Kiruba Diagnostic Centre

Kiruba Diagnostic Centre (Coimbatore)

Union Road, kavundampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641030

Phone: 097866 29773

Rates for various tests/diagnostics at Kiruba Diagnostic Centre

Diagnostic Test NameView Price
ACTH (Adreno Corticotropic Hormone) Test Rs. 1100.00
AEC (Absolute Eosinophil Count) Test Rs. 100.00
AFB (Acid Fast Bacilli) Culture Test Rs. 1000.00
Albumin Test Rs. 200.00
Aldolase Test Rs. 950.00
Anti Phospholipid (APL) Test Rs. 1200.00
Bilirubin Test Rs. 200.00
Blood Sugar Test Rs. 80.00
Cardiolipin Antibodies (ACL) Rs. 1200.00
Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) Test Rs. 2640.00
Chlamydia Test Rs. 1800.00
Complement C3 Rs. 850.00
Complement C4 Rs. 850.00
Dengue NS1 Test Rs. 2540.00
Factor V Leiden Test Rs. 3000.00
Fungal Culture Test Rs. 1050.00
Globulin / AG Ratio Rs. 200.00
Gram Stain Test Rs. 120.00
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Rs. 850.00
Mammography Rs. 1200.00
Peripheral Blood Smear Test Rs. 200.00
Plasma Lactate (Lactic Acid) Test Rs. 1450.00
Rubella Test Rs. 3390.00 (panel)
Sputum Culture Rs. 650.00
Stress Test (TMT) Rs. 800.00
TB Test Rs. 2640.00
Testosterone Test Rs. 1400.00
Toxoplasma Test Rs. 3300.00 (PCR)
Vitamin C Test Rs. 2000.00

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