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List of Diagnostic Centres in West Godavari

The City of West Godavari is a part of the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. It was formed in 1925 and has a historical background dating back to the 14th century. The medical and healthcare sector in any region includes hospitals and diagnostic centers. The medical sector in this city has seen lot of development which may be evident from the fact that this city is number one in terms of literacy in Andhra Pradesh.

Given below is a list of diagnostic centers in West Godavari along with services offered there and price range of these services.

Name & Address
Bhimavaram Diagnostics
Aibhimavaram , West Godavari - 534235
Janaki Diagnostic Centre
Old S B I Street, Akividu , West Godavari - 534235
Balaji Diagnostic Laboratory (Penugonda) 61-65, Penugonda, Chatrajivari Street Penugonda, West Godavari - 534320
Rohini Diagnostic Laboratory
Vijaya Vihar Center, Kovur Mandal, Kovvur Ho , West Godavari - 534350
R K Diagnostic Center (Andhra Pradesh), Tadepalligudem, Kamavarapukota , West Godavari - 534449
Sri Satya Gowri Blood Test Centre
Door No 3-19, Dwaraka Tirumala , West Godavari - 534426
Akhil Diagnostics Centre
17-1-20, Mattam Veedhi, Palakollu , West Godavari - 534260
Palakolu Diagnostics
Palakollu , West Godavari - 534260
Life Diagnostic Centre
T Narasapuram , West Godavari - 534467
Pavani Laboratory
12/ A -5-6, Ramachandra Rao Peta, Eluru Railway Station , West Godavari - 534005
Asram Diagnostics
31, Dcms Office Compound, Narasimharao Peta, Eluru Railway Station , West Godavari - 534005
Shilpa Scan Centre
Palakol, Palakollu, Opposite Telephone Exchange , West Godavari - 534260

The human body is made of cells and tissues. When there is any interference in their functioning because of intrusion of microorganisms and disease-carriers, the immune system fights back. But if it is not able to fight the disease, then the person falls ill and his/her immunity gets compromised. Diagnostic centers come into the picture at such times. Services of diagnostic centers comprise testing of tissue samples for pinpointing the exact cause behind the illness in a person's body.

Diagnostic centers provide single tests as well as packages that consist of a bouquet of tests for checking the overall health. Such packages comprise of testing vitals through BMI, Waist-Hip Ratio, visceral fat, body fat percentage, cholesterol testing, thyroid screening, cardiac testing, liver functioning tests, kidney functioning tests. These tests cover functions of all major body-parts and are designed by experienced medical practitioners in collaboration with other medical specialists.

Government of Andhra Pradesh has invested lot of efforts in improving public health. They have established a number of fully-functional dispensaries and hospitals for people. There are health camps carried out from time to time for people staying in West Godavari. There are primary health-care centers and diagnostic testing centers in the city as well. This has made quality health-care available to people who cannot afford paying huge sums to hospitals. The city also has private hospitals, clinics and nursing homes for the rest of the population who are not on a hand-to-mouth existence. The private and government hospitals provide treatment facilities belonging to disciplines such as orthopedics, cardiology, ENT, gynecology, general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology etc.

There are proper technological and manpower facilities for performing radiological tests like X-rays, MRI, CT-scan, pathological and blood-based tests for diagnosis in West Godavari. A lot of care is exercised while performing those tests and patient safety is always at the forefront. Patients are provided with precautionary instructions beforehand so that there is no mishap or errors while testing.

Labs provide cardiac testing for heart patients and those people who have family history and are hence susceptible for the same. There are diabetic screenings for people having blood sugar, the tests are both - with and without fasting. If patients require advanced testing for their conditions, they are referred to better facilities in urban parts without delay. Labs here are operated by experienced radiologists trained in this field. High levels of hygiene are hence followed as per protocols set by NABH and NABL.

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