List of Diagnostic Centres in Nanded

Nanded is a city in Maharashtra. It is known for the famous places of worship like temples, forts and gurudwaras. There are superior-quality hospitals and medical centers in town for public health management. The place also has many pathological laboratories and diagnostic centers for its people. These labs help doctors in establishing or disproving existence of a disease or disorder. Tissue samples taken from saliva, urine, sputum, semen and hair are processed by labs for finding results. The numbers in results are compared with standard parameters for reaching diagnosis. Both facilities - hospitals and diagnostic centers, are dependent on each other for their existence.

A list of pathological labs and diagnostic centers across Nanded is given below for your reference.

Name & AddressPhone
Yvankatesh Pathology
Vajirabad Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 224 0240
Kabara Pathology
Near Police Ground Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 223 4034
Chitravar Pathology
Behind Bus Stand Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 223 9949
Deshpande Pathalogy
Dr. Lane Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 223 5845
Yashodai Pathology
Sathe Chouk Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
Agrawal Pathology Laboratory
Suryamohan Hospital, Doctor Lane Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 223 6189, 9763111874
Sree Pathalogy Lab
Varad Hospital Building, Doctor Lane, Near Karmveer Hospital Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 224 5330
Dev Pathology
Vajirabad Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 223 4630
Jijaee Hospital
Chaittany Nagar Road, Raj Hotal Taroda Budruk, Nanded - 431605
0246 226 7425, 0246 226 0777, 9421763614
Kadam Pathology Lab
Matewar Complex, Shrinagar Road Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
Geeta Diagnostic Centre (Nanded)
Gole Chowk, Near Rekhawar Balrugnalaya Degloor, Nanded - 431717
0246 325 5239
Suresh Pathology
Govaradhan Ghat Road Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 223 6324
Yogesh Pathology Lab
Doctors Plaza, Dr Lane Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 224 4855
Shiv Lab
Malegaon Road Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
New Unique Pathology Laboratory
Ayesha Manzil , Workshop road, Raj corner Taroda BK, Nanded - 431605
Shiv Clinical Lab
Jivan Chaya Apartment, Malegaon Road, opposite Axis Bank Taroda BK, Nanded - 431605
Shinde Pathology Lab
Ground Floor, Opposite Bokare Hospital, Near SBI Bank Nanded Ho, Nanded - 431601
0246 224 6388, 9423336095

As mentioned above, tissue samples are obtained from urine, saliva, sputum, semen, stools and blood. They are studied under microscope by lab technicians. Biochemistry, molecular pathology, immunochemistry, hematology, clinical pathology, are used for the processing. The samples from other fluids are also studied similarly under the microscope for arriving at results.

Diagnostic centers provide home collection of samples on request. They have digitized services, which means they have a digital record of your results. This is useful just in case you misplace a copy of your results. These diagnostic centers have a number of pathological tests for helping doctors in their investigations. Here is a small list of most commonly carried out investigations by these diagnostic centers:

The above mentioned list that contained diagnostic and pathological tests are available in any testing center or laboratory. These diagnostic centers provide packages that contain a series of examinations for evaluation of health. This can be done by both healthy people and those with some health disorder. You can have a look at the list of given centers and choose the most suitable center suitable according to your medical requirements and proximity to your residence.

Doctors also specify you to go for a certain test according to the symptoms they can see. If you have time at hand then you can compare prices of multiple centers in your city, before selecting one for your testing. The results would be same; irrespective of the laboratory or center you choose. The testing is important as it helps the doctor in deciding further treatments.

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