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List of Diagnostic Centres in Varanasi

The spiritual capital of India, Varanasi, provides advanced diagnostic services to residents living in and around the city. The facilities offered in the field of diagnostics here are alike those that meet the standards of metro cities. Pathologists, radiologists and lab assistants have adopted updated means of analysis in the field of disease-learning mechanisms.

Residents living in or near Varanasi can get information about diagnostic centers for pathology and radiology tests easily. Take a look at the table below to learn more about each center. Links direct you to the information page.

Name & Address
S G Labs
23, Chetmani crossing, Jawahar Nagar Colony, Opposite Central bank Jawahar Nagar, Varanasi - 221010
Manoj Nidan Kendra
Urmila Katra, Bhojubeer Varanasi, U.p College Bhojubeer, Varanasi - 221010
Mehta Pathology Clinic
202, Ramapura, Near Girzaghar Godowlia, Varanasi - 221001
Anas Pathology Excellence In Laboratory Medicine
S-8/71 A, Police Linecrossing, Opposite SBI ATM Bhojubeer, Varanasi - 221002
Parul Pathology Lab
B-31 / 83 A, Lanka Naria Road, Opposite Bhu Emergency Hospital Varanasi Cantt, Varanasi - 221002
Prakash Pathology and Radiology
Baba Complex, Lanka Road, Opposite Ravi Studio Lanka, Varanasi - 221005
Galaxy Lifecare Services
Plot No 4, 5, 6, Dayal Enclave Mahmoorganj, Varanasi - 221010
Sameer Diagnostic Centre
S-17/331-G Maldahiya, Varanasi - 221001
Dr S K Gupta Diagnostic Centre
B-30/71, A-4, Shivam Complex Lanka, Varanasi - 221005
Heritage Hospital
Madhav Market, Near B.H.U. Main Gate Lanka, Varanasi - 221005
Sai diagnostika
P n Plaza Complex, Sigra Road, Near Sigra Crossing Sigra, Varanasi - 221010
R P S Hi Tech Lab
Baba Kinaram Complax, Jagat Ganj Road, Near Hotel Prdeep Jagat Ganj, Varanasi - 221002
Faraq Diagnostic Centre
Opposite Appu Garment, Newada Bhu Road Sunderpur, Varanasi - 221005
New Surabhi Pathology
Orderly Bazar Road Orderly Bazar, Varanasi - 221002
Ritesh Pathology
Orderly Bazar Tiraha, Near Mahaveer Mandir Orderly Bazar, Varanasi - 221002
Life Pathology
Ravindrapuri Road, Opposite IP Vijaya Mall Bhelupura, Varanasi - 221010
Universal pathology
Shop no-1, DLW Road, Near opal hospital DLW, Varanasi - 221004
Saurabh Pathology Center
Panch Koshi Road, Maa Maruka Katra, Near Maa Maruka Mandir, Nai Basti Pandeypur, Varanasi - 221001
Shiva Pathology Center
Orderly Bazar Road, Near Bhuwneshwar Nagar Colony Orderly Bazar, Varanasi - 221002
Ajay Janch Ghar
Jalpa Devi Road, Kabir Chaura Piplani Katra, Varanasi - 221001
Lakshmi Hospital
Roadways Cantt Maldahiya, Varanasi - 221002
Shree Sheetala Health Care and Surgical Centre
Near Kashi Gomti Sayunkt Gramin Bank, Jansa Chauraha Varanasi HO, Varanasi - 221001
Rangolee Patient Care Centre
Laxmi Cinema Complex, Near Laxmi Cinema Mahmoorganj, Varanasi - 221010
Vaibhav Diagnostic Centre
1st Floor, Kabir Chaura Sri Ganga Market, Varanasi - 221001
Vishal Pathology
Piplani Katra, Jalpa Devi Road Kabir Chaura, Varanasi - 221001
Neuronpath Life Sciences
B 38/9-M-7, Raghunath Nagar Colony, In Post Office Building Mehmoor Ganj, Varanasi - 221001
Mishra Pathalogy Clinic
C21/67a, Satation road, Opposite Kashi anathalaya Lahurabir, Varanasi - 221001
Dr Bhola Pathology
73, Nehru Market, Englishya Line Varanasi Cantt, Varanasi - 221002
Anish Pathology
D-59/79, Kha-3, Sigra Mahmoorganj Road, Near Padmini Hotel Sigra, Varanasi - 221010
Reliance Diagnostic
Raj Complex, Mahavir Mandir Orderly Bazar, Varanasi - 221001
Apex Diagnostic and Health Science
Samne Ghat, Mahesh Nagar, Near B.H.U. Trauma Centre Road Lanka, Varanasi - 221005
Dr Anitas Diagnostic Realm (Sigra)
Maulvibagh, Sigra, Varanasi Sigra, Varanasi - 221010
Maa Rajwati Hospital
Chitaipur Chauraha Chunar Road , Varanasi - 221106
Sample Collection All Over Varanasi Area

With growing number of diseases, there has been growth in the types of diagnosis as well. Every disease is dependent on two factors - external and internal. Some diseases originate through external foreign bodies like bacteria, virus, and few other microbes. These microbes are present in our surrounding environment. Diseases can also originate on internal factors if any part or substance of our body either increases or decreases more/less than the required quantity.

Our body is composed of cells that make tissues and tissues that make organs or connectives. Different parts of our body have different types of cell structures as well as varied types of substances. These substances can be enzymes, blood components, hormones and many such fluids and gases. To keep a balance in the functioning of your body, each of these substance must be in the correct proportion. If they are present in the correct proportion, our tissues and cells absorb the nutrients and other resources from these substance to remain healthy.

Food plays an important role in supplying nutrients and other resources to our body. If our meals lack any of the essential resources for the growth and development of our body structures, you might be facing an illness.

Diagnostic tests help in learning what substance in your body is more or less in proportion to your body's requirements. External or internal factors that have affected your body are learned and fixed using diagnosis. The results generated gives your doctor an idea of what is inappropriate in your system. Accordingly, doctors plan the correct measures to treat health problems that you are facing.

To know what type of health issue you have, doctors take a general physical examination initially. Signs and symptoms of the illness are learned in detail. Based on the symptoms, doctors suspect a specific disease. To know about the complete information about the disease, tests are conducted for it. As per suspicion, tests are suggested.

For example, if your bones are weak, doctors will suggest you to get your vitamin D levels checked. To learn that, a blood test is required. Your physician will ask you to undergo a blood test for a specific aim (Vitamin D test). A small amount of your blood is drawn from your arm to study it in minute detail. You have to either visit a path lab or you can opt for sample collection at your door step as per your convenience. If you need help, go through the above list for more details.