lab with Free Home Sample Collection)
Mangalabag Near SCB Medical, Cuttack - 753001
Doctors Diagnostic
Medical Road, Mangalbag Near S.C.B Medical College Cuttack, Cuttack - 753001
Zenith Life Kare
Cantonment Road , Cuttack - 753001
Sun Appolo Diagnostic Centre
I M A House, Tulsipur , Cuttack - 753008
Eko Imaging Institute
Jobra Road, Municipal Colony , Cuttack - 753003
BSR Diagnostics
110/12, Chiranjeev Complex, Mangalbag, Buxibazar , Cuttack - 753001
Sigma Lab
kathagola, Phandi Road, Infront Of JJ Hospital , Cuttack - 753001
Dr. Lal Path Labs (Cuttack)
Sample Collection All Over Cuttak Area , Cuttack -

There are 'N' number of tests that fall under A-Z category for you. These can either be listed under the category of blood tests, urine tests, biopsies, dialysis or radiology exams.

The quantities of all the essential body enzymes, fluids, electrolytes, minerals, protein, etc. that flow in your bloodstream can be studied using blood analysis. Minerals like calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and range of many others are used to do one or more tasks in your body. You get all these minerals from the food you eat. High or low quantities of these minerals disturb their corresponding body functions, thus causing health issues. Blood samples are collected to study the levels of these minerals according to your age. Similarly, the levels of electrolytes, protein and many other substances supporting bodily functions are calculated using blood profile or simply blood test for the given reason.

Blood is made up of varied components that perform tasks like carrying oxygen to different parts of your body, maintaining energy levels, supporting cardiac functions, maintaining cell and tissue structure of the heart and many other organs, etc. If the measure of any of these components rises or falls, this can lead to minor or major health issues. Tests like complete blood count measures the quantity of each one of these.

Blood group test is another important test. You should know what is your blood type as it becomes necessary during medical procedures like injury, surgery, blood transfusion and blood donation.

Urine tests are mainly associated with the renal health. Your kidneys are like body filters. They filter out waste from your body by removing all the unnecessary substances and keeping the important ones. Infections, kidney disorders, liver disorders, etc. may require urinalysis for pathological reasons.

Both blood and urine test are simple processes and require hardly 5 minutes to finish. You can choose to get blood/urine test done at home too. There are sample collection services offered by several pathological labs. You can check for this criteria in the given list of options.

Radiology tests and biopsies require more time as compared to the other tests. For such types of exams, visiting a diagnostic center is a must. Radiology tests use high intensity radio waves to capture images of the internal parts of your body. The type and quality of imaging depends on the body part and the Tesla value of the machine used. Biopsy is the process of collecting tissue bodies from your body using minimally invasive tools. Patients suffering from cancer, chronic infections, burns, lesions, skin diseases, etc. can be recommended to undergo biopsies.