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List of Diagnostic Centres in Jabalpur

The treatment for disorders is planned after diagnosing them. To diagnose a certain disorder, one or more examinations are conducted over a specific sample of the part of your body. Conducting such tests provide a result about your health status. If you are diagnosed with a disease, doctors go through your test results to make a treatment plan for you.

The diagnostic segment of Jabalpur city follows safe and quality based protocols. It is easy to find lab centers for diagnosis at different corners of the city. To make your search easier, we have provided a list below that contains info about pathlabs and diagnostic centers in Jabalpur.

Name & Address
Life Imaging Center
Home Science College Road Napier Town , Jabalpur - 482001
Khanna Pathalogy
Opposite Chanchla Bai College, Shop No.14 Roopam Tower, Wright Town Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Profile Health Services
Shop No 214 and 215, Rajul Landmark, Shastri Bridge Road, Opposite Jabalpur Hospital Napier Town, Jabalpur - 482001
Mahakoshal Hospital
Opposite Stadium, Gate No 3 Wright Town, Jabalpur - 482002
Wadhera Pathology Health Care Centre
Main Road, Gourighat Garha, Jabalpur - 482003
Dr Mukharjee P G Hospital
1933, Near Prem Mandir Wright Town, Jabalpur - 482002
Jeevan Rekha Pathology
B T Road, Narayan Nagar, Near Ram Temple, Bhulwa Chowk Garha, Jabalpur - 482003
Shubh Microbiology and Pathology Lab
Civic Center Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Bsr Diagnostic Centre
639, Napier Town, Jabalpur Hospital Road Jabalpur Ho, Jabalpur - 482001
Apoorv Pathology
O 13, Garha Road, Opposite Mehta Petrol Pump, Snehnagar Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Bansal Pathology Centre and Blood Bank
Sukheja Tower, 2nd Lane, Behind Bus Stand Wright Town, Jabalpur - 482002
Dr Salil Choudhary
Kusum Pathology, 8 MIG, South Civil Line Civil Lines, Jabalpur - 482001
SAI Pathology Centre
Tripuri Chowk, Amanpur Road Garha, Jabalpur - 482003
Adarsh Pathology Centre
Plot No 15 A, Coalmine Office Road, Gupteshwar Shakti Nagar, Jabalpur - 482001
Narmada Hospital
Corporate Block D, Shatabdhipuram Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Modern Digital X - Ray
Near Ghamapur Chowk Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Apple Pathology Center
North Civil Line, Ghanta Ghar, Opposite Dr. Bataliya Eye Hospital Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Jabalpur X-Ray
Infront Of Spring Day School, Anand Nagar, Adhartal Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Dr. Vinod Jain
Ghamapur Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
X-Ray Sonography and Pathology Centre
Besides Shekh Market, Sadar, Near Virmani Petrol Pump Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Vishuddh Pathology
Vimal Sheel Height, Near Mehta Petrol Pump Jabalpur Ho, Jabalpur - 482001
Disha Pathology Centre
Sadar Bazar, Kali Mandir Road Sadar, Jabalpur - 482001
R K Pathology and Diagnostic Centre
Goal Bazar Road Marhatal, Jabalpur - 482002
Delhi MRI Center
2243, Prem Mandir, Wright Town , Jabalpur - 482002
M P MRI and CT Scan Centre
Campus Of Netaji Shubhashchandra Bose Medical College , Jabalpur - 482004
Sample Collection All Over Jabalpur Area

There are so many types of diseases that can affect our health. Every other disorder has a cause and origin that varies from the other. Some disorders also occur as a result of the other. Cold can be a result of infection in your nose and throat. However, you might have experienced that certain type of cold stays for a long period of time and is unaffected of normal medications. Maybe the root cause of that disorder can be serious and needs to be tested. If such a case is ignored, it can affect you in so many ways. At such times, doctors may ask you to go for a diagnostic test.

Diagnostic tests are performed to learn about the aspects of a disease in detail. If your doctor is aware of the root cause of your disorder, he/she can decide the correct type of medication and treatment process to help your body fight that disorder.

When you visit your physician for a checkup, he/she will ask you few questions regarding the health issue you face. In case you are suffering from a disorder you are unaware of, you can let your doctor know about the symptoms you are facing. After learning about those symptoms, doctors will suggest you to take diagnostic examinations in order to confirm a suspected disorder.

If your disorder is associated with your brain or nerves, a function testing, MRI scans and many such exams will be asked. In case of a kidney problem, blood tests and/or urine tests can be suggested. For hearing issues, diagnostic tests like audiometry, pure-tome testing, etc., can be suggested. For blockages in your blood vessels, an angioscopy is suggested. This is how diagnostic tests may differ for disorders of different origin and type.

The content from the table above provides links that can direct you to a list of diagnostic tests provided by each of those centers. You have been provided names of the pathology or radiology test with prices to choose from. Online booking system saves a lot of time and energy. You can also fill in your queries about diagnostic tests. It is advisable to clear such doubts before going for any kind of medical tests.