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List of Diagnostic Centres in Srikakulam

Srikakulam is a small town located in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

In order to provide comfortable and accessible healthcare to residents of Srikakulam, Government of Andhra Pradesh has established medical facilities, educational institutes and other facilities here.

Medical facilities offered in Srikakulam include comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services. Given below is a list of diagnostic centers present in Srikakulam along with a list of services offered and their price range.

Name & Address
Vijaya Medical Centre
Door No 4-3-18, Convent Road , Srikakulam - 532001
Medi Labs
Near New Bridge, Day & Night Junction , Srikakulam - 532001
Sri Sai Srinivasa Lab
Main road, Narasannapeta , Srikakulam - 532421
Sri Santhosi Matha Lab
main road, Narasannapeta , Srikakulam - 532421
Durga Lab
Main Road, Narasannapeta , Srikakulam - 532421
V R Guptas Laboratory
Old Day & Night Complex, , Srikakulam - 532001
Surya Medical Centre
Day And Night Junction , Srikakulam - 532001
Leo Medical Centre
Palakonda Road , Srikakulam - 532001
Aditya Diagnostic Center (ZPAPHB Colony)
Kalinga Road ZPAPHB Colony, Srikakulam - 532001
Sri Venkata Satya Laboratory
, Srikakulam - 532001
Satya Sai Day & Night Laboratory
One Way Traffic Road , Srikakulam - 532001
JMR Medical Centre (Srikakulam)
Day & Night Junction Opposite Sunrise Hospital, Srikakulam - 532001
Purna Murthy Medicals
KP Road, Kasibugga , Srikakulam - 532222
Moon Lab
Old Bus Stand , Tekkali , Srikakulam - 532201
Alpha Diagnostic Center (Kavali)
Pace computers building, road Kavali, Srikakulam - 532322
SSS Dignostics
Day & Night Juction , Srikakulam - 532001
Star Scan And Medical Centre
Arts College Road , Srikakulam - 532001
Laxmi Diagnostics
Opposite Canara Bank New Colony , Srikakulam - 532001

Diagnostic services offered in Srikakulam include pathology tests, radiology tests, biopsy tests, cancer screenings facilities etc. More advanced services are offered at select centers having a more modern set up. Diagnostic centers operate independently or in association with hospitals. Some diagnostic centers function on a 24/7 basis in order to assist patients experiencing any medical emergency.

Pathology labs provide services like blood tests to check for levels of hemoglobin, presence of infection, functioning of organs like liver, kidney, thyroid gland etc. Urine and stool samples are also collected for performing various diagnostic tests. All pathology labs in Srikakulam adapt extremely hygienic devices and equipment to collect and store tissue samples for performing several diagnostic tests. Instruments used to conduct tests are sanitized regularly and are of high calibration. Several pathology labs arrange for technicians to visit the patient's home for sample collection too.

Radiology centers offer services like X-ray, USG, MRI scan etc. Special services are offered to pregnant women and pediatric patients to avoid harmful effects of exposure to radiation. Biopsy tests which require CT or MRI guidance are also performed in certain radiology centers in Srikakulam. Other advanced services available include color doppler, and multislice CT scan. Certain specialized diagnostic centers offer services catering to a particular medical specialty only. Cardiac catheterization, ECG, 2D-echo, barium studies, endoscopy, as some services provided in bigger diagnostic centers or in hospitals.

Diagnostic centers in Srikakulam employ only well qualified and experienced radiologists, pathologists and technicians. This helps in conducting tests without any hindrance and in obtaining accurate results. These diagnostic facilities are bound by rules and regulations of the local governing body. If these rules are not followed, the diagnostic centers may lose their license to practice.

Diagnostic facilities in Srikakulam cater to residents of the town as well as neighboring towns and villages. Efficient road and rail transport makes traveling to Srikakulam easy for patients visiting from outside.